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Lady Gaga Launches 'Born This Way' Foundation at Harvard: VIDEO


Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta launched their Born This Way Foundation at Harvard yesterday in front of an audience of students and guests, along with a panel that included Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and NPH partner and actor David Burtka.

The Boston Globe reports:

“The goal of the Born This Way Foundation is to challenge meanness and cruelty by inspiring young people to create a support system in their respective communities,’’ she said. “This is about changing . . . the school environment, and not putting the power in the hands of the teachers or the government.’’

While Gaga said the organization was not “an antibullying charity,’’ much of the talk yesterday revolved around bullying, both in person and on the Web.

Winfrey said she is lending her support because the foundation’s mission is in line with her personal values.

“What is exciting to me,’’ Winfrey said, “is that thought leaders have gathered together as one force to ask why does bullying and violence and hatred against young people continue in our society and what we can do about it.’’

Watch a few clips of the launch program plus Gaga's arrival on campus, AFTER THE JUMP...


A Q&A segment with students:

Mama Gaga:

Gaga's arrival on campus:


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  1. J'adore Lady Gaga and all that she does. She's an amazing talent and a powerful advocate for gay equality.

    Posted by: MARCUS BACHMANN | Mar 1, 2012 7:31:29 AM

  2. shes a profiteering leach that draws blood from the gay community

    Posted by: Richard Golden | Mar 1, 2012 7:48:38 AM

  3. WONDERFUL! How refreshing to hear some GOOD NEWS for a change! I'm sick of these hateful, bigoted conservatives saturating our airwaves for month after month. More good news, less hate!

    Posted by: Jim | Mar 1, 2012 7:59:41 AM


    FOr all her antics, she not only writes a mean pop song but she actually puts her money where her big mouth is. Under 25's like Lady Gaga and Dan Radcliffe who use their fame for good causes give me hope.

    @JIM: I am also weary of the hateful comments by some of the bitches on this board. Literally by the 2nd comment. @RICHARD GOLDEN: please tell us the name of the foundation you started to help LGBTQ youth. Otherwise STFU.

    Posted by: Strepsi | Mar 1, 2012 8:32:11 AM

  5. @RICHARD GOLDEN Please go away, you contribute the same hate as Santorum.

    Posted by: Jake | Mar 1, 2012 8:39:02 AM

  6. I agree, I'd love to hear all about the LGBT organizations that RICHARD GOLDEN has started or anything else he might've done of equal importance to what Gaga has done in our support. I'm not a huge Gaga fan, but I'm tired of hearing the ignorance of the haters.

    Posted by: DrJWL | Mar 1, 2012 9:29:35 AM

  7. In a last ditch effort to save her floundering career, Lady Gag once again oversteps her bounds in a sad attempt to remain relevant. The attempt was not successful.

    Posted by: OMNOMNOM | Mar 1, 2012 10:40:00 AM

  8. INGSOC says Disagree = Hate

    Posted by: Airplane | Mar 1, 2012 1:14:23 PM

  9. She is an amazing inspiration. Adore Gaga

    Posted by: Molc | Mar 1, 2012 2:08:52 PM

  10. @Omnomnom: maybe for fickle, half-brained people like you whose knowledge of an artiste's musical career begins and ends with where his/her songs land on the chart. For an artiste whose career if "floundering", her tour tickets have been doing really well.

    Posted by: Bryan | Mar 2, 2012 3:07:44 AM

  11. wow seriously the 2nd comment
    what an ignorgant fool
    atleast gaga is out there trying to promote social change that is severly needed

    its nice to know someone who has a platform such as hers is willing to speak out on behalf of the minority - whereas the governments - who's job is to do just this - is sitting there doing nothing especially conservatives who insist on creating an environment where homosexuality is viewed as a sickness -
    anyways kudos to gaga shes a true ally one that puts forth her words into actions
    you may not like her music and persona but you can't deny shes doing good in this world

    Posted by: hfjyv | Apr 29, 2012 7:51:15 PM

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