1. SFshawn says

    Beautiful and POWERFUL at the same time. :)
    Thanks for posting this Andy.
    I think images of two men being affectionate in public or in photographic images-expressing basic human love through such simple yet profound actions as holding hands,gently kissing,physical touching and embracing each other are not only the most powerful AND threatening actions/images but speak to a deeper truth than the religious freaks or the gay haters will ever be able to destroy. I wish for the day when the above photo replaces all the gay suicides,gay bashings,anti-gay rhetoric and homohatred that exists in the world.
    One can always dream. :)

  2. Michael says

    I love that second picture for its stark contrast. Foreground and center, two men passionately embracing. Extreme right: a man giving the two of them a hateful stare.

  3. Mike B. says

    Well, that’s not unambiguously a “hateful stare”. Could be just a dorky look. Nobody reads my expressions correctly, so I’m hesitant to assign motive to the dude on the background.

  4. vanndean says

    By contrast, the third picture has people in the background going about their business and paying no attention to the same-sex couple embracing. It also appears that picture two may have an onlooker that is wishing that his boyfriend was there so that he could be getting a welcome home kiss.

  5. Michelle says

    Beautiful! absolutely beauitiful….I pity the clown that can see these touching photos of -LOVE- and twist them into hate. Your heart needs healing.

  6. musicfanatic5 says

    As a 14 year old gay kid who doesn’t have it toally easy in life and some days are harder, these photos of loving gay couples really is awesome. it makes me feel like I can find love one day too, and that theres many happy gay people out there as adults. I saw the other one and this one and they make me feel more confident. like that we can fall in love too.

  7. Yeb Stalrsky says

    @Musicfanatic5….It will get so much better, full of love, happiness and support. You are proof positive WHY adult gays and lesbians have a responsibility to make life easier for your generation through our efforts to capture equality.

    One instrumental manner in which adult LGBT can attain equality is by treating our loved ones as equal, not as a “roomate” or “friend” or “pal” but your companion. That is what validates your relationship. By being honest and forthcoming about it. If that includes having a picture of them on your desk at work, so be it. Or holding hands when you feel the need, so be it. Or embracing loving after they get back from serving…so be it! Be proud of your love, and have strength in your convictions.

  8. JC says

    I’ve longgg argued that gay people will attain true equality when we treat our partners in the same manner our heterosexual counterparts treat theirs. If you censor your love because you don’t want to expose your love, then you are ashamed of you’re lover. And that is the breeding ground for intolerance.
    If gay couples would just be, instead of constantly fearing what hetros think and how uncomfortable hetros will feel, than guess what? hetros will get used to seeing same sex couples holding hands. Taboo is derived from *lack of exposure*…normalcy is repetition. Gay couples being gay couples (holding hands, hugging, being truthful about being a couple) makes everyone eventually not give a damn, just as we don’t about straight couples.

  9. Real Talk says

    I go to the park with my niece and every bench has a straight couple either making out or cuddling. Same at movies, restaurants, ever been to a beach next to an attractive straight couple? how about an outdoor shopping mall…they hold hands and snuggle like one of them is about the go to Mars the next day. I realized my man and I are no different, and a lot of ways, more special. so I don’t make no apologies for wanting to be affectionate with him when I feel. and no one else should either. some gays themselves will walk past a million hetros making out, and then feel awkward about a gay couple holding hands. thats a damn shame right there and feeds right into bigotry.

    LOVE is LOVE. damnit

  10. topherhoefer says

    @Musicfanatic5… I was in your shoes, and I never thought I would find anyone who understood me, much less loved me. I grew up in the Anoka Hennepin school district where all the kids were killing themselves and I felt like a freak. Now, I am a grown man with a good job, a nice house and a handsome sweet sexy man who promises to love me till the day I day. It not only gets better, it gets AWESOME! Hang on tight, get an education and before you know it, you’ll be looking back with happy
    tears in your eyes.

  11. Real Talk says

    “Alan” is the same poster who commented on the photo of the marine kissing his partner that they dodn’t look “masculine” enough.

    Folks…we have a resident troll that uses multiple screenames and tries to throw in subtle homophobia (to blatant homophobia) in every post. When confronted, like most gays with internalized homophobia, they’ll come back at you with “whats the matter, aren’t I entitled to a different opinion? after all, why do we have to have the same opinions”…let’s break it down for the 2 resident trolls. When it comes to equality and being pro gay or anti gay, there’s TWO options: pro gay or anti gay.

    To the two resident trolls on here with 5,000 screenames: you are anti gay, no matter how you slice your ‘opnions’…because you ALWAYS have something snarky to say in a feel-good story about gays. That on top of making you anti gay, makes you a jaded/bitter/angry little troll. Own it.

  12. Tyler says

    @ Real Talk

    While I’m convinced some of the trolls on the comments section here are closeted gays who resent the gay community for having the strength and (balls) to be comfortable with who they are, I also have always thought some other trolls are indeed Conservative hetros who’ve made their way on this site. Many of our articles here are linked to conservative blogs, so they manage to creep their way on here. Most eventually leave, a few creeps linger on. I think all of us have managed to know who is a hater in a gay costume, pretending to be one of us while really just showing their bigotry. Ignore them. Most of us do.

  13. TJ says

    MUSICFANATIC5 – As the other posters have said, hang in there, buddy. Finding love can be difficult for most people, gay or straight. As the saying goes, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. But it can happen. It took me awhile, and lord knows my partner isn’t always princely (okay, neither am I), but we’ve been together almost 25 years.

  14. Rin says


    when you get to college you will have a great time. I was a social leper in high school–total nerd and unpopular. I got to college and being a brain is like having superpowers. Suddenly, I’m being asked everywhere, had tons of dudes fighting over me…

    High school sucks, I will not lie, it totally sucks unless you are wealthy and good looking and have parents that will let you have a car. But the beautiful part is that those who peak in high school have no idea how to handle college. They are totally lost. You, on the other hand, have spent years watching, waiting, and observing.

    I promise you…you will love college.

  15. jack says

    Great pics. Thanks for posting. I was a radarman on a navy destroyer in the late 1950’s, so seeing these pics makes me especially happy. It is wonderful that these young military guys can live their lives openly. It is especially great to see that this young gay sailor is assigned to the USS John Stennis who was a racist, segregationist southern senator in our less liberated past. Oh how he must be spinning in his grave.

  16. uffda says

    To me this is a posed, for-camera, publicity whore kiss with nothing like the ardent sincerity of the Dalan-Brandon Marine kiss we saw last week. We know from that story that what we saw was a privilege to witness, a first kiss between two men who, after four years of friendship, had developed their love on line and could hardly wait to see each other again. It was beautiful and, to me, universal. Of course I don’t know the story behind the two kissing sailors but their greeting looks sloppy, shallow and too camera-ready for me.

  17. jay_max says

    Yeah UFFDA, you acknowledge that you don’t know the story behind the two guys in this story, but you’re already dismissing it as “sloppy, shallow, and too camera-ready”. Shame on you.

  18. uffda says

    JAY and TJ – I said “looks sloppy…”etc and it does, which is close to a dismissal, but hardly a condemnation. Of course when this was first posted yesterday I knew there would be “love shrieks” all ’round from the fans uncritically clutching their pearls and swooning. Gay men are such pushovers.

    I know, I fell hard for Brandon and Dalan. Because they were so unmistakably genuine.

    So much so in fact that my string of clutched pearls broke.

  19. TJ says

    “To me this is a posed, for-camera, publicity whore kiss”

    – but don’t characterize what I wrote as dismissive or condemning.

    Got it UFFDA. Whatever you say.

  20. says

    Gotta agree with TJ when he wrote, “I don’t know. I looked at the second picture and thought the guy on the right looked envious. Positively pea-green.”

    I was thinking a look of wistful longing.

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