1. Patrick says

    Well, that’s a talking I’d love to hear since the 80’s !! Madonna talking to Cyndi Lauper and vice-versa ?
    Maybe one day it will happen…

  2. Thomas says

    This guy normally is very good at impressions, but he totally fell flat with Cyndi. Which is surprising since she has a voice that is so easy to parody. Bette Boop + New York = Cyndi Lauper.

  3. sparks says

    I love Charlie. To be fair to those who weren’t impressed by this one, I think his parodies are easier to “get” if you’ve seen some of his others. One important tidbit to know is that he does a lot of back-and-forths between the various celebs he impersonates — and there are specific dynamics between each pairing and certain traits highlighted.

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