1. Oliver says

    I would like someone to ask Limbaugh (and the Republican candidates) whether they are also opposed to insurance covering vasectomies? There is no medical need for a vasectomy other than for contraception.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Seeing the clips Jon played of Rush, Republican politicians, and the full on attack offered up by Fox News, it just all looked like an organized tactic, bashing and discrediting this woman. Everyone was taking the same stance, saying the same ignorant things. It’s like the coach decided which play the team would use and the team obediently followed through. What I want to know is, who is the coach?

  3. Rin says

    Women don’t impregnate themselves…well, you know what I mean. Okay, they used to not be able to, but you get my point. I’m sick of fat, balding, rich old white dudes with gold digger young wives talking smack about women who are sexually active. I’m sure that fat f–k had sex before he married whichever blonde he’s married to now.

    If abortion is the problem for Republicans, what’s wrong with offering birth control as part of a health care plan? It prevents pregnancies.

  4. ATLJason says

    I realize as a liberal I am predisposed to agree with someone like Jon Stewart…but I really don’t understand how ANYONE can listen to his skewering of the GOP and find holes in his logic.

  5. thom says

    …Jon Stewart rules!……Personally, I find it disgusting that Fats Limbaugh makes as much money as he does and his mouth-breathing listening audience just keeps him richer and richer…You gotta know he snickers and giggles when the mike is off about how easy it is to get rich off of completely STOOPID folks who hang on his very stinking word.He is a flithy troll, but this is America and he has the right to blow off and make a killing doing so…unless this pig loses some weight soon, he is going to history but pigs never even think about not gorging themselves, do they? Rock-on Rushter!

  6. Dave says

    Bain Capital owns Clear Channel and Clear Channel own Premier Networks who in turn employ Limbaugh, which could likely be why Willard’s condemnation of his party’s mouth piece has been virtually nonexistent. Stay silent Willard, we need all the female votes we can in November.

  7. say what says


    @ RIN

    the problem/ disconnect between preventing pregnancies thus fewer abortions and the catholic churches hate of the pill is that the church wants/ needs babies……..tons and tons of babies to take over all and man their wars

    Anyone who thinks the 1,687 year old church (dated from constantine & the council of nicea “by this sign you shall conquer/rule”) that once ruled the war simply gave up ruling all due to the reformation & enlightenment are being foolish. 1,687 year old catholic church plays the long game and it does want to rule over all once again and thus needs catholic women popping out more catholics and most especially foot soldeirs

  8. Caliban says

    I think the basic motivation for the Catholic and Christian Right opposition to birth control and especially abortion is they they WANT sex to have consequences, preferably negative consequences. That way they can scare people about sex, invent gory scenarios out of one of their fundamentalist Halloween horror houses of disease-ridden “wh*res” and dissolute, “unGodly” lives ending in an ever more gory H*ll. It’s about control. Once you’re able to control a person’s sexual urges, when and under what circumstances they can have it, you control that person to a huge degree, can make them do what you want. And we all know that when sex is stifled and frustrated it often comes out in twisted and bizarre ways, violence and rage. Focus that rage and aim it and you have soldiers for God.

  9. anon says

    The basic reason you don’t cover constant costs rather than extraordinary costs with insurance is that “gasoline insurance” would cost more than the gasoline itself. Fluke would still be paying for her contraception and the insurance overhead, but through her premiums rather than out of pocket. There will also probably be brand restrictions and a copay. While there are many prescriptions that are covered by insurance, with the costs spread around all the insured, as the payee share approaches 100% the cost advantages disappear. At best she can expect about a 50% reduction in her costs as she would be subsidized by men who presumably would not need any.

  10. says

    the GOP has no interest whatsoever in reducing the abortion rate.

    if they did they’d support and promote sex education, which is empirically proven to reduce teen (and/or “unplanned”) pregnancies.

    they’d also support Universal Healthcare – the cost of delivering a baby in a hospital, for an uninsured person, is astonishingly high. looking at not only a new mouth to feed, but more than 10 grand in the hole from the beginning? yeah. no wonder many women choose to terminate pregnancy.

    the reality is this, folks – the GOP keeps bringing up ABORTION and its “related issues” because they have no financial and job plans for the country.


    the GOPs base doesn’t understand money, or taxes, or job creation. but they do “understand” “jeebus doesn’t like babies being killed” – that’s why the GOP always swings socially-far-right. the GOP’s energy plan is harnessing the votes of the people they’re fighting to keep stupid.


  11. Paul in Charleston says

    TJ says “Subsidized by men who presumably don’t need birth control – because women get pregnant by themselves? And it’s okay that Viagra gets covered?” TJ let’s take that one step further using Limbaugh’s own logic – viagra users are then also “getting paid to have sex”, so what do we call him, I mean them? Gigolos? Hustlers? Rent-boys? Pigs?

  12. Evan says

    “Dr.” Laura went off the air for good because her hateful, ignorant comments about gay people finally made her targets–and their allies–angry enough to contact the stations that aired her show, and the show’s advertisers, and tell them to give her the boot. Whew. That being said, many non-gay people also benefitted from the end of her having a forum for her bizarre, anti-gay, anti-woman, sometimes racist, always crazy, ranting bad advice.

    As bad as Dr. Laura was, Rush is much more destructive. George Will (of all people) got it right on Monday when he said that the Repub candidates all defended Rush because: “They want to bomb Iran, but the’re afraid of Rush Limbaugh.” He is truly seen as the voice of ordinary Republican folk. And his views about LGBT people are well known.

    This is another opportunity to get a destructive menace off the air. Contact the advertisers who have jumped from his rat infested ship and tell them to stay off it for good. Contact your local station that carries his show and complain. Contact your Senator and tell him/her that the armed services network needs to dump Rush because his show inspires hatred of servicewomen, and of servicemen who are gay or members of religious or racial minorities, which is destructive to the morale of the force. (What good is the end of DADT if we can’t insist on basic respect?)

    Sure, another bullying bigot will take his place. But it will take a long time for him to gain the status and *ahem* weight that Mr Limbaugh has.

  13. Peter says

    Rush was caught with Viagra at the airport a few years ago (another guys name on the label) i wonder what insurance company is paying him to have sex. On second thought I want no more information matter….

  14. says

    sarah palin is sexist, herself. she’s an anti-woman woman. she’s a misogynist’s wet dream. sarah palin is to women what GOProud is to gay men.

    the only women who think Sarah Palin is a strong empowered role-model are those housewives who live in the kitchen and get on their knees to blow their husband’s before he smacks them in the mouth with the back of his closed fist.

    like jason’s mom.

  15. Rob says

    Oliver your vasectomy remark is brilliant and has been absent from the debate. Vasectomy is a covered benefit upon demand in most health plans.

    Sandra Fluke has Rush on the ropes and should finish him off. Not sure I would pick a fight like this with a law student, but it’s a free country.

    It’s all over but the shouting.

  16. says

    The “jewish” networks make a lot of money going after child predators yet the evidence indicates Rush Limbaugh – a “jew” of course – is one of these predators. WHAT KIND OF DEMON RAPES LITTLE BLACK BOYS WHILE ON VACATION IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC?

    It’s astounding that neocons refuse to believe anything bad about their god Limbaugh but if this same charge were levied against Obalmy they’d stage a million “man” march.

    DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: “When a government outlaws ‘terrorism’, it’s planning something for which ‘terrorism’ is the only recourse.”

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