1. uffda says

    Cain was dead before and this is the last nail in his coffin.
    We missed a big one with this guy. OMG.

    No questions, none at all.

  2. bottom line says

    I said, No Anchovies!

    Can’t even get the order right, and, it’s too late!

  3. Charlie says

    This sort of thing may not help Cain become president, but it will get him a political following and get him a contract with Fox News.

    Plus TV comedians will be so sad he isn’t in the race.

  4. Ralph McHurley says

    Wow either he really is on the Crazytown train; or he just has to burn through all the donated money on silly stuff like this.
    I bet the website eventually ties into hiring him for a $25-$50K speaking gig

  5. Vern Dufford says

    Cain was on the board of some well known republican companies before his bid to run.I know worked for one of these companies he did nothing but lend his name and he was paid handsomely to resign…wonder what that name is worth now? What a joke he is and to those companies!

  6. gr8guyca says

    Herman Cain has one of America’s greatest afflictions: fame addiction. Symptoms: a refusal to leave the stage after the curtain has gone done, an insatiable drive for attention at any cost, and an inability to return to the anonymity they deserve. Please, only you can help this man. Ignore him….or give him a show on Fox.

  7. Jexer says


    Stupid, vile, cruel, obtuse, petty, wrong, ….

    Charismatic idiots need to have their political aspirations dashed to the ground and left gasping like the fish in this awful video.

  8. bottom line says

    I guess Sarah Palin wasn’t available to do an endorsement. Or maybe she wanted too much money.

  9. Justin says


    I’m certain that if this was produced in the U.K., all involved would be charged with animal abuse crimes.