1. David Hearne says

    Interesting how MSNBC makes no effort to be objective on so many things, but Matthews invited ‘the opposing view’ on gay rights issues? This week they played to a mob all week long on the ZImmerman case, not an ounce of objectivity even when they begrudgingly reported items of support for Zimmerman. But they need to have Tony Perkins on?

    How are these people better than Fox News? They aren’t. They are simply pandering to a different set of idiots.

  2. MarkUs says

    Ridiculous. Why not want your enemy on your home turf. Glad these fools don’t plan battles or football games. Out of sight Out of mind I guess. Seems to me their argument should be what Chris does with him when he’s there.

  3. say what says


    every time I have watched Mathews he has been pro us and confrontational towards all homophobes

    wondering if peoples’ upset is that he hasn’t done it the way they would as vs the way he does it= his way

    @ hearne

    cite examples of playing to the mob

    – zimmerman so-called friend had been defending zimmerman confronted by 3 reporters who eventually got him to blurt out he in fact is not a friend of zimmerman and had last spoken to him a week prior to the Trayvon murder and everything he had been saying was based on “a gut feeling” (fox still running the now proven glory hound liar as if he was legitimate and CNN shamed that they never confronted the guy and gave him a free platform…he also worked for CNN in the past)

    – playing of the now released video that shows zimmerman without a single bruise let alone broken nose, gashed bck of head, nor stains on jacket…That is reality, how is that playing to a mob

    Oh, I get it… think Trayvon deserved to be murdered and when reality is presented you would rather bury your head in the sand and scream bias and playing to the mob so you can continue in your bias without being confronted with facts. One has to wonder if your bias is better named racism

  4. Scott Rose says

    Matthews would not invite on his show any anti-Semite who Jew-bashed as badly as Perkins gay-bashes. What that means, is that Chris Matthews accepts and condones the notion that gay human beings as a minority are inferior to all other people and do not deserve the same human and civil rights protections.

  5. David says

    I can’t stand Chris Matthews – he said some pretty nasty things about Hillary Clinton when she was running for president and then with this whole birth control GOP fiasco Matthews continued to fan the flames by calling it a religious war and didn’t even distinguish between the churches who don’t have to comply and the universities and hospitals who hire non Catholics. Chris is a pander bear to all things Chris. He also needs to get over his wishing it were still the 60’s. (Remember those times? Segretation, no gay rights and no women’s rights but damn we had Kennedy – sheesh)

  6. says

    The bottom line is that Tony Perkins and his entire organization is recognized as a known HATE GROUP by the nation’s most recognized institution in declaring groups such, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    No one from ANY of those groups should be given the legitimacy of a guest invite on any mainstream show. Even Fox News shouldn’t have Perkins on.

  7. says

    He never spews that homophobic nonsense on your show? Chris Matthews, surely you can’t be serious. If I were not on a short coffe break at work right now, I could easily assemble a collection of clips of Perkins doing exactly that on your show and you sitting there allowing lies to be said (which are dismissed as false by EVERY leading professional organization in the social sciences) without your refuting them with the facts.
    The FRC is classed as a hate group for a definite reason. They ignore science to invent their own “facts” out of thin air. They mis-quote real scientists’ peer-reviewed findings even years after those scientists have put out press releases or spoken on video asking them to cease and desist because their studies never said any such thing (and obviously, Dobson is among the first made aware, so it’s not just because he’s too dumb to know better.)
    They also ignore the overwhelming majority who make up the leading professional organizations such as both APA’s, the AMA and the AAP. Instead, they create tiny splinter groups which come up with fake “facts” without peer review and give those groups names that sound scientific and are often deceptively similar to the actual professional organizations in that field. Those groups in some cases can be joined by any kindergarten drop-out who has $20, and they publicize “findings” that have failed all peer-review.

    It is not enough that the day AFTER Perkins comes on and quotes the “American Pediatric College’s” distorted and hateful quotes, Matthews (who said nothing to retort on the day of the interview) mentions in passing that the actual professional organization of pediatricians in the US is the American Academy of Pediatrics.
    This just gives the false impression that Perkins did nothing but mis-pronounce an official name.
    The fact is that Perkins deliberately ignores all science and, yes, makes ugly homophobic statements on Chris Matthews’ show using scientific words to dress up his long-ago debunked claims.
    And Matthews sits there and let’s him say it, then invites him back again.
    Perkins should no more be treated as if he is an expert on gay issues than the Grand Dragon of the KKK should be invited on to tell us what “studies prove” about how evil Jewish and black people are.
    It looks like GLAAD should take up another initiative, holding people like Chris Matthews to account for the blatantly false claim that Perkins doesn’t spew homophobic rhetoric on his show.

  8. jack says

    Chris Matthews is one of the best liberal pundits in the media. He is clearly a friend of the LGBT community. To suggest that some people shouldn’t be invited on his show because we strongly disagree with their views is just plain wrong.American democracy should be about the free exchange of ideas.

  9. Anthony Veneziano says

    I partly agree with you Jack. I think Matthews is a good pundit and understands the historical nature and patterns of politics. However, he has been extremely chummy with Perkins, calling him his buddy, and even once last year closed a segment saying that he and Perkins were “more alike than not!” Watching these exchanges and knowing what a hateful disparaging and opportunistic perspective Perkins brings to the table, is very difficult to sit through. Kudos to those who confronted him, he needed some consciousness raising.

  10. Javier says

    I have never once seen or heard of an incident where Chris Matthew’s has made a homophobic comment.

    He uses both independent logic and reasoning to backup his views instead of a strict Catholic point of view.

    If you watch the interviews with Tony Perkins (aka hateful religious homophobic bigot) you will see that Chris is civil and respectful to him as he is with all of his guests, but their is a slight exception.

    Chris is able to expose this bigot through cleverly crafted questions. He proceeds to show Tony “the mirror” exposing Mr. Perkins hatred, ignorance, and lack of human compassion towards his fellow man in various ingenious ways. I find it to be both refreshing and amusing all at once.

    He is no friend of Tony Perkins ideology, and the more you “shine the light on the cockroach” the more the right gets bothered. The right do not want to have their hatred exposed, but rather closeted. Tony Perkins works contrary to the Republican party objective of ignoring or minimizing social issues prior to the primaries in order to increase their favor ability going into the general election.

    Chris Matthews exposure of Tony Perkins is a wonderful advantage in that it fires up the base, and independent voters who are not feeling the hate.

  11. chytnia says


  12. Michaelandfred says

    Finally. This makes me furious. Having groups like NOM or the AFA as the “balanced” side of the “culture wars” gives legitimacy to the idea that there are two equals sides here with nothing but different opinions. Not in a million years would MSNBC bring on Neo Nazis to be the counter point to a discussion of Israel or the grand dragon of the KKK to discuss affirmative action. Perkins and his ilk come on this show all the time spewing fabricated opinions or misquoted bible passages presented as “science” to be the “fair and balanced” rebuttal on why denying American citizens their civl rights is ok.

    Never are these people called out and confronted with the direct fact that their information is a blatant lie. Simply by allowing them a platform he gives the impression that their side is a possibility, that it’s simply a matter of opinion. Would he allow that impression of the nazi’s or the KKK? Never. “It’s proven fact that blacks are closer to apes genetically than people.” “Thank you for your opinion. Next, the president in Moscow this week…..” Not in a hundred years. But these groups spewing hate and complete nonsense about the LGBT community gets a total pass.

    No, worse. By being on the show time and time again without be denounced for the hate groups that they are, MSNBC legitimizes their pseudo science and lies. Mathews yucking it up with Perkins and telling him how much he respects him is beyond mind blowing.

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