New Gay ‘Hottie’ Coming to ‘Glee’

Michael Ausiello breaks some gay Glee news in a spoiler Q&A:

Gustin_crissQuestion: Please, please, please could you tell me if Rachel and Finn will be able to go through with their wedding on Glee? I am going crazy. — Farsia2010

Ausiello: Well, I can tell you this much: Either Rachel and Finn are gonna go through with it, or Will and Emma are, because the show is casting a burly, Eric Stonestreet sorta guy to play a wedding planner named Lavender. In other Glee news, the gay population at McKinley is about to go up by one. The fresh meat? Chandler, a masculine hottie who’s full of joie de vivre.

No word on whether this new addition is part of the student body or the teaching staff.


  1. keating says

    “Glee” is less in need of another gay character and more in need of a black male character. Two Asians, several gays, a disabled kid: the show is great in its inclusiveness. Except when it comes to African-American guys.

  2. TJ Parker says

    Goodness, is EVERYONE at that high school gay? I thought one of the premises of the show was that glee club could be cool, not that glee club is for queers.

  3. endo says

    I wish other shows that deal with gay issues got half as much buzz as this mess does. The cop show Southland addressed teen suicide a few weeks ago and even had its own It Gets Better moment — that one episode was better than 3 seasons of Glee.

  4. Larry says

    Endo, that was a fantastic moment on Southland. While I wish they’d mention his sexuality a little more, I like that it’s not a defining thing about him.

  5. says

    Pretty sure he was on an episode of Days of our Lives as a gay friend of Sonny’s while Will looks on(at him) in utter aweee, completely caught off guard by his attraction to this guy. It was a classic moment in a boy’s coming out story.

  6. Kay says

    I’m all for having more gay characters on ANY show but adding another gay male is a bit unfair to all the gay ladies out there. Let’s see we have Kurt, Blaine, Karofsky, Sebastian, Rachel’s dads Hiram and Leroy and… I’m pretty sure I’m missing someone else.
    Anyway, now they are adding this Chandler character. The only lesbian on the show is Santana and Britney is bisexual. It would be nice if they added a new female lesbian character.

  7. Apparatus says

    God I hate this show. I’ve tried to give it a chance time and time again and there is absolutely nothing about it I find appealing. Do I have to turn in my gay membership card to be cut up now?

  8. Paul R says

    Here’s how you do it. Get a Tivo and skip through most songs and all commercials. If you’re inclined, smoke a bunch of pot (I don’t, but friends do). Then it takes about half an hour and can be sort of cute.

    Best show ever: American Horror Story.

  9. MichaelJ says

    I find each of the gay prep school characters on “Glee” to be incredibly uninteresting, like Wonderbread in comparison to the heartier, more dimensional Kurt and Karofsky. Of course, it helps that Chris Colfer and Max Adler who play K and K are so damn good, especially when they are in a scene with each other, like the hospital scene last week.
    Like Endo and others have mentioned, “Southland” has a great, multi-dimensional character, John Cooper, and I agree that its own “It Gets Better” scene was kind of wonderful and better than “Glee.”
    And even though none of them are my type, I want to have a three-way with Michael Cudlitz, who plays Cooper, and Max Adler.

  10. Salythetruth says

    The truth is –as they say- the opposite of love is indifference. So all the bitching about the show spilled here is a sign that the show is doing well somehow. A day without comments, that I’ll know the show is doomed.
    Don’t forget that a gay girly black character is still to come, Mercedes’ brother.

  11. Aj says

    So sick of Glee either portraying gay men as “angsty” like Kurt and Karofsky, or “fabulous” like Blaine and whoever this new hottie is. Being gay doesn’t mean either sobbing or doing a song and dance number.

    There was a time last season where Kurt and Blaine were characters whose lives/writing didn’t revolve around being gay. Can we get that back please?

  12. Jon says

    Actually, they had the gay bully, the big ex-jock, and that story line departed from the stereotypical story lines Glee writers are often fond of. There was a goldmine character there, but his progress takes place off-stage. How did he come to the place where he admitted he liked Kurt?

    Glee writers, what gives! It’s like you thought ‘Oh, we have a great story. Let’s not tell it.’

  13. Bob says

    It is what it is, and it keeps some Gay teens living.
    Also, if it got more realistic, it would not work — it’s a fantasy

  14. NaughtyLola says

    I second the vote for SouthLAnd, that’s easily the best show on TV these days. For the uninitiated, seasons 1 and 2 are on iTunes, although Season 3 is nowhere to be found (except maybe piratebay *ahem*). John Cooper is a fantastic character, understated but with lots of layers, and Michael Cudlitz should win a bazillion awards for playing that role.

    (Also, he’s smoking hot.)

  15. Luke says

    I haven’t watched since the first season (sometimes I catch a glimpse) but it seems like this show has gone downhill.

    After watching the first season, I stopped watching because I got kind of bored with the caricature/forced messages. It’s pretty much after-school special bubblegum tv. It’s kind of empty but it doesn’t taste bad.

    I think adding a “masculine” (oy, that is a poor choice of words considering how incendiary it’ll be amongst some groups) is a good idea.

    I just wish they might, you know, have someone be more than just their identity once and a while, but I guess that’s hard tv to make.

    It’d be nice if they did a “bad gay friend” storyline (has anyone seen that on youtube)? They could at least stretch it out 3 or 4 episodes about him being you know, really interested in something non-stereotypical (maybe he doesn’t do sports, maybe he is into, I don’t know, community service? something that is not so run of the mill?)…

    Anyway, like I said… it’s bubblegum tv, so I don’t take it too seriously, nor do I think they are trying to be too serious anyway…

  16. Tyron says

    Personally I think “Glee” would be better served if they had actors whose age was closer to that if a real high school rather than that of a real high school teacher. Some of these “kids” look to be going right from senior class to the senior center.

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