1. JIm says

    Matt Bomer is the most staggeringly beautiful man on the planet, and Darren Criss is no slouch, either. GLEE knows what it’s doing.

  2. Lee says

    Twentieth Century Fox bought the domain for in February, but there’s nothing there. It would have been amusing if they had put up a fake web site with Matt Bomer/Cooper Anderson doing whatever he supposedly does in those imaginary ads.

  3. sparks says

    Ditto what JIM said.

    Can we get a Kickstarter going for a Bomer/Criss porn project? 😛

  4. Josh says

    So here we have a gay actor playing a straight character and a straight actor playing a gay character. As NPH would say, nice!

  5. David says

    @Josh, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking. The real world is far stranger than any fiction you could write.

  6. adrian says

    That Blaine character is turning into a chubby little geek! Must be hard when he sees himself next to someone who is actually good looking. (Oh, nasty me!)

  7. Sam says

    I can’t stand Darren on Glee. He’s seems like a nice guy IRL but the writing on this show has been more miss than hit lately. I can do camp but not full blown cheesy.

  8. Gr8guyca says

    Darren is such an interesting guy and the break-out star of the series.
    The guy can sing, dance, act, write great songs, and play the violin, cello, drums, guitar, and piano.

    He is also really charming and self-effacing. Rather than try to fudge
    his height, he refers to himself as a Hobbit. While he is frantically busy
    with Glee, Broadway, movies, and Starkid, his production company,
    he still finds time to perform at the Trevor Project and other charity

    Watch some of his videos on YouTube. He is able to sit at a grand piano
    in a concert hall and then turn around and give a rocking show at a small

    I wish he would host SNL and be both the host and the musical performer placing his own songs. Can’t think of anyone else who
    could pull that off.

    Okay, yeah, I know. I have a crush on the guy.

  9. David says

    No one can compare to the Bomer! Super model looks, great actor, excellent singer/dancer, great athlete, screen writer, and above all the classiest guy in show business. Total role model for anyone gay or straight, so glad he is gay and offically out. I wonder too how Darren feels standing next to and literally looking up at the paragon of hot!

  10. Rob says

    Darren Criss had me at hello with his Glee audiiton on You Tube- the video of him singing “Lean on Me” while he plays guitar. (I think I first saw it here.) He is the whole package.

    He has broken my heart by being straight, and if he is a really sincere gay ally, he will make it up to me by starring in a gay porn video set in the prison of my choosing.

  11. DickG says

    Bomer is playing a character named Cooper Anderson, so like Anderson Cooper he wont discuss his sexuality.

  12. Hollywood, CA says

    @ UFFDA – Where’s the link to your boyfriend who is sooo better looking than Matt Bomer? Or is today “Make Comments You Can’t Back Up” Day?

    If so, I created the laptop.

  13. Adam F says

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Matt Bomer, I’ve been watching White Collar since it started…but is it just me or does he come off as a little insincere and a tad haughty in this video? I think maybe he’s just being his charming self, but something seems off. Still can’t wait to see the show!

  14. uffda says


    HOLLYWOOD – if you think I would ever provide the link to a boyfriend like mine then I created the laptop.

  15. David says

    @ Adam F: think it’s you. Matt comes off with his usual grace and sincerity. This was such great opportunity for Darren to learn from such a talent.

  16. jimstoic says

    With those eyes, he should really play Michelle Bachmann. I mean, he’s hot and all, but he has the same crazy eyes she has.

  17. SG says

    @Adam F – I think the bits you are referring to are where Matt is doing his interview ‘in character’ as Cooper Anderson. Seriously, he doesn’t have a “haughty” bone in his body.

  18. jesse says

    are they going to address the fact that one brother is Filipino and the other is suuuuuuper white?