1. Francis says

    Notice the projection here. “You shattered millions of American woman’s dreams.” “They had dreams of being your wife and girlfriends.” The constant talk about gay sex. Ted Fau is someone who is most likely gay and is angry that Lance Bass is a OPENLY GAY man who ACCEPTS himself for who he is, instead of living as heterosexual. This is how the homophobic closeted operate. They resent gay men who don’t hate themselves because they think we are basically willingly doing what we shouldn’t, we should be good little gays and fake being straight because that’s the right way to be. We should stop being anti-social and deleting ourselves from the pool of available men for women. They resent all gay men who don’t have the internalized self-hate that they have to deal with their entire lives.

    Most men who are actually straight and secure in their sexuality wouldn’t project about gay sex, and wouldn’t care about a gay man coming out and not being apart of the pool of available men for women. In fact, they’d welcome it because it would mean a better chance for them.

    Good on Lance for brushing it off, really, but also exposing this persons’ hate on twitter. This is what so many of us have to deal with daily and is a reminder of the issue homophobia is in the daily lives of LGBT citizens. Does anyone have this Ted Fau idiots’ FB page so we can leave some comments for him and what we think about this idiot?

  2. David in Houston says

    He made a direct threat on his life. The nut job needs to be arrested, spend 30 days in jail, given a psychological evaluation, and ordered to stay 5 miles away from Lance at all times or go to prison.

  3. Vern Dufford says

    It would be Interesting to no if this guy or girl is using their real name so the real person could be held accountable for such unwarranted hatred towards this guy.
    I am so tired of this hit and run comments thing going on in social media!

  4. Matt26 says

    Social media is excellent opportunity to share ideas, thought etc. like here.
    BUT it also brings the worst of people.
    Why have people become so aggressive?
    Hopefully they’ll get who ever wrote and Lance can live his life normally.

  5. LuckyLinden says

    Anon, there are attention-boosting mini scandals and then there are the kinds of things that bother you more and more the longer you think about them. Celebrities, politicians, etc. have actually been murdered by stalkers/unbalanced fans or had other violence committed in their name. Until stalking laws were strengthened in the US after the death of a sitcom star in the 80s it was even scarier. I don’t think any celebrity is happy for his or her career when the level of disturbance is this evident. And while I understand the urge to share and go WTF? I almost wish he’d given this jerk no attention. Then again, when someone is crazy, are they more likely to react to feeling closer to you or ignored by you? Disturbing.

  6. Francis says

    Matt, I don’t know if people are getting more aggressive, but what is happening is that many people have lost the ability to separate social media from real life, therefore losing a part of normal personhood, normal ways of behaving. But this situation is different, this is just a mentally unbalanced guy obsessed with Lance. It’s scary for celebrities because there ARE a lot of people like this out there in the world. Celebrities don’t sign up for things like this, yeah private life isn’t really private being a celebrity, but no-one would expect to have to deal with something like this and have some random loon threatening their lives.

  7. Ben says

    People such as Ted used to sit at home and glue magazine clippings about their “subjects” all over a room in their home. They would videotape every tv newsbit or appearance.

    Now, they join Facebook.

  8. Oliver says

    One has to wonder if the hormones that are being used in our food supply that are causing girls to develop breasts a younger age now aren’t also causing a rise in aggression?

  9. redball says

    France & Shle896shle: EXACTLY!! Note how much time he spends going into the delicious details of g-a-y sex. This CLOSET QUEEN aint foolin no one.

  10. boywonder3919 says

    @ Francis, I actually thought that Ted’s profile might just be a cover for a straight woman. That might explain just how connected Ted seems to be to the idea that there were women out there fantasizing about Lance back in the day.

  11. Francis says

    I thought that at first Boywonder but I don’t think so……..he’s probably one of those types who thinks men being openly gay is a violation of manhood. Like, how dare we be gay, how dare you not be with women, that’s the “natural” way. I can pretty much imagine it, sounds like a prototypical insane closeted individual. Plus someone this imbalanced is dumb enough to not think of using an alias.

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