1. Marcito says

    Miss Ciconne wants “it” both ways…

    No drugs for her, but if her fans indulge,
    what’s a girl to do (while batting her eyelashes)???


    Any publicity to sell that record will do…

  2. Tagg says

    I’m baffled as to why Andy continues to cover ever single drop of Madonna “news”…Cough,cough. Madonna stoped being relevant when she stopped pushing herself musically and that was circa 1989’s Like a Prayer cd.

  3. atomic says

    I’m sorry, but this is not news, let alone gay news. It’s manufactured publicity, promulgated by individuals who already have more money than they know what to do with–just so that they can make even more money.

  4. Brad says

    I’m in my 30s and I love Madonna. And, cut the BS, lots and lots of gay men are in my boat. So that’s reason enough for Madonna to appear on a gay blog.

    You can hate her, but to say she’s irrelevant on a gay blog is dishonest.

  5. PTBoat says

    The idea of Madonna being irrelevant is belied by the facts she still tops the charts, fills concert halls, and performed at the current Superbowl. I also don’t personally thing that by her showing support for her friend, even if the song is about ecstasy, shows her support for drug use. Madonna came up from the club scene where drug use was prevalent, and is in an industry of the same sort of use, but she has always been very vocal about being anti drug. She certainly has showed that in her personal practices with her adherence to a, some would say, over the top health routine. I don’t see what the problem is, she’s not an idiot. Many of us have loved songs that we have known were about drug use even though we may not have espoused their use. Likewise, I remember a lot of ecstacy users, in the mid 80s, loving ABC’s Be Near Me, because they thought it was about Molly. Giver her a break.

  6. atomic says

    @Brad: I’m not saying you can’t love your idols. But you’re in serious denial if you think that this is actually anything more than a publicity scheme; controversy played out for the attention of the likes of you. Madonna has ALWAYS done this–time and time again, she has proven how adept she is at generating controversy and manipulating the media in order to get rich–that’s why she has survived where other aspiring pop divas have long since faded. Do I judge her for that? No, not really. But I’m not so shallow as to fall for it.

    And it’s for that reason why this isn’t news. News is about things that REALLY matter. If this fake argument between two wealthy celebrities is really so important to you that you want to call it “news,” then you might want to reevaluate the significance of your life.

  7. marc says

    I find it funny that people ask why Andy covers Madonna. ARE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK? He covers what his audience is interested in. Madonna is part of our culture, like it or not!

    As for Madonna’s Molly comment, no question, double meaning was intended. That said, when I saw it on video, I couldn’t help but feel sad for her. Just like I do when my mother or father try and discuss Justin, Mylie or any other young celebrity with me. It’s just odd and far reaching.

    Long live Madonna as an icon and can’t wait for her to kick butt in Russia where she will most certainly put her considerable celebrity to good use.

  8. atomic says

    Oh, and in case you still don’t get it–I have bought her music, and I do listen to it. The thing is, I enjoy it for what it is, and I appreciate her music on its own terms. But she’s not my idol and I don’t feel any affinity for who she is or what she projects herself to be. She’s an entertainer and an opportunist who is good at what she does; nothing more. I reserve my respect for those who have devoted themselves selflessly to our cause.

    So, notions like “love” and “hate” are just entirely too extreme to describe something as insignificant and trifling as pop music in the context of the things that really matter–like family, progress, true happiness, friendship, equal rights, and finding your passion.

  9. Gregoire says

    Can somebody explain why she’s chosen to devolve into the maturity level of an 18 year old? The woman who recorded ‘Erotica’ did not record ‘MDMA’.

    The woman who brought emotion and maturity to songs like ‘Ray of Light’ or even the flawed ‘American Life’ did not walk into the recording studio to make ‘Gang Bang’ or ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’. This is an entirely different person.

  10. Brad says


    This is a gay blog. I’m sure Andy (and his readers) enjoy reading a variety of topics regarding celebrity gossip, pictures of cute and hot guys, and straight-up “news.”

    A cursory look makes it look like Andy tags many things as “news” that may not meet the textbook definition of such (e.g., Glee “news” or “would you speak up if a lesbian were denied a wedding dress on a staged tv show ‘news'”).

    Looking back on my initial comment, though, I don’t use the word “news” anywhere. However, Madonna interests me, so I enjoy reading stories about her.

    If a privately-owned blog reporting on things that interest its owner bothers you so much that you need to comment on it, “you might want to reevaluate the significance of your life.”

  11. MarkUs says

    Madonna needs to patrol the airwaves. I had the local pop hits station on the drive in and the host said “you know MDNA is the main ingredient in ecstasy.”. They were of course being negative and dissing. I may be out of the party loop but What!?

  12. PTBoat says

    @Atomic, Towerload is a blog that contains lots of topics that are interesting to gay people. Madonna is still interesting to gay people, so she is both a topic that I would expect to see on Towerload and one that is presented on news outlets as a whole. Social news is as relevant as political and crime news and has been since the beginning of print.

  13. castaway says

    Does anyone else wonder if Lady Gaga’s recent vow of media silence was coordinated with Madonna? It’s like these two pass the torch back and forth for spotlight time so they don’t seem like fighting cats for all the attention. Personally I appreciate both of their support for the cause, but have gotten more than tired of seeing otherwise great blogs clogged with “news” about these two.

  14. FunMe says

    I may not like Madonna and her music, style and persona, but I got to hand it to her.

    MARKETING is what she does best, and I would not be surprised if this was all set up. She got her name on the papers, AGAIN, on the same day her album was released. She nailed it!

  15. busytimmy says

    I’d like to see a regular post on the arts/opera/classical music here. Club music is ok, but there are many out performers. composers and artists who are far more relevant to gay culture than Madonna/Skrillex/Deadmaus etc. How about it?

  16. Marcito says


    Towleroad constantly posts a full range of current
    “Performing Arts” snippets from all over the world.
    Open your peepers, buddy.

  17. Mario says

    I like Deadmou5’s music but he’s such a prick! He goes after anyone who has a negative opinion of him, tries to arrogantly explain himself, claims he’s not a role model, then goes and bashes another artists for being a negative role model and hurting the “scene”. Get off your high horse Joel. Everyone knows you’re rolling your ass off at your shows.

    And to tall the queens on this blog complaining about this post having nothing to do with gay culture, get over it. I’m gay and I enjoy the variety of posts on this website. Some of us don’t live in a bubble. Gay culture is dying and you need to come to terms with that.

  18. Djeip says

    @Atomic and the other Marys bitching about the relevance (or lack thereof) of Madonna:

    No one forced you to read this post that was clearly about Madonna. Stop drama trolling.

  19. Jeremy says

    I completely understand why Madonna is covered on Towleroad. But how about covering ACTUAL gay artists instead of numerous posts (often in one day) devoted to an artist whose only success comes from taking advantage of a certain group of people…

  20. Tonic says

    Anyone who has a problem with coverage on Madonna and then clicks to read the article AND leaves a comment clearly doesn’t understand how blogs and internet ad sales work. If you don’t like something on the internet, the LAST thing you should do is click to the link and/or read what’s there. When you do so, you’ve supported it, no matter your profession to love or hate it. It seems that a lot of Madonna articles get TONS of comments, thus she brings traffic and interest. Same with Gaga.

    Also, I hate when people say whether an artist or musician is “relevant.” If an artist is relevant to YOU, that should be enough.

  21. Felix says

    @ TONIC
    “Anyone who has a problem with coverage on Madonna and then clicks to read the article AND leaves a comment clearly doesn’t understand how blogs and internet ad sales work.”

    Even if they come to understand this, they will still keep posting negative stuff. It’s called LACK OF F*CKIN COMMON SENSE.

  22. Jaimie says

    Gay men are the only people I know attacking Madonna – and the bulk of it is ageist hate. (I won’t even go into the painfully ironic attacks on her physical upkeep.) Not a single straight man or woman or lesbian I know has been as virulently nasty about the singer who has NEVER behaved in any manner the general public at large approves of. Very interesting indeed.

  23. SayTheTruth says

    Madonna, always underestimating everyone else’s intelligence. But I get she was successful for a reason, isn’t it? Sad for her that no one is buying her BS about not advocating that drug trying to appeal to that audience. Come on hag, don’t be so obvious.

  24. Sick of her says

    Lame. She knows damn well what she meant by Molly. And she doesn’t support drug use, yet she names her album MDNA, a play off of the word MDMA? She’s so lame. Anything to get attention.

  25. Killbilly69 says

    While I too found her Molly reference a bit forced on her part, but to be thrown shade from a ‘rave’ DJ is laughable at best.

    Haters gonna hate. For those who claim to dislike Madonna but for whatever reason still feel the need to share their 2 cents about her I find a bit “reductive”. Guess what in the end it doesn’t matter what the haters gotta say, she has a #1 CD in 40 countries right night and a sold-out stadium tour about to start.

  26. says

    Madonna’s non-fans will say she’s “not relevant” but then if she tries to be “relevant” they will say she’s just desperate to be “relevant”. She, quite literally, can’t win.

  27. ooooh gosh says

    eeeeesh this is super awkward. i am a big huge madonna fan/supporter but drug talk is so embarrassing. like do what you want, i’m certainly not against using drugs, but i am against advertising it. how try hard can you get.

  28. lady grace jones says

    give it up madge,your an embaresment,you never did have any class or style and was always a bit of a tramp,you are no longer relevant and only your moronic fans think otherwise,media creation built on hype,headlines and shock value,you cant even sing,lypsyncher,at the super bowel and in concert always did,please bring back real singers with real voices who dont need headlines and dancers and effects to sell.

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