1. 99% says

    I wish I could buy into the hype around this movie, but it just does nothing for me. These posters are, IMHO, pretty sad.

    I have to second Homer; the context of the movie that depicts teenagers killing each other.. there is already enough senseless violence in the world, why spend $12.50 to see more of it?

  2. leroar says

    teenagers killing each other, yes this happens in the hunger games. but the text and i’m guessing the movie has a whole lot more to say, inequality, war, class society, repression, compassion and standing up for what you think is right. you can’t judge from the 30 second commercials and movie marketing you’re seeing. there is a reason it has resounded with so many teens and adults alike.

  3. JimmyD says

    To the people who are SICK OF THE HYPE:
    Obviously you’re not sick enough to read MORE stories about it AND take time to post comments about how sick of the hype you are.
    Just sayin’…

    LOVE these posters!! LOVE the books. LOVE the movie. LOVE THE HYPE!!

    (BTW: I’m sick of the hype around Madonna, and her new album…so… I just skip past anything with the word ‘Madonna’ in the headline.)

  4. Brian says

    Sponsorships are really expensive! That’s the point – not everyone can send aid, or otherwise there would be no point. Ads are great – but get it right, guys!

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