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Chris Christie Denies Vetoing 'Gay Rights' Bill: VIDEO


In response to a student's question about his veto of New Jersey's marriage equality bill, Governor Chris Christie suggested he didn't see same-sex marriage as a gay rights issue, Think Progress LGBT reports.

Said Christie:

"I did veto a bill on gay marriage, not on gay rights. And gay rights are protected and protected aggressively in New Jersey. But listen, this is something I feel strongly about. I think marriage is between one man and one woman, but I also know that people have very different opinions about that in our state. So what I’ve said to folks after vetoing the bill, let’s put it on the ballot. If a majority of people in New Jersey want to have same-sex marriage, then vote for it and I’ll be governed by it. But I don’t think that’s a decision that should be made by 121 people in Trenton alone. It’s a major change in the way we’ve governed our society."


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  1. Sam Armstrong -- Christie uses his personal feelings (QUOTE: "this is something I feel strongly about") to justify his official actions; therefore, he opens himself up to ridicule based the feelings of others towards him. The single attribute he possesses about which people have the most "feelings" is his gigantic size.

    I was born Gay and he chooses to be fat, but he's allowed to judge me and I can't return the favor?

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Mar 2, 2012 1:26:26 PM

  2. @gaylib

    Stop with the body-shaming. Chris Christie's weight has nothing to do with his bigotry.

    What a terrible, terrible man.

    Posted by: mini | Mar 2, 2012 4:33:15 PM

  3. quit making comments about his weight! Makes it hard to take your comments seriously. Some people are fat. It has nothing to do with them being good or bad people.

    Posted by: peepee | Mar 2, 2012 10:40:58 PM

  4. "Democracy is not a system of liberty, but a form of tyranny: the tyranny of the majority." – Robert Garmong

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Mar 3, 2012 3:19:48 PM

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