1. says

    We know he’s straight because a gay guy would be showing off his belt of Apollo more, it’s the gay bodypart of the decade if you haven’t noticed.

    Oh, also the blonde in the background?

  2. says

    I see very little resemblence to Hanks himself. Now Colin Hanks, except for the ears, looks very much like his father. Chet is nice to look at and for tats, that design on his upper arm is nice, can’t read what it says tho’… :-(

  3. say what says

    Tom hanks son , rapper

    Yeah uhm, never going to happen

    there is no street cred leaving the rough life in beverly hills as white bred& miracle whip Tom hanks

  4. Robert says

    Rapping, just like with any form of music, isn’t and shouldn’t be confined to the economic class of the people that invented it. Its like saying playing the violen or piano should be reserved for only the high classes.

  5. JeffNYC says

    “Rapping, just like with any form of music, isn’t and shouldn’t be confined to the economic class of the people that invented it. Its like saying playing the violen or piano should be reserved for only the high classes.”

    Violin, dear. And we call ourselves “upper class” not “high class.”

    But thanks for the permission to rap. We’ll take it under advisement.

  6. Hollywood, CA says

    I can’t imagine what it’s like for so many of these straight guys to feel so compelled to scream out that they’re not gay at every point. I mean, it must get exhausting having this fear inside you that someone is going to think you’re gay, even when you have a sexy blonde girl in the background? And does he think we wouldn’t know that Tom Hank’s had a gay son up until now?

    I’m not saying that he’s saying it with any malice, but why say it at all? It’s like being Asian and running around telling everyone “I’m a good driver, I’m a good driver, I’m a good driver!” Really? The only people who assume you’re not a good driver are people who use stereotypes to judge people, and why do you care what they think? So rotted…

  7. eric says

    actually, he just said he is not straight.

    imagine he made this statement aws an audio message rather than a tweet. He would have said “I am straight. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hya ha hee hee ha ha ha hooo (gasp gasp)ha ha ha ha ha hee ha ha ha ha hee hee ha ha ha ha etc.
    this is how Leslie Jordan would say he is straight.

    why would a straight man laugh his ass off after saying he is straight. It’s because he can’t say it and keep a straight face. A man who is confident in his sexuality would laugh first–then come out for the breeders.

  8. Oliver says

    @J i am quite “over” myself. but just a word of advice … if you post half naked pix of yourself online then you are setting yourself up to criticism. not everyone is going to say WOW, he’s F’N Hot.
    (especially when he’s not)

  9. buster says

    You people are SO disrespectful! You obviously don’t even know anything about Chet’s life.

    Chet wasn’t raised in Beverly Hills (which is soooo-1980’s) His street-cred was earned on the boulevards of Pacific Palisades – a place where at any moment palm fronds could come crashing to earth, ruining the paint job on your car and where nannies pushing high-end strollers make trying to get from your front door to Whole Foods a constant nightmare – dodging a potential calamity in every intersection.

    And he has rapped about the travails of being a young man in such an environment, musing on life with his posse rolling medicinal blunts as they head to the beach, being forced to share the DJ booth at a club with your manager, the concern that tomorrow may bring a disaster in the form of a loss by the Lakers. Another of his notable works involves a touching tribute to the difficult years he’s spent at elite Northwestern University, an expensive private school built on the edge of Lake Michigan — imagine how COLD it must be in winter there. How high he must have to turn up the heat in his car. This is a man who knows pain.

    Don’t criticize a man until you’ve driven a mile in his BMW.

  10. Ralph says

    LOL – mediocre looking, no talent riding on Daddy’s coat tails. Thanks for telling us your straight. Good thing since he’d be too average to make it the gay scene in any major city.

  11. jaragon says

    The first shot is nice but unless the blonde is a trannie I don’t think this photo indicates gayness. Hey it can’t be easy being the son of an Oscar winning star.

  12. Trouble Tones says

    LMAO just means I have low enough self-esteem because my dad is a huge star that I’d let you go down on me if you stroked my ego enough. And you’d have to be at least ten years older than me.

  13. jamal49 says

    @HOLLYWOOD,CA: I live in a very, very Asian neighborhood in Queens, NY and, um, sorry, but Asians ARE very, very BAD drivers. I mean, the absolute WORST. And whatever that makes me, so be it.

  14. David Jarrett says

    The bottom line for me: I could easily have sex with him and throughly enjoy it (for me at least). After much therapy, I could probably survive having sex with a guy who has tattoos. Send him over!!!!!!!

  15. pscheck2 says

    I agree with one poster that it seems superfluous to announce you are str8 when posting a photo of yourself. But this is the usual reaction of those actors who play gay characters: I AM NOT GAY!! I DID IT FOR THE CHALLENGE, OR THE MONEY WAS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP! (One such actor (who claimed he is str8) was in gay porn and a ‘bottom’ at that!) I suppose we can use Kinsey for our authority on this subject, ala, 50 degrees of gayness and allow them their contention!

  16. says

    A little off topic but in my opinion, Deborah Harry, or should I say Blondie, had the best rap song of all time. Remember Rapture?

    Rap does not need to be about guns and ho’s. I think the best rappers are the ones who can actually sing, and even better if they can play a musical instrument.

    I don’t know if this guy can do either.

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