1. Sean says

    Clearly this dude has some sort of personality disorder. Insane in the membrane just about covers it.

  2. RyanInSacto says

    I guess he found something that was not extremely difficult to masturbate to.


  3. ratbastard says

    You can’t make this sh*t up…LOL…just another fraud. Probably a skinner to boot.

  4. RyanInSacto says

    By the way, he probably wouldn’t be quite so exhausted and dehydrated if he wasn’t spending all day drinking and masturbating. Not that I would know anything about that… just a guess.

  5. Oliver says

    “masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something”

    He should move to Los Angeles… In LA they’d give him his own reality tv show.

  6. jason says

    I am not the Jason in the article. I’m another passionate Jason, but I know my limits. Too much passion can kill you if you let it get in the way of your normal daily functioning. Not eating, not sleeping, a decline in your immune system…these are all consequences of dysfunctional passion.

  7. Zlick says

    If that video is the real deal, that’s some pretty bizarre masturbating technique. Not that I haven’t had some bizarre ways of going about it myself … but never out on the street.

  8. RONTEX says

    Definitely looks like a manic episode triggered by a drug of some type (meth?) The statement makes it sound like he has been dealing with an ongoing issue of some type. Hope he gets well for his kids sake.

  9. PDX Guy says

    “suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition.”

    Geez, dude, take a break once in while, you are going to chafe too.

  10. Dale says

    Even a cop can tell that what he was doing was not masturbating. If he was, that would be one way to hurt yourself.

  11. justandra says

    Tmz just posted a clip of him naked and pounding his fist on the sidewalk. Very odd to say the least.

  12. Mark says

    Nobody choose to have a public meltdown, the cause IS GOOD, i’m sad to see the retarded messages you people post

  13. Angela Channing says

    @Mark – You do realize this group has questionable ties to Evangelicals who stoked the kill the gays legislation in Uganda, right? You also realize that for someone who believes in good causes, you just used a pejorative term for those who are intellectually challenged?

    On another note, why wasn’t he arrested? Had that been a gay or bi guy in a park, you bet your ass, he would be arrested!

  14. Javier says

    I’m sorry but their is something about him that screams bisexual. I thought this while watching the Koni 2012 video on YouTube. This could be a public meltdown, but more often then not this type of behavior is associated with a hallucinogenic drug, an illegal drug, or bad mix of prescription meds. I would have gone with his friends bet him to make an ass out of himself, but the masturbation in public rules that option out. He may be in the closet, but regardless he needs to seek treatment for whatever it is that ails him.

  15. Tagg says

    I saw him on Piers Morgan and the guy screams gay…has a wedding ring but that doesnt mean he has a wife.

  16. lessthan says

    Am I just too paranoid? When I saw this article, the first thing that popped into my head was roofie. He became hugely famous in less than a month, poking at someone with power, and suddenly he has a melt-down? He didn’t even have time to get into the good debauchery yet. It has to be some kind of outside influence.

  17. Nat says

    “Am I just too paranoid? When I saw this article, the first thing that popped into my head was roofie.”

    Yes, yes. And 9/11 was an inside job, global warming is an environmentalist conspiracy, and the Moon landing was faked.

  18. KP says

    Well, there goes the Kony 2012 campaign. I can hear the purse strings tightening already. That only took a week. I feel bad for his family and him – whether is was drugs, bipolar disorder, or a mental breakdown, the guy is suffering.

  19. Kirk Boone says

    He’s gay (and crazy). Simple as that.

    But that police spokeswoman is totally hot. I can almost smell her from here.

  20. chris255 says

    Either he had some really bad drugs, or the man was exposed and lost it. There’s more to this thing.

  21. says

    I think many of you are being quite harsh. He is married and has a small young son and has devoted a great deal of time and effort to publicizing the horrible man named Kony. He has spent much time in South Africa and was recently on Anderson.

    As for the episode in public, it is entirely plausible that he is under the influence of drugs, exhaustion and mental anguish. With what he has seen in the way of human destruction and murder, things like that have to be weighing on his mind.

    By bringing Kony to the forefront he has done goodness for the children who are kidnapped and raised as soldiers to kill and rape others.

    So let’s give the guy a break. I’m rather surprised some of you have nailed him as “obviously a bisexual” “pervert” “deviant” etc. I noted yesterday at Lenny Kravitz was unable to pull of acting bisexual/gay and was roundly attacked.

  22. yadda says

    OS2GUY at it again as usual. and before you keep repeating the insipid and indulgent story about you and how your ‘straight’ husband became gay blah blah fairytale, read up on the controversy surrounding KONY2012. Whenevr I see your name I keep seeing that blond hairsalon queen on a-list with that rich balck daddy. ughh.

  23. uffda says

    YADDA – what a puke you are for pointlessly attacking OS2 in such a
    way and participating in the low-life gang wit demonstrated by most of the commenters here. Where is the compassion for a young man , Jason, who has so clearly and painfully lost his way while in the midst of attempting to do important humanitarian work. What a repulsive lot of hyenas you have shown yourselves to be. Trolls all. Except for OS2GUY and a couple of others. YADDA. go to hell.

  24. potlatch says

    So sad. Watch:

    I would only observe: in this vid, he is arguing how Christians need to “not reveal” that they are evangelizing in order to actually “release the power he feels”.

    And whenever he imitates an allegedly “in your face” Christian that “the world is afraid of” he drops into an affected gay stereotype voice, behavior, and accent.

    Closeted. Deeply. He had a psychotic break. He is projecting his inner unconscious sexual fight onto a religious drama, but he does not realize it is a drama: he really does think Jesus is inside of him. He can feel it. He can feel the power. But he has to hide it. Because people will reject him if he says who is inside him.


  25. gr8guyca says

    1: Hot guy. Even Jon Stewart commented on how handsome he is.
    2: Has a son, who is shown in video.
    3: Yeah, I got a gay vibe, too. I googled to find out when I saw him.
    4: Was on almost every news show this week. I’d be exhausted, too.
    5: He probably cracked under the pressure.
    6: Too bad it will tar the basic good work he is doing.
    7: There might be some negative side to this movement, but he is basically trying to get rid of a very bad guy.

  26. Real Talk says

    This is what happens when you opress yourself as a closet case then join a KNOWN homophobic orginization. YOU made that decision that messed YOU up. YOU live with it.

  27. IonMovies says

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? I don’t feel sympathy for grown ass adults who lead a lie based on being too chicken to face the world and be who they are. Much less ones who are linked to anti gay organizations.

  28. T.J says

    A religious man who is tied to a group that actively attempted to destroy the lives of gays is caught doing SHADY things….that is not a news story, that is an every day occurance for religious folks. That what they do. Promote hypocrisy. That’s all they are good for. I hope this man is arressted and serves a great punishment for his terribly crude and inappropriate behavior in public.

  29. Aarron-ATL says

    I always felt his whole campaign was a self serving cause to feed his own ego. He got a press agent and was SO smug in all the interviews he was profiting from. Meanwhile, his group wanted to just go to Africa so THEY could brainwash children with religious dogma and homophobia. Now he’s busted and his intentions and motives are clear. Disturbed individual from a disturbing group.

  30. Michelle says

    Isn’t it fascinating that a man from a group that essentially sits back and promotes the execution of LGBT in Africa is praised for (in my opinion, for self indulgent reasons) helping other demographics.

    Hurt vulnerable kids? Off with the leaders head (and I agree)

    Kill gays? meh. they had it coming.

  31. USC Trojan Fan says

    I don’t believe homophobes are capable of doing good work. I truly believe those who are homophobic are evil hearted, and any good work they do do is done with an agenda in mind. I believe that was the case here and I’m glad it was exposed. I will never appreciate the work of any known homophobic instituition regardless of what the work is. Homophobia kills, and that needs to be addressed.

  32. Tilt says

    He should be arrested. He better not get a break because the *media* made him some over night Hero, which the media loves to do. I don’t feel any remorse for him, especially not knowing the groups background. Hope they all crumble.

  33. potlatch says

    wikipedia: return of the repressed. the tmz vid is pretty clear cut. that man wants his prostrate stimulated. just saying.

  34. SarahfrostbBites says

    When it comes to religious based orginizations like this “doing good” you have to- MUST- follow the money. Because there is always money to be gained for them. Their intentions are never are noble as they seem, and often, the people behind the movement are disturbed, disturbed individuals (case in point)

  35. Arim N. says

    I don’t care how great your work is, when in one corner you’re leading the fight to discriminate against one group od people (LGBT) and the other you’re getting credit for freeing another. You get no credit from the likes of me. True compassion is compassion for all, not selective compassion.

    I’m glad I’m living in an era where gay people refuse to be told to DEAL with institutionalized homophobia. For far too long, gays came to expect it, and accept it. Today, gays demand rights and respect, even from group with a God like syndrome like this one.

  36. aaron says

    “Christian gets caught doing something disgusting, stupid, and illegal. Typical.”

    What about this was “disgusting”? And who cares if it’s illegal? Sodomy was illegal until recently. Stupid, perhaps. But geez, the guy could be bipolar or be suffering from addiction. What gives?

  37. Sarm says

    I should’ve phrased that better. Christianity in itself is disgusting. He knew he was wrong, working with the some of the vilest groups that torment LGBTs. He is suffering from the usual madness they suffer when their true selves are discovered, and deserves no sympathy for colluding with bigots, with NO remorse whatsoever. And furthermore, if it weren’t for people like him spreading such filth, Kony would not even have the influence he had. But no, his “convert or die” religion wouldn’t have it that way. Gotta make sure the gays and whoever else they hate are dead after all. Look at the monster they have created, and tell me you see this foul wretch of a scam artist, who perpetuates the very catalyst for that monster, as merely someone who’s ‘bipolar or suffering from addiction’.

  38. TJ says

    Ya know, the best I can come up with here is, “WTF!”

    Second best – a source of shame, weakness, vulnerability taking advantage of stress, stress, and more stress. I don’t know many “normal” people who wind up on street corners, naked, making an ass out of themselves by humping their naked ass on a street corner. Dude has problems. Stay tuned.

  39. Nat says

    “By bringing Kony to the forefront he has done goodness for the children who are kidnapped and raised as soldiers to kill and rape others. ”

    No he hasn’t. He hasn’t done a damn thing to improve the lives of children in the region, nor has this insipid Kony campaign.

    I held my reservations in check, even as I watched countless distortions become filtered and re-filtered within social media. But once it became apparent that Kony2012 was little more than a marketing gimmick, then I hoped it would finally fade away, and actual work – and salient policies – would come to the forefront.

    If the extent of your knowledge of Joseph Kony is derived from Kony2012, then you have a great deal of education ahead of you. And until you command a better grasp of the facts, you have no business speaking about the validity of this campaign.

  40. enough already says

    I do wish the arm-chair psychologists would give it a rest.
    None of us know what led to this behavior.
    The fact that the police, otherwise known to use any excuse to persecute to the max (meant per-, not pro-)suggests there’s more to this than meets the eye.

    What is interesting, though, is how quickly christians have jumped on this as ‘proof’ of how hateful and monstrous Teh Gayz and dem dere Libruls have been to the poor, oppressed,only-doin’-wha’-Jeebus-said-to-do christer.

    Whatever led to this, I hope he gets help. It would be nice, if the christers would stop blaming us for Jason’s problems, but that’s asking too much.

  41. Vern Dufford says

    WOW… If thats what 15 minutes of fame will get you I’ll have some and stay indoors!

  42. yadda says

    Like I sad Nat, OS2GUY is like the Carrie of this blog. or in its lowest form, the blond queen on the a-list new york. Im so sick of reading that gurls comments.

  43. Andrew says

    That appears to be a profoundly troubled man. I don’t take pleasure in any person’s meltdown, not least when it is so public and embarrassing.

    Sending positive thoughts to him, his family, his coworkers. Rather than beating up the messengers (no matter how flawed they are as individuals, or how inartfully they convey their message) who tell stories we’d rather not hear, I will continue to pray/work/speak/vote for an end to violence and oppression — both at home and abroad.

  44. peterparker says

    I wanted to see why everyone was posting that he seemed gay or at least bisexual, so I watched the YouTube video to which POTLATCH posted a link here in these comments. That dude is *gay*!!!! As in, he is 3 words into the speech and already the gay vibe is overwhelming! Yeah…someone has issues aside from exhaustion, dehydration and possible bi-polar and/or meth use.

  45. FunMe says

    Gay for sure! I saw his video and oh my gosh, he seems more gay than most of my gay friends and me. And I’m gay and proud!

    Let’s make sure that the treatment people are suggesting has NOTHING to do with that. Because you know how the American Taliban Fake Christians are still stuck in their “change” therapies.

    The family is really stupid to think the public will believe the “exhaustion” bs statement.

  46. David says

    Good grief. HE’S GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why he’s acting out!! A TOTAL closet case!!

  47. Shannon says


  48. Nat says

    “Like I sad Nat, OS2GUY is like the Carrie of this blog. or in its lowest form, the blond queen on the a-list new york. Im so sick of reading that gurls comments.”

    All I ask is that he read up on the subject quite a bit more, before venturing an opinion on a subject some of us are quite well versed in.

    I have encountered a staggering amount of ignorance in the past couple of weeks from people who have never been to Africa and have never worked in any relevant field lecture me on what central Africa is ‘about’, and Kony’s place in it.

    I am prepared to tolerate it, provided that people listen when I point out the complexities of modern Africa, or that there are hundreds of men who have committed atrocities on the scale of, or greater than Kony that no one is doing a damn thing about.

  49. potlatch says

    I do hope someone enlightened — gay or straight, just enlightened, ya know — reaches out to him. “In love” as those fools say, but which, we actually *mean*. Seriously. This is a man who is “suffering,” not TIRED LOL. I actually feel a bit of pain as I think about it, because I bet most of us know, we kinda get what he is feeling inside: intense suffering out of control.

    This is no mere “bad interaction between drugs” or some such meaningless nonsense. This is a man in crisis. Someone send him some love, the good kind, the kind that is real, and that gives you a real hug. A hug without an agenda, ya know, a human hug like any decent human gives, gay or straight.

    But, he is gay.

  50. potlatch says

    Which leads me to wonder: has he ever been hugged by someone who didn’t have an agenda? because these fundies, everythinjg they do is an egenda. I’ve been among them. Every hug, every smile, has a string attached. They do not grasp love. Just rewards for good behavior.

  51. Contrarian says

    Oh here we go again with the “he must be gay or bi” meme. Why can’t a married hetero have a breakdown, possibly abuse drugs or prescription meds, or have some physical medical issue? Oh right, he’s not fat or homely so he can’t be hetero. Too much projection here people.

    Besides, why does any LGBT person want to adopt this troubled dude? He has funding from evangelical fundies, and may share their agenda. Listen to NPR’s show “On the media” on their website for a takedown of his YOUTUBE opus by an African who actually knows the score about Kony and the current situation in central and east Africa.

  52. FunMe says

    Check out the enunciations of “advocacy” and “awareness” … like he’s the valley boy of gay closet types. Like … you know what I mean.

    But wait there’s more! (short video vs. the 1st one):

    “And it’s JUST … the beginning” ANOTHER ENUNCIATION

    “Wow, the last few days we have not slept” Meth keep you up for days home gurl!

  53. Andalusian Dog says

    Hello, Lady Inevitability!

    He is married, btw. Acc to NBC San Diego, “Russell is also described as a Christian and father to two children who wants to have nine more children with his wife he calls his ‘best friend for over 23 years.'” I wonder how long that BFF 4Evah relationship is going to last…