1. aj says

    or worse a mistrial, this case dragged on far longer then some murder cases, and i do hope that the judge, Prosecutor and everyone involved dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s so as to make any “mistrial” unnecessary.

  2. enough already says

    Every single ‘progressive’ defence of this man I’ve read over the last days has made me ill.
    He’s a monster who caused a young man to kill himself.
    No excuses. Gay and transgender victims of crime deserve justice every bit as much as do heterosexual and cis-gendered people.

  3. tommyboy10T says

    i think it is sad…obviously this guy used bad judgement, but it seems the University should also be held accountable, since Tyler Clementi asked to be reassigned.

  4. anon says

    Essentially, reading the results, he was guilty of invasion of privacy as a bias crime and of various post hoc offenses like witness tampering and hindering of prosecution (these are charges that are thrown in by prosecutors when they think their case is fairly weak).

    This is slightly more than I thought he’d get (the bias crime issue was weak). He might appeal based on precedent on other roommate cases on the invasion of privacy charge. If the conviction stands then a lot of people with home surveillance devices will be in a lot of legal hot water.

  5. KP says

    He was found guilty on some of the bias intimidation charges and aquitted on others. Its a little confusing. CNN needs to clarify their reports, which were the first ones I read.

  6. matt says

    How wonderful to live in a country where you need a lawyer just to explain the results of a trial.

  7. Michael says

    Convicted felon who could have plea-bargained his way to community service. Stupid and arrogant as well? Deport him.

  8. Scott mcg says

    Basically when it came to the charges, the ones involving Tyler, Ravi was found guilty of, the charges that were in regards to m.c. He was acquitted of ( the majority that is) he was convicted of some of the bias charges but not all. He was convicted of about two-thirds of that charges.

  9. Daniel says

    Let’s be clear here. Ravi did NOT cause Clementi’s death. Ravi’s action may have been the “straw the broke the camel’s back,” but they were not the cause of his suicide.

    What Ravi did was wrong. And he should be punished for his actions. However, it is ridiculous to assert that he was responsible for Clementi’s death. If we’re going to point fingers for Clementi’s death, I would like to look at our political and religious leaders who spend their lives condemning gay people and arguing that they have no future. That constant message has tragically taken its toll on many gay teens. Further, I would like to examine the support of his parents and whether they understood his obvious depression and reacted appropriately (this is their job as parents!). Clementi was clearly depressed and needed support, regardless of his roommate situation.

    Clementi’s death is a tragedy. But let’s not assume that the cause is as simple as Ravi’s bullying.

  10. AG says

    Convicted felon who could have plea-bargained his way to community service. Stupid and arrogant as well? Deport him.

    Posted by: Michael

    Michael is a racist swine. He grew up in this country and all his family lives here. He has no roots in India. Tell me again why “liberals” are considered more immigrant-friendly.

  11. MKe says

    @Michael.. yeah that’s what’s so ashame about this is his plea deal was pretty fair.. he had a bad lawyer and now he’s f–ked.

  12. Chris says

    Such sloppy reporting all over on this. Thanks for getting it right Andy! Major news networks have really messed their reports up.

  13. Zlick says

    I’m pretty surprised and very pleased with the verdict. Yep, guilty of bias intimidation on some elements of some counts, and acquitted on others. From a quick read, it seems they found Ravi was not purposefully intimidating Clementi because he was gay (which I agree with), but – importantly – that Clementi reasonably believed he was being intimidated by Ravi because he was gay (which I didn’t think of). Seems to me the jury got that exactly right.

    I’ll grant the defense one thing: Ravi’s likely just a stupid punk who didn’t think through his obnoxious and despicable prank. But the law makes clear that’s not an all-compassing excuse. It’s not enough that you didn’t mean to gay-bully your roommate. Take it to the next step, and realize your roommate would easily perceive it that way.

    Perhaps if your moron moves resulted only in a few troubled dreams by your victim, this all could have blown away. But this was one of those times you pushed your victim over the edge, and now he’s dead. Enjoy your time in prison and your trip back to India.

  14. RyanInSacto says

    @AG: I have no opinion about Michael, but the quoted article does clearly state that Dharun Ravi is a native of India.

  15. Michael says

    To those who are saying Ravi didn’t cause Clementi to kill himself… Would Clementi have jumped off the bridge if Ravi didn’t broadcast the encounter?

  16. AG says

    Would Clementi have jumped off the bridge if Ravi didn’t broadcast the encounter?

    We don’t have the slightest idea. Neither do you.

  17. ratbastard says

    The description of Tyler’s ‘companion’ is ‘older, scruffy, shabby’, homeless looking, is this a true and accurate description? Regarding the age part, this guy is something like 30? It would be interesting if he came forward and actually spoke. This Ravi sounds like a complete ahole and snob, who drove a BMW in H.S. and looked down his nose at anybody he perceived ‘poor’. Sorry if I offend anyone, but he sounds like a typical Indian from my experience. Very snobby, class conscious people.

  18. Justin says

    This kid’s behavior was immature and irresponsible, but the charges and the potential sentence hardly fit the crime. Way too excessive. Seems to me this guy has become a scapegoat because our society doesn’t want to own up to our collective responsibility for Tyler’s death. Now, another young life is all but lost.

  19. Larry says

    We’ll never know whether Ravi’s actions are what precipitated Tyler’s suicide, but they did find that Tyler accessed Ravi’s Twitter feed 38 TIMES before he killed himself. That certainly tells you something.

  20. Tom in long beach says

    Such a sad story. If Ravi really was worried about someone stealing his iPad would it not of been so much easier to just take it with him, than to rig a dorm room with a camera? and then to broadcast what happened ???

  21. Seamus says

    It really is a shame he didn’t take the plea deal. I agree that he didn’t cause Clementi’s death. He didn’t drive him to the bridge and push him off. What Ravi did was stupid and he deservedly will be punished for his actions. At some point, though, we have to learn how to toughen up and deal. Clementi wasn’t in high school. If he had the maturity to be sleeping with a 32 year old man, then he should’ve had the ability to deal with this. It seems like he was doing just that by requesting a room change. Ravi was an 18 year old, immature child. I think we have to stop deifying these young people who are killing themselves and give them some tools to be able to handle life. Anyone who thinks that interpersonal relationships magically all get better, as you get older, is seriously mistaken. There are assholes everywhere and if you don’t learn to handle people, in some way, when you’re young, you certainly won’t be able to do it when you’re older. Before the internet, I could see how people could feel isolated and alone. There is no reason, now, not to find community and help to help you emotionally when life gets rough. It’s not the only answer but it’s something. What this whole case does shine a light on, however, is that if you invade people’s privacy for the debasement of one and the enjoyment of others, you’re going to pay the price. What that price is will be seen…I don’t think, in this case, prison is the answer. He’s already been made an example of. I also agree that the university should shoulder some responsibility on the behavior of students on campus. Are there not guidelines that must be followed in terms of behavior?

  22. says

    Let’s be clear here. Ravi caused Clementi’s death.

    I am exceptionally pleased that the jury saw the EVIDENCE faced the FACTS comprehended the TRUTH and acted accordingly.

    As Ravi has no priors I doubt he’ll get actual jail time, but his deportation is very likely.

    More important this is a watershed moment. All the homophobes out there — and in here — are now on notice that if they cross the line and follow up their words with actiosn they will be in a world of trouble.

  23. says

    For once justice has been served, somewhat.

    His parents brought him here for a better life and to have it they should have become naturalized citizens as well as naturalizing their children. They chose not to and that failure makes Ravi a non-American citizen. There is nothing prejudiced about that. It is simply the law. Deport him after he serves his American sentence but not before.

  24. don says

    Agree with Justin. The facts just don’t support the idea that Ravi is a “murderer.” There is so much more to this case and the way the two guys interacted and communicated and the way the university reacted to Tyler’s request for a room change and Tyler’s own varying reactions to his annoying roommate. To me, the penalty is too harsh. We should save bias punishments for more clear-cut bias crimes and not cry wolf every time the victim happens to be gay. And to be clear, I say all this as a gay man, and I know many will disagree. Fair enough.

  25. Jack M says

    The real culprit here is us, that we live in a world where who you choose to love can be stigmatized to the extent that you end up committing suicide as a result. This is sad for all parties involved.

  26. Gregoire says

    “Sorry if I offend anyone, but he sounds like a typical Indian from my experience. Very snobby, class conscious people.”

    Aaaand, somebody had to go there. Go back to your lair, racist queen. Because, you know, white people are never class conscious or snobbish.

  27. Strepsi says

    You guys who say he’s being treated harshly are ignoring the raft of OTHER charges he was found GUILTY of: tampering with evidence (deleting his Tweets, deleting his texts with Clementi), falsifying evidence (posting false tweets) tampering or attempting to influence witnesses (Molly Wei).

    Would you want anyone acquitted who attempts to falsify evidence?

    And for those who say he got off too lightly, the charges he was acquitted of were bias and attempt to stigmatize M.B. — which is right, because he did not know M.B. from Adam.

    I am also glad that the jury discarded the defenses assertion that he’s “just a kid” — at 18 years old, he’s clearly, and legally an ADULT.

    Read through ALL the charges and verdicts. The jury parsed them well and seems to me to have got it right on.

  28. Oliver says

    Doesn’t the church and groups like Focus on the Family due exactly what Ravi did, on a daily basis, but just in more general, sweeping terms?

  29. ratbastard says


    I never said ‘White People’ weren’t capable of being snobs and acting like aholes, ALL humans are capable of this. I said, FROM MY EXPERIENCE, many Indians I have interacted with [and that’s a lot] are snobby, VERY class conscious people. I stand by this observation and post.

  30. RyanInSacto says

    I don’t mean to pick on you Paul R (because I usually agree with you), but Ravi wasn’t charged with murder nor was he convicted of it. And the charges reflect that he was not directly responsible. Invasion of privacy and bias intimidation are crimes no matter whether, afterwards, the victim commits suicide, seeks counseling, or goes out for drinks.

  31. says

    5 years in prison, then deportation, and there’s at least some justice. He didn’t kill Clementi, but he did something so horrendous that he set off an already at-risk kid.

    We can’t allow situations like this and hopefully there’s a lot of immature teenagers and guys in the early 20s right now who will hear about this case (it is national news right now) and think twice about taping their roommate having sex without their knowledge.

  32. MammaBear says

    David, did you read the New Yorker piece on this?

    It really seemed to me from that account of events that Tyler was very close to coping with this, and that if he had, these two might have ended up being friends.

    The certainty with which many of the commenters here are dealing with this very complex situation is troubling.

  33. says

    I read the New Yorker piece and “might have been friends” isn’t in it. “Might have been friends” is a fantasy. As I’ve posted elsewhere in here I saw “Bully” the other day and in the most shocking scene a school administrator corners a bullied kid and DEMNDS he shake hand siwth his tormentor so that they “can be friends.”

    This is Beyond Disgusting!

  34. Mike says

    I’m not understanding why all of us aren’t cheering the verdict. Actions cause consequences. They cannot be separated. We cannot complain when those who kill us get set free or less than capital punishment, then question whether someone who clearly bullied and intimitated should be punished for having done so – and for the consequences that resulted from it.

    There should be one voice on this.

  35. chasmader says

    I agree w/ RatBastard. Call me racist if you wish, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

  36. GregV says

    I have read that Tyler had come out to his mother and felt rejected by her. I suspect as others have said that Ravi’s actions were, at most, the last straw.
    I never had any issue like this with any roommate, but I did have problems with some unprincipled roommates and I always knew my parents were a phone call away to listen and give good advice and support. It’s hard for anyone to have unloving or unaccepting parents.
    I could really find some degree of empathy for Ravi if his defence didn’t sound so insincere.
    I suspect that he is turned on by the idea of seeing two men kissing.
    It would have sounded believable if he had said:
    “The embarassing reality is that I was jealous that Tyler was on a date, and the idea of kissing Tyler fascinated and excited me. I couldn’t think of any other way to ‘be there’ except to ask Molly to fire up her computer while I pretended that my I-Pad needed to be watched. I got an instant hard-on but I felt social pressure to hide my motivations by exaggerating to all my friends the ‘shock’ of watching.”

    Instead, it is clear that the idea that his I-Pad needed to be watched is phony, because an I-Pad is is very portable and could have been carried on his visit to Molly.

    I still would hate to see his own life ruined over this. Whatever his real reasons are for having done this, I suspect he is terrified of admitting them to his own parents.

    I’m sure he never imagined the result would be so extreme. He’s largely being held responsible for Tyler’s reaction rather than for his own actions.

    If Tyler had been a more confident person and had brushed off the episode and accepted an apology from Ravi, then nobody would be calling for Dharun Ravi’s head. It might have just been a childish lapse of jusgement that everybody might have forgotten a month later.

  37. atomic says

    I wouldn’t say Ravi’s behavior is about his race or ethnicity. It’s really about his upbringing, his cultural environment, and the socioeconomic status of his family.

    He came from a very wealthy, materialistic, and status-oriented family. Such families exist in every culture, among every race and ethnicity. True, the kind of values that result from such attitudes, and the prevalence thereof, certainly varies among different ethnic groups, but ultimately, it is about the way in which Ravi was brought up to believe that a person’s worth is measured in the wealth and status he possesses.

    I don’t think it’s racist to point out that such attitudes are more common in certain cultures than in others. I don’t think that it’s inappropriate to mention it in the context of this case. It certainly played some role in the way Ravi viewed Clementi, and how he treated him. To not acknowledge this and accuse those who do of playing up racial stereotypes, is as much a distortion as claiming that Ravi was not homophobic because his friends didn’t think he was.

  38. Contrarian says

    Muggers who knock down old ladies for their pocketbooks, breaking fragile bones in the process don’t get 10 yrs. as first offenders. As a G & S character sings: “The object all sublime, I will achieve in time, to let the punishment fit the crime, the punishment fit the crime.”

    He should not get 10 yrs. as he was not held responsible for the suicide which was not mentioned during trial by either side. Jail time yes, but probation also. Nasty mean-spitited, stupid prank, but not murder.

  39. anon says

    I haven’t read any articles yet that clarify the various verdicts. They seem detached from the facts because the underlying charges are not explained. It seems that some of the events were more serious than the others to the jury, but we’d need a careful analysis to determine what the jury saw as the timeline of events and how they played out. In any event, if Ravi faces jail time he will almost certainly appeal.

    Keep in mind that potential jail time is largely there to get a plea deal. The actual time of sentence will probably be far less. So, when the newspapers say that someone could get up to “10 years in jail for …” they are merely doing the work of the prosecutor in pursuing a plea bargain. In reality, these maximums are only reserved for the most unremorseful of defendants.

  40. Eyes For Guys says

    Good to hold ppl accountable for their actions.

    NB. One of the charges found GUILT was lying to the government. Don’t we wish the same standard applied to the goverment when it lies to us, but that is a whole nother topic. RIP Tyler, now friend of more than you ever would have thot.

  41. MammaBear says

    David, I must have misunderstood what I read in the New Yorker piece – thanks for clarifying.

    As for cheering the verdict, that’s unlikely. It’s not a football game, or a victory on same sex marriage – the good guy is dead.

  42. Charles Lemos says

    Justice. Go read and the New Yorker article about this case that came out in February. Dharun Ravi’s youth is no excuse for his callous, condescending, dismissive and intrusive behavior. On learning that his roommate was not wealthy, he texted a friend, “Dude I hate poor people.”

    Here’s hoping that he is deported back to India and there he learns the art of empathy.

  43. Chicklets says

    Creepy Ravi secretly tapes his roommates intimate moments. Glad this jury decided correctly to convict. Karma’s gonna getcha Ravi.

  44. Bingo says

    He was overcharged and it’s not yet clear if the jury responded with some under convicting. People who accuse this guy and make him out to be a monster just read headlines.

    All sad. And suicide was at no point even a likely outcome.

    The publicity around this us probably a good thing. But nothing to be anything but sad about.

  45. BEAHBEAH says

    I have to agree that the crime was over-charged. The invasion of privacy charges that dealt with the filming and the charges dealing with tampering seem appropriate.

    The bias intimidation charges? Its way too shaky for me to take serious. He could have very well filmed his male roomate sleeping with a girl. If she had been embarassed and downed a bottle of pills the charges would be different. I don’t agree with that. Why should the punishment be greater for one than the other?

    The kid is an ABSOLUTE punk and should be thrown out of school and punished. But what exactly made this crime homophobic? I’ve seen no evidence of that yet.

  46. simon says

    ABC news seems to have a more professional report:
    It should clear up some of the confusion here.

    “Ravi was found not guilty of some subparts of the 15 counts of bias intimidation, attempted invasion of privacy, and attempted bias intimidation, but needed only to be found guilty of one part of each count to be convicted.

    The convictions carry a possible sentence of five to 10 years in prison. Because Ravi is a citizen of India, and is in the US on a green card, he could be deported following his sentencing. The US deports most criminals convicted of felonies, with the exception of thefts of amounts under $10,000.”

  47. Zlick says

    @BEABEAH – Ravi’s actions may not have been homophobic, and the jury found that way. BUT – it’s also reasonable that Clementi would have interpreted the spying and public ridicule as homophobic, and THOSE are the counts that Ravi was found guilty of. There’s a big difference, and the jury got it precisely right, imo.

    I’m glad the law accounts for that. It’s not enough to say Oh I didn’t think my roommate would be too troubled if I filmed his sex acts and invited everyone on my twitter feed to watch. No, the law and common decency both demand you think one step ahead and consider how your roommate may react before you act. If instead you act so callously, there are consequences and punishments.

  48. says

    “Overcharged”? Among the charges was tampering with evidence. He was of course found GUILTY of that. But by your lights they shouldn[t have done that because that would be “overcharging.”

    There are a lot of homophobic bullies posting on thsi site.

  49. Jenn says

    Good. Unfortunately, it can’t bring back Tyler or all the rest of our brothers and sisters that take their lives every year from this kind of crap. But I hope that it gives bullies pause to see this verdict, and think twice, knowing that their actions have consequences. If it can abate the misery of even one gay kid’s life by even a small amount, then Tyler’s death was not meaningless.

  50. Commenter says

    Just think what may await Ravi’s sweet, young, prison-bound ass. Not that we’d want him to be intimidated by such a prospect.

  51. BEAHBEAH says

    So because somebody doesn’t agree with your viewpoint David, we’re homophobic bullies?

    Again, this case had nothing to do with bullying. Stupidity, yeah. Invasion of privacy, yeah. Evidence tampering, yeah. Homophobic bullying? I don’t see it. If this case didn’t involve a gay person, that wouldn’t even be on the table.

    As for whether or not Tyler felt it was homophobia that instigated the taping… that’s an assumption that I don’t feel comfortable making. And it certainly doesn’t mean that was the motive. Tyler killed himself, period. Of course it’s tragic. Should Ravi be deported? Send him packing for all I care. But I still think this case is so overblown from a homophobic/bullying standpoint.

  52. Tony says

    JUSTICE IS SERVED! I have been following this case since the beginning and I saw every day of testimony given. I was a little worried at first cuz I didn’t think the prosecution was doing a good job in proving the bias intimidation part but Julia was amazing during closings. I hope this gives the Clementi’s parents and siblings some closure.

  53. t says

    clearly there wouldn’t have been the same lurid interest on ravi’s part to spy on a straight liaison, nor would he have “dared” his twitter followers to tune in for the second date. that’s homophobia. if he didn’t have his own sexuality issues, he wouldn’t have cared about a gay roommate’s date

    the new yorker article was compelling. sadly illuminating is just how “grossed out” male and female 18 year olds react to seeing two males kissing. perhaps they were secretly hoping for more “sensationalism”

  54. t says

    btw, as a resident of nj attending grad school in pa, i had to pay three times the tuition as an out of state student.

    what’s the tuition for a non-state resident who also is not a US citizen?

  55. IonMovies says

    I sincerely do believe those defending Ravi, and justifying that he has “absolutely NOTHING to do with Tyler’s death”…refuse to see the heart of this story because of their homophobia.

    I don’t freely throw out the term homophobic, but anyone willing to say Ravi’s intentions were not homophobic….is homophobic to me.

  56. USC Trojan Fan says

    I also think that those who can’t place themselves in Tyler’s shoes (a closeted, KID…child. Who was exposed in the most grotesque manner by an ignorant roomie) fail to have the capability to show empathy to a gay person. They don’t believe in gay victims, and when they do see an outright gay victim, they secretly feel good about it. That’s what I’m sensing here by some of the self loathers.

    Most of my own straight family, and all my straight friends found this case and Ravi’s actions horrible and wanted him to serve time for a while. Many gay people just hate other gay people. I pity their souls.

  57. Real Talk says

    I’m always fascinated in stories like these where the facts clearly show a roomate, Ravi, who had clear discomforts with with roomate being gay. Yet many gay men will jump on to defend Ravi. Try to spin his actions which are documented. His own other female friend and partner in this testified that Ravi was seeking to disturb Tyler, and did intentionally want to tape him. Tyler was in pain over this and expressed so. How any self respecting gay person could think of defending Ravi, or worse, chalking up his actions as “silly kid having fun” is truly the definition of hate. Hate for LGBT. Hate for LGBT youth, and hate for Tyler Clementi.

  58. Rovex says

    I to think its harsh. Sure the guy is an ass, but Clementi had issues before, clearly. Plenty of College guys broadcast themselves poking other guys, its how Chaosmen and Sean Cody make their money on a daily basis.

    Ravi was just an enabler for societies hate of the gays.

  59. Linda says

    “clearly there wouldn’t have been the same lurid interest on ravi’s part to spy on a straight liaison, nor would he have “dared” his twitter followers to tune in for the second date. that’s homophobia.”

    Exactly. And I suspect it’s the societal context that made it so devastating to Clementi. He wasn’t voyeuristically humiliated because he was having sex, but because it was, oooh, ick, gay sex. He knew that. He had just come out, his mother was unsupportive, he knew that much of society held who he was in contempt. When Rhavi applied pressure he applied it with all the pressure of the homophobic mores of society.

  60. Michelle says

    “Again, this case had nothing to do with bullying. Stupidity, yeah. Invasion of privacy, yeah. Evidence tampering, yeah. Homophobic bullying? I don’t see it. If this case didn’t involve a gay person, that wouldn’t even be on the table.”

    What an over simplified, ignorant…and indeed HOMOPHOBIC approach to the overwhelming evidence of this case that clearly support the *fact* that Ravi had issues with his roomate’s sexuality. Have you followed this story ‘BeahBeah’ or are you another entitled hetro polluting this page pretending to be gay just to vent your disdain for gays. You and your kind are what breed homophobia due to your lack of awareness for your actions, and the actions of other fellow homophobes.

  61. Aarron-ATL says

    Isn’t it disturbing how when it relates to homophobia, unless the accussed comes out and says “I want to go on a murder spree and kill all gays”…people don’t believe homophobia exists. I mean, I’ve been carefully studying the details of this story, and Ravi obviously had clear issues with Tyler being gay. Ravi’s actions proved that, yet because he didn’t make a twitter message declaring hating gays, he possibly can’t be homophobic, and couldn’t at all have bullied Tyler, and was obviously just a fun loving child who made a mistake. Homophobia at his finest, and I don’t mean by Ravi. I mean by the indifference from those commenting.

  62. Steven Jalinsky says

    Those who claim this was an over-charge, claim so because “we don’t know all the details” and “we’re not sure if Ravi is homophobic” yet they are the same ones who ar emustering up all kinds of reasoning as to why Tyler killed himself “not strong enough.” “his family is to blame for not accepting him” and all sorts of other baseless reasoning that have no evidence behind them. What we DO know is that Ravi’s actions caused Tyler great pain and suffering. Tyler expressed this many times in the days before his death. The jury heard those cries from Tyler, and now Ravi’s life is (rightfully) going to be enduring great punishment.

    Those of you coming to bat for Ravi in one breath claim no one knows the details (yet we actually do know a lot of them) and in the other you’re painting stories of how there was no bullying in that dorm room. Were you there? Because Tyler was and his words painted a clear enough picture for Ravi to get convicted, and many like myself to believe Ravi went out of his way to ruin his roomates life. Now karma will being doing more of the same with Ravi.

  63. AG says

    This thread has officially jumped the shark. Now any gay man is homophobic if he doesn’t wish Dharun Ravi to be sentenced to death for murder and then deported to India in a coffin.

    Where are all the bleeding-heart liberals I’ve heard about? There’s nothing but hate here.

  64. TomJck says

    That was one of the worst defense attorney performances I’ve ever seen. The awkward pauses, the flustered flipping through pages of notes and weak diction. Awful. Made me wonder if the defense wanted Ravi to be found guilty!

    Anyway, I’m glad to see some here finally saying what I’ve said from the beginning: Ravi is NOT a natural US citizen. He is from India.

    What would India or another country do if a US citizen was found guilty of such a crime? You got it: deportation.

    Ravi is an insult to the thousands of Indian visitors and immigrants who do nothing but add to our quality of life here. I recently met an Indian immigrant who was nothing but accepting of my sexuality, went to a gay bar with us and…he’s straight, and not much older than Ravi.

    Deport this jerk. Please. I fear for his safety if he remains in the US.

  65. Dowager Countess says

    Tangent alert. To those whose comments indicate you followed the testimony daily, how did M.B. get into the dorm? If you’re a parent of a freshman, do you want strange adults who are tricks-oops-dates, from the net wandering into the dorm unchallenged? As M.B. wants his privacy, did he sign in? Can anyone, even a potential ax-murderer (NOT you MB, if you are reading this!) just say I’m here to visit the kid in Room X whose full name I don’t know?

    In these litigious times Rutgers is not on the ball in terms of security for its students, particularly females in a mixed dorm.

  66. cwm says

    Plea bargains take place before a plea is entered; the intent is to persuade the defendant to plead guilty to a lesser charge, so that the time/expense of a trial is not necessary.

    The frequent references to “10 years in prison” are because it sounds more dramatic for journalists to emphasize the potential maximum. That much is true.

    However the time for plea bargaining is long past. As has been mentioned, Ravi was offered a deal which would have spared him the possibility of imprisonment. He turned it down. Which now he regrets, obviously.

  67. cwm says

    Having been frequently and intensely bullied during most of my school years–to such an extent, it was difficult for me to develop social skills–I certainly recognize those condescending “solutions” of the let’s-all-be-friends type, as Mr. Ehrenstein describes.

    Was subjected to this kind of “help” on more than one occasion, with the result that parents and school admins gave bullies more power over me than they already had. Well-intentioned perhaps, but betraying an absolute lack of sympathy for those targeted by bullies.

    More often I was simply told nothing could be done. Or that “this wouldn’t happen, if you were more like the other boys.” A couple of decades later, not much seems to have changed.

    It’s possible kids will stand up for their bullied peers, but only if they feel safe doing so. Most are terrified of showing sympathy, lest they too become relegated to the lowly caste of the often-victimized.

  68. ajthedj says

    Just the thought that Ravi would be so paranoid and hellbent on “catching” his roommate by setting up an elaborate webcam is ridiculous. He is also pompous enough to think that he would be totally vindicated which is why he refused to take the plea deal. Didn’t work, did it?

  69. GregV says

    “…How did M.B. get into the dorm?”

    @DowagerCountess: I don’t know what kind of dorm you’ve ever lived in, but in all my experience in dorms, it was treated as our home and we were treated as adults inhabiting that home.
    There were no guards or doormen or “signing in” of guests. If I wanted to invite someone to come to my room to have coffee or sleep over that was my business.

    In cases where I had roommates, it was up to me to negotiate guests with them, but as long as we all agreed, the college would not consider it their business whom I invited over. I was never one to abuse the space, and most of my roommates weren’t, either.
    I did have an issue with a roommate’s girlfriend basically moving in for the long-term without paying rent. (That was the type of isse we were allowed to bring up with the dorm directors if it was a problem). I did NOT have a problem with a roommate who might ask to share his bed with his visiting brother for one night out of the year.

    Personally, I would never have considered it appropriate to ask my roommates to make themselves scarce and give me the place to myself.

    But your idea of passing every passing visitor through an approval process sounds so “Big Brother” to me.

  70. A says

    Just so I understand Seamus, Ravi was an 18 year old child and Tyler was an 18 year old who should of been old even to handle the situation the baby ravi put him in? Ravi is a spoiled, obnoxious punk who no doubt thinks he can do whatever he pleases, he was offered a plea deal and he decided to roll the dice and he lst, big gamble on his part, he should do time and then send his ass back to India, where that kind of behavior is acceptable.

  71. Bas says

    No reall happy ending to this case. Such a tragedy. That being said, Tyler didn’t kill himself because he had sex in a dorm. He killed himself because it was a man he was having sex in a dorm room with, and after reading Ravi’s posts saw that EVERYONE was more concerned about Ravi’s well being and shocked that he should have to share a room with someone like that. It’s also obvious that this personal encounter became a joke in the dorm with people laughing and sniggering behind Tyler’s back. And I am willing to be there was some verbal harrassment directed at Tyler. And right before he killed himself, it appeared to be common knowlege that Tyler was actually going to do something about it. Who know what the hell was said to him in that last half hour in the dorm before he left.

  72. Ray says

    Besides the homophobia..he’s a liar. He deleted a lot of tweets and text messages trying to cover himself, he lied to investigators, told his friends not to cooperate with the investigation and worst never apologized or addressed the Clementi family in anyway.

  73. Lucas says

    The editorial is correct. This is a rabid politically correct witch-hunt. Ravi did a stupid and immoral thing, but he should not be treated by the law as a hardened criminal. Tyler Clementi obviously had some mental issues that were not detectable even to those who knew him well. IT is a tragedy that should not be compounded by sending Ravi to prison.

  74. Francis says

    Dharun and his legal team could have accepted the plea deal. Dharun has not shown AN OUNCE of remorse nor taken ANY responsibility for his actions. Well, punishment fits the crime, really. He and his legal team decided to be arrogant and believe they could BS their way into a not-guilty plea. The Rutgers community went out of their way to try to save Mr. Ravi. Glad that the jury did not fall for any of the lies and disingenuous statements from the defense.

    At the end of the day, whether it was a prank or Ravi is homophobic or not is irrelevant. Dharun Ravi IS guilty of the charges he faced and now will have to suffer the consequences for his actions.

  75. Tilt says

    DEPORT him out of this country (after he served his jail time)

    We don’t need anymore scum here. And certainly not homophobic kinds.

  76. Jay says

    I smiled when the verdict was read that he was convicted of all 15 counts, and especially the major ones.

    I smiled knowing the self haters on here who have defended Ravi, and still continue to, lost. To me, it was a defeated sentence for them, and every homophobe who thought they could get away with hate, and harassment. You can’t, and you won’t. Your side lost and baby it feels so good.

    Rest in peace Tyler.

  77. USC Trojan Fan says

    Gays: 1

    Homphobes: 0

    Winning feels good. Seeing the life of a known homophobe ruined feels even better. Justice was indeed served!

  78. Sean says

    Ravi did a stupid illegal thing, secretly video taping his roommate without permission and putting it online. It was an illegal invasion of privacy period. His motivation for doing it was who Tyler was having sex with (a man). Had Tyler been hooking up with a co-ed, Ravi would not have taped him or broadcast it. He did it was because Tyler was gay. He then tampered with evidence and tried to influence witnesses after the fact. How or why any gay people are defending Ravi is a mystery to me. I am not claiming he murdered Tyler Clementi, but what he did do was illegal, was motivated by homohate, and is now going to be punished accordingly. There has been no witch hunt going on, justice happened. I am just sorry Clementi died, and I do feel bad for Ravi. His actions have ruined his future.

  79. Francis says

    Nothing is being compounded by sending Ravi to prison. Dharun Ravi paying the price for his actions is what we call taking responsibility for your behavior. That’s life. Dharun Ravi committed a crime and has been subsequently found guilty. Something that happens daily to individuals who do something illegal, immoral, and wrong. So the reality is, EVERY OUNCE of sympathy in this case should be given to Tyler Clementi’s family and friends who are grieving the loss of Tyler, as well as M.B. and everyone who is collateral damage in this situation. Dharun Ravi deserves no sympathy. To all gays who feel “bad” for Mr. Ravi……………..he does NOT like you. We are gay/lesbian/trans/straight supporters of gay rights on this website. He does NOT support any of us. Stop feeling sorry for a bigot. Tyler Clementi is DEAD. Period. Dharun Ravi is still alive, and will almost definitely be deported. He’ll have a chance to restart his life in India. Tyler Clementi will not have that chance.

    You can call it a witch hunt, you can call it excessive, you can call it a prank. At the end of the day, Dharun Ravi did something WRONG. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  80. Shannon says


  81. Francis says

    The only gays supporting Dharun Ravi are those who either think people who commit suicide are essentially undeserving of much sympathy, or gays who are self-hating. Take your pick. The straight gay-supporters who say that this is a witch hunt don’t seem to get it, either. I’m not really worried about their ignorance, though, because Dharun Ravi has been found GUILTY. Hopefully, this brings some sense of closure to Clementi’s family.

  82. Arim N. says

    If you’ve actually followed this case closely, there was absolutely no doubting that Ravi was indeed uncomfortable with his roomate being gay, and he also made a scene about it. Those two facts are not up for debate given the evidence. Molly, the other roomate who was also Ravi’s very close friend, even testified against him and said that Ravi’s motives were to tape Tyler in the act, and make a spectacle out of it. If you want to spin this to serve your own disdain toward gays, or gay rights, or gay rights orginizations…that’s on you, bit in this particular case, a felon was and will be convicted of a felony. The number of disturbing things Ravi did as an adult in this situation is the exact reason we have laws, courts, and punishments.

  83. SarahfrostbBites says

    I think anyone brushing this off as a immature kid who commited an immature ‘prank’ is the same kind of person who comes to bat for all anti gay accussers in anti gay situations. Look, some people don’t like gay people. They can’t understand the angst and plight of Tyler Clemnti enforced by a homophobe because to them, homophobia isn’t THAT bad. You just pray for people like that and realize they are the outliers. Thankfully, they are in the minority, as this verdict beautifully reflected.

    Enjoy the severe consequences for your action Ravi. Hope they were worth it.

  84. BZ says

    So much of the commentary in this thread has see-sawed back and forth on broader issues: whether the defendant was just a immature jerk of a kid, whether he grew up in privilege, whether hate crimes laws should be reserved for violent attacks, etc.

    But in the jury room, what matters is following the instructions they’ve been given as to how the law applies to this case. They were asked to determine whether certain facts were true. And New Jersey’s hate crimes law is rather unique in that it doesn’t just examine the perpetrator’s state of mind; it also instructs the jury to take into account whether the victim felt that he was being targeted because of his sexual orientation.

    From the news accounts now coming out from the jury, it was Tyler’s actions that tipped the balance here. His tweets, the screenshots he saved of Ravi’s Facebook posts, the complaints he made to the RA and his request for a change of roommate, and other electronic sources made it abundantly clear that Tyler felt he was being victimized and, yes, BULLIED about his sexual orientation. To those of you who say we don’t know whether or not he would have killed himself otherwise, I don’t know how many have ever been in that perilous mental place having the “to be or not to be” conversation with yourself. I have. And while your life hangs in the balance, the negative critical words and actions from others are very hard to screen out because they amplify the criticism you’re already directing at yourself.

    Tyler’s death, and the ensuing trial has really rivited the attention of the nation and sparked a long-overdue conversation about the harm of bullying. This verdict underscores the seriousness of the issue. But in the end, sending a message was not what the jury was asked to do. They were asked to determine the truth of certain charges, and they have done us a great service by doing so. Our thanks to them.

  85. Tony says

    He’s guilty. He would never have done that if he had a straight roommate. He knew Tyler was gay and wanted to exploit that fact to intimidate his roommate. He’s a homophobe and needs LOTS of therapy.

  86. Ted says

    There’s only one thing worse than straight people making all kinds of excuses for anti-gay morons: gay people making all kinds of excuses for anti-gay morons.

  87. says

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