1. stevenelliot says

    one non-crispy breaded chicken breast patty, a couple of pickle slices wrapped between two soggy white-bread buns? No thank you. Dry as a mummy’s vagina and tastes about the same.

    regardless of their CEO/founders right wing agenda, this place is nasty

  2. JCW says

    Awesome…. just Awesome. Regardless of the outcome of RuPaul’s little competition, I think we know who America’s next drag superstars are.

  3. BillinSonoma says

    Oh that is wrong on so many levels. But I can’t help but laugh anyway ! such a well produced send-up…

  4. MarkUs says

    Willam looks much cuter with short hair. Look like she took Sharon Needles’ “Duncan Hines like the [crosses eyes] REST of us!” advice.

  5. Tonic says

    It’s a shame that Willam was kicked off Drag Race. He has actual talent… and isn’t spewing poison constantly like that wonky-eyed Fifi LaTrell!

  6. anony6 says

    Haha, so funny. And I didn’t even know about Chic-Fil-A being right wing anti-gay. Eh, I definetly won’t ever be eating there now that I know that about them. Funny thing is I have been trying to go for weeks, but always decide not to when I drove by because the drive through would have so many cars.

  7. expatfrance says

    Is Vicky Vox from Baltimore? I met a lovely young man years ago in the jury pool in Baltimore who said he was a performer named Vicky Vox. Which one is she in the video?

  8. Sebastian says

    Too funny and more of these homophobic places need to be called out mocked and boycotted , and, William, child, get rid of that beard for crying out loud.

  9. TheLyingGame says

    William kicked himself out. William was exposed in that ugly manner because he couldn’t stay clean of cocaine. He should’ve thought better before signing the contract. The withdrawal symptoms told it all, and that’s why they showed it. But he was proud that they didn’t catch him “doing” anything. But honey, they made sure you couldn’t reach your fix either. He had the right to deny any medical attention and blood analysis although the show had the right to ask him to have one if required. Go to rehab honey, value life, being “a big boy” doesn’t help handling drugs.

  10. says

    To THELYINGGAME….I’m not sure of where you think you got your facts from about Willam “kicking himself out” because of a cocaine problem but you are indeed mistaken. He has no such problems and, in fact, does not do drugs. Don’t get it twisted fag.



  11. Jen'sMom says

    Detox: Thank you for clearing up the slander for Willam!

    Team Willam all the way. Who won RPDR? Willam, whether or not she was there at the end or not :)

    Love Willam, Detox and Vicki!


  12. says

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