1. says

    yup. it’s very easy to spew bigotry and hatred from a cowardly place of anonymity.

    whether it’s a pathetic bigot writing on a student’s door, or a pathetic insecure self-loathing bigot lashing out at people from an anonymous online profile on a website.

    people sure are big and tough when they’re hiding behind their own personal burqa – yet they flee like cowards when dragged into the light.

  2. GeorgeM says

    This Sh-t happens everywhere including my home state of CT. I’m proud of these kids!

  3. Steve S. says

    Federal law has nothing to do with this because “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech”

  4. ratbastard says

    Everybody please stop the BS. Research previous similar incidents and it turns out the vast majority were faked by the ‘victim’. This is especially true in college settings.

    This kind of BS doesn’t help anybody. Real anti-gay hate and violence exists. It’s not necessary to make sh*t up.

  5. James says

    Aren’t there cameras all across these campuses, including in the classrooms? Can’t we catch these bigots?