First Look: Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in ‘The Lone Ranger’


Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted the first image of Gore Verbinski's adaptation of The Lone Ranger, currently set for release on May 31, 2013, and it adopts a darker look than its previous incarnations.

I'm feeling some Brandon Lee/Eric Draven with that Johnny Depp crow look.



  1. endo says

    This doesn’t look darker to me. It looks like a caricature. Tonto has a dead bird on his head.

    I don’t get why Hollywood insists on turning nostalgic TV shows into slapsticky jokes a la The Green Hornet and that abominable looking remake of 21 Jump Street hitting theaters next weekend. Did they learn nothing from Bewitched?

  2. jason says

    Oh, please, not another movie where Johnny Depp’s make-up bill is more expensive than his acting. Boooring. Seriously, the man is a one-note pony. I’ve always thought that he is bisexual but is hiding it, too.

  3. true colors showing says

    Darker, for sure. With Depp it might get gayer too. It might actually be interesting to someone older than twelve.

    Tonto in Spanish sounds like “stupid one.” And kimo sabe sounds like “he who knows nothing.” Maybe that influenced this new look.

    Lone Ranger: When are you going to get that stinking bird off your head, Tonto?

    Tonto: When you lose that stoopid white hat and the raccoon mask, Mr. Know Nothing!

  4. jaragon says

    An unknown native american actor was not going to get them the big budget they needed for this movie- I don’t see the point of making “The Lone Ranger” darker- now if Tonto and the Ranger were lovers that might be a more interesting movie.

  5. Zlick says

    Maybe not one native american actor who can pull in $80 million on the first weekend before word of mouth gets out.

    Seriously, if there was some unknown in the part of Tonto who was not native american, that complaint might have some merit.

    Oh, and all you people who want your masked cowboy movie to be serious drama have also got your expectations set on Wrong.

  6. Billy says

    The actor playing Lone Ranger is pretty unknown to me. Maybe that part should have went to Johnny. If not a Native American, at least a Latino should play Tonto

  7. J.D. says

    Rudy Youngblood from “Apocalypto” would have been a good choice, and fills out a loincloth better than any other man ever. Ever. I would say this movie (like most Hollywood product these days) would only be interesting were everyone naked in it from the opening titles to the closing credits, but I don’t think I want to see Johnny Depp naked. Movies are mostly tailor-made for the kiddies and remarkably shallow aren’t they?

  8. Mickey J. Ellis says

    Armie Hammer is a self-grandising, overly entitled spoiled child whose continuous interviews on television reveal his only interest is in himself. Another over-privledged wannabe actor making it the easy way, through nepotism. He can learn lines and is relaxed in front of a camera. Monkees can do that. An artist? Hardly.

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