1. jason says

    Australia is truly a homophobic hole. The gay community there is a disorganized rabble with no passion. Gays in Australia tend to be more interested in dance parties than gay rights.

  2. Clif3012 says

    Newman today seemed to imply that, as leader, he would allow the LNP to repeal Queensland’s recently passed civil unions law, as he is interested in ‘normal families, not same sex relationships’.

    Interestingly, the electorate Newman must win to be the leader of government is pretty left and supportive of same-sex relationships; but the rest of the electorates his party has to win are most definitely not (and are likely to be chipped away by Katter’s extreme right, nationalist party).

    So there is a good chance this, along with recent loose corruption allegations, may sink Newman’s election chances. The conservative party (LNP) will still almost certainly win the election, but Newman won’t be their leader. One party has governed the state for the past twenty years, so historically it was almost certain that this election was going to flip sides, Newman or no Newman.

  3. DanCobb says

    I find it fascinating that the two naked males are decades apart age-wise. Perhaps having two young handsome men together was just TOO hot for the born-again creeps that produced that ad.

  4. GregV says

    Indeed, when I think of a married gay couple, I think of REAL couples. I might picture my next-door neighbors out gardening on a Saturday. Or I might think of Ellen and Portia dressed in white and celebrated beautifully by friends and family at their wedding. Or I might think of Neil Patrick Harris and his husband taking their kids on vacation, or Jane Lynch thanking her wife at an awards show, or George Takei discussing current evnts with his husband.
    But I generally picture them with their clothes ON and doing all KINDS of things in their day. My mind does not go to a two naked guys who look decades apart in age and positioned as if they’re making a porn video.

    Notice that when the ad refered to hetero families, the family looks like they`re ready for a picnic in the park; they did NOT show a male twink and female cougar naked and ready to pounce on one another.
    But in the homophobe`s mind, heterosexuals have real lives while gay couples have nothing to do but have constant sex. Their inconsistency and ignorance is so predictable.

  5. Pkhouris says

    For those claiming that Australia is a homophobic hellhole etc. I have no idea how you justify this. Feel free to educate me (I live in Australia and have lived in Europe, North America and Asia). Your comparative analysis of homophobia would be illuminating. I’d like to see improvements but hell it most certainly is not.

    The politician who funded this ad is (IMO) widely regarded as a lunatic. He is from a rural seat in the north of Queensland and is famously ridiculed for his bizarre statements.

    The problem with Towleroad, at times, is that the international “developments” of gay rights are often not demonstrative of the actual experiences of LGBTQ. Instead focussing on the novel and the scandalous. Blog readers would do well to supplement their dose of Towleroad with some other sources of news and information from time to time.

  6. Perkin Warbeck says

    @Jason “Australia is truly a homophobic hole. The gay community there is a disorganized rabble with no passion. Gays in Australia tend to be more interested in dance parties than gay rights.”

    Offensive, ignorant and bigoted – not Bob Katter’s Australian Party but you Jason. Where do you live? Have you ever lived in Australia? Do you have any idea about the LGBTQI community here? No, you don’t.

    This community so derided by you has managed to bring the level of support for full marriage equality from around 40% 8 years ago (when the law was changed to discriminate) to over 60% today. We’ve made one major political party (just so happens to be the ruling party Federally) change their political platform to support full marriage equality.

    We’ve had an effect with this Queensland State Election where the leader of the Liberal National Party, Campbell Newman, who is not currently in Parliament will not likely be in Parliament after the election on March 24 because of his own pathetic responses to the recent passing of the Civil Union Act 2011 in Queensland (States cannot legislate for marriage, that is a Federal preserve). Newman says he supports marriage equality but backs his right-wing party’s policy to oppose the Bill firstly and now says he will repeal the Bill when elected.

    I would also suggest that it is not as clear cut as all the pundits think, the LNP needs to win a large number of seats to govern without the support of minor parties (if elected) or the current independents (if returned). With the more people in Qld see of Newman and his pandering to the Christian Right, his dismissal of the civil union debate and this KAP advertisment (he said he wanted to talk about “Fair dinkum and normal Qld families” – meaning that LGBTQI families are not normal and not worth his time.)

    The man when he was Lord Mayor of Brisbane until this time last year was a thug, a bully and a man dedicated to plunging the city into intolerable debt just to build a series of antiquated car tunnels. He also has a Mitt Romney like labyrinth of shady business dealings as well. He is not a well liked man at all. A man who ended a discussion with me with the words “do your worst” when I said that I’d make sure to tell everyone I knew that the LNP and him were not fit to be supported by the LGBTQI community and friends. Seems my worst is better than his best.

    The true nasties though are the Katter Australian Party. Bob Katter was a former minister in the corrupt National Party Qld State government of the late 1980s. (A time when we were illegal, open to arrest and prosecution and jail time. A time when “deviants” were barred from being on licenced premises – a law that was passed by that corrupt government in 1985!) He moved to Federal politics and in the last decade moved to be a radical/rogue independent with some strange views ranging from forms of socialism on government ownership, environmental protection through banning coal seam gas production and far right social policies like ridiculing marriage equality (as he said “gay marriage is an idea that deserves to be laughed at). His half-brother Carl is gay and the two were by virtue of their father’s marriages never particularly close.

    Australia is no more homophobic than California and it’s Briggs Initiative and Prop 8. It is no more homophobic than Canada where a conservative government was caught (deliberately?) napping on a rule that would have invalidated same gender marriages. Australia is no more homophobic than anywhere else in the world where children are raised to despise and fear what is different to their own experiential worldview.

    Australia is the land of the “fair go”, we are “Fair Dinkum” about equal rights for all (“fair dinkum” – honest, true) (though we still have a long way to go in treating our indigenous people with the respect and care they deserve.) We are also a land that uses the term Liberal politically to mean a right of centre, economically rationalist party which used to be truly liberal about people’s lives & choices, but like the Republican Party in the USA has been hijaked by the xenophobes, climate deniers and fundamentalist christians.

    Remember how much you loved us for those two weeks in September 2000? We are still those people – we have our crazies, our liars, our bigots. But, we are united. We will handle them. And they won’t like it but we will prevail and show the world that we are a land of opportunity, live and let live, freedom and a great lifestyle – gay straight, bi, transgender or queer.

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