1. uffda says

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Jon Hamm plays gay about as good as Godzilla would. Not.
    But if he were remotely credible as a gay guy I would love to have seen him tell his wife over the phone: “I paid for that house, I’m coming home to it and your little painted mouth and hairy pee-hole better not be there when I do.” Slam.

    Uppity damn women.

  2. Marcito says

    Pop Culture Pirate (her real name is Elisa Kreisinger) has mastered the art of editing.
    She could go “hollywood” & score an Oscar for best editing, or continue to remix her work for galleries/festivals around the country and still have time to teach students media literacy. Whatever she choses, her future is as bright as she wants it to be.

  3. Marcito says

    a special p.s. to you: Elisa Kreisinger is rocking the SXSW 2012 film festival
    in Austin with her remix video, as we speak. It’s too bad you can’t attend her event today. It’s called Digital Divas: How Girls Rule the Digital Universe

  4. Dback says

    Love the use of the final song–“Mad Men” has never featured Streisand’s music (too expensive?), which is rather odd for an early-60’s series set in New York right when she was taking it by storm, first by nightclubs and then on Broadway in “Wholesale” and “Funny Girl.”

    In my fantasies, Jon Hamm gets cast as Harlan in “The Front Runner,” and Zac Efron is Billy Sive. I can already picture Hamm walking out onto the track, stopping, bending down, picking up Billy’s glasses, and then as he starts to shake he crushes them in his hand…

  5. Gigi says

    @UFFDA I smiled when I read the “plays gay” bit. What does that mean exactly? Gay is as gay does. I know lots of gay guys who are so light in the loafers that their feet never touch the ground, and I also know some that are super, scary tough like rugby star extraordinaire Gareth Thomas. The whole idea of someone playing gay is really about as outdated as the sexy furniture on the Mad Men set, IMHO.

  6. uffda says

    GIGI – of course you’ve got a point. It’s just that these (those) guys, no matter how well edited, give off about as much of a gay vibe as
    Santa Claus, The Blob, King Kong…oh hell, I suppose they all give off a gay vibe if you want to believe they do. Really, not The Blob though.

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