1. Malone says

    The best thing about this story is how much of a positive impact it will have on bullied gay youth. Can you imagine a more inspiring story for those who are gay and bullied and at the end of their rope, to see first hand that it DOES get better. So much better, and there’s a whole world of opportunities waiting for them!

    To any LGBT kid struggling who comes across this video (and we know you all visit this site) let this be a reminder to your greatness and realizing you have the very exact potential this guy has.

  2. IonMovies says

    THIS put a smile on my face. Caleb, you’re an inspiring soul. I hope this inspires you to even do more to be a role model for our gay youth who need visible role models today more than ever before. I also salute the mayor and the mayor’s office for understanding the need for this and the message it sends out.

  3. Real Talk says

    That’s whats up! clips like this get exposed to a bullied gay kid and he feels more empowered, and stronger. we each as gay adults gotta have a responsibility to the gay kids out there who don’t have a voice. things like this give them that voice.

  4. Fred says

    Wow, this young man is a bright shining light not just for students near his school but students across the entire state of AZ and beyond.

    Kudos to Caleb!

  5. Craig says

    I had the pleasure of meeting him last year in Tucson at a coming out panel discussion, sponsored by Wingspan and Tucson Pride. What an amazing individual! This guy is going to be a congressman by the time he’s 30! He and his mother are both the most wonderful people you could ever meet. Very articulate, both of them.

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