1. say what says

    yo mit

    rick frothy santorum is giving you a run for your money so yeah

    YOU r WEAK!

    A man who lost his re-election by 18% , rick santorum

    A man who is the butt of a google joke

    yeah mittens, since ricky is making you work so hard for it = you are WEAK!

    The latest PEW poll out today says head to head

    Obama beats Romney by 12%

    obama bneats ricky frothy mix by 18%

    LOL let the repub train wreck continue and please pass the popcorn

  2. MattS says

    He needs to stop stuttering so much. He sounds like a rambling car salesman. Actually, he should KEEP doing this, as it only helps Obama come November.

  3. Zlick says

    With one hand, I want Frothymix to be the nominee because Obama could beat him with two hands tied behind his back.

    Or could he? Because with the other hand, I’m scared the same nation that elected George W. Bush after one term already in office could conceivably elect the Frothmeister. And then I’d have to give up everything and everyone I know and leave this country.

  4. CPT_Doom says

    Zlick, I thought Santorum was the easier-to-beat candidate too, but with performances like this, along with the “some of my best friends are (NASCAR/pro football) owners,” my wife has two Cadillacs, “cheesy grits” and “the trees are the right height,” I am beginning to reconsider. Romney may have more appeal to Independent voters than Santorum, but he’s also a HORRIBLE candidate with 0 charisma and policy positions that run the full gamut of possibilities. Rachel Maddow exposed his hypocrisy on Planned Parenthood (from donating to the organization in the 90s in Mass. to claiming to want to defund the organization now) and you could take her report and cut it into an Obama reelection commercial in about 30 minutes. And that’s just one example.

    I think it’s possible that Mitt Romney will make Bob Dole look like a rock star in comparison.

  5. Rob says

    The Republican train wreck continues. Their grasping, selfish quest to funnel money to oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and investment banks is, oddly, starting to ring a little hollow. Apparently gay rights, gun control, religiosity and abortion aren’t enough to make people overlook the aims of the republican kleptocracy any longer. Damnedest thing.

  6. AJ says

    I am personally horrified that Sanatorium is still in this! Wtf is wrong with people who are voting for him?!! He is out of his damn mind. And the one candidate that would make me run for Canada. I won’t go quietly to the camps, sorry.

  7. andypharmer says

    It might be because I am a “snob” but how in the world are people considering to vote for Romney and especially Frothy?! If Santorum wins, I’m taking the next flight out to Vancouver.

  8. jack leddy says

    Mitt Romney has an impossible job. He is basically a bright moderate man trying to get the nomination of a political party that has been captured by the right wing christian extremists..

  9. No kidding says

    He tells you he made a lot of money. He doesn’t mention how much he started with. Or that his income is “unearned.”

    Question: Why shouldn’t the one percent who own most of the assets in the USA pay the most to protect those assets? Why should the cost of wars and homeland security be born by the working class who have almost no assets? We need an asset based tax to pay for defense.

    If we had that, and the rich had to pay for wars, we would not have wars anymore.

  10. StevyD says

    Romney will get the Repub nomination, maybe not on the first round but eventually it will happen.
    The two hopes for President Obama’s re-election rely upon a continuing economic improvement (not yet a certainty) & a swing to the far right by Romney. A right wards swing may happen to appease & grab the far right vote now owned by Scumtorum, but then it might lose Romney the independent & women’s vote.
    If these last two groups don’t flock to the President, it could be a very close election.

  11. says


    My USA friends are coming to live with me if the Frothmeister is elected.We have discussed it.
    And yes, it is a bit scary that the USA re-elected G W Bush when it was known that he was a war criminal. ( I pass over Sandra day O’Connor’s role in the first election)
    But we are still ready with an International warrant to arrest him once he steps outside his sty.
    But Santorum ? He couldn’t even be Attorney General for Wales ! and on a side note , what has he got in his closet ?

  12. Oliver says

    How can he sit there with a straight face and condemn Obamacare?! If that is going to be “his message” going forward then he is setting his own trap.

  13. josh says

    Rick Santorum would like to ban contraception and consensual sodomy. He is completely nuts.

    And yet the Republican base loves him. Remember when he said something negative about black people and then later said he was talking about blah people….yeah right.

    Like I said, he is totally nuts. He thinks evolution and climate change are hoaxes.

    Mitt has no personality and flip flops on literally EVERY position.

    Rick is completely insane.

  14. NaughtyLola says

    @Jackfkntwist, amen son. I have a dear cousin in the Marines and I’m thinking of taking a trip out to visit him and have him teach me all about how to fire a gun. I’m kind of feeling like its time to learn how to properly defend myself and my property.

  15. AJ says

    Way off the subject, but about the 2004 election: Can anybody even imagine what a debacle it would have been with Johnnyboys philandering coming out while he was VP? Isn’t there a sex tape too? That happened before 2004. It would have been a nightmare. Not saying that everything W did wasn’t horrendous, but I can’t even imagine what would have happened.

  16. mike/ says

    the problem with a Santorum versus Obama election is Santorum would bring out people who would vote for him; this brings out two possible problems

    1) a lot of Obama supporters would think, “No one will vote for Santorum,” so they wouldn’t vote because of their complacency and smugness;

    2) the radical that Santorum is and the people who support him are rabidly against Obama & would do anything and everything to make sure he’s not reelected; they virulently and insanely hate him;

    logical? of course not. but we live in the least democratic nation in the world simply because people do not understand that they are the government and voting is not just their right but also their responsibility.

    i fault people who DO NOT vote more than those who do for the disaster of George W & other messes like Wall Street, healthcare, etc.

  17. Dback says

    I actually had a sex dream about Mitt the other night (and I NEVER dream about 65-year-old Mormon Republicans)–and it was surprisingly good, maybe because in the dream he was vulnerable and sweet and not a jibbering, flip-flopping, out-of-touch millionaire. He was just a guy who wanted to be called “Daddy” and loved. Such a contrast to this pandering drivel-head.

  18. say what says

    @ Jack Leddy

    Romney was a center right guy

    moderate on social issues but fiscally conservative tax breaks for the 1% guy

    But the problem is that he is not his father’s son except by blood. He doesn’t have his father’s balls or backbone

    His father as CEO of chrysler turned down the pay for a lower wage stating that CEOs should not make so much more than the employees under them

    His father who came back from a visit from Vietnam said he was against the war now and had been brainwashed by the generals. That last bit nixed him politically and he could have said something better like he realized the generals were lieing to americans and he wasn’t buying the propaganda anymore

    Anyway; if romney was more than a blood son of his respectable father he would say “F@CK this crazy sh@T. I can not in good conscious be a part of this insane repub party and am becoming a conservative democrat” …but alas he is flip flopping every which way and pandering to the lowest common denominator of crazy in the modern repub party

    The apple fell far from the tree with this one. His father and mother (who ran for Michigan senator supporting the ERA amendment) were respectable and sane repubs one could carry on a debate with and find common ground with back when such repubs existed.

  19. jamal49 says

    @Zlick (and everyone): a word of advice. Don’t underestimate the ability of the American voter to elect someone like Rick Santorum. Imagine Rick with a republicon majority in Congress! It can happen. I suggest, in all seriousness, that if you do not have one then please apply for a passport. Seriously. Come November, you just might need it.

  20. christopher says

    So Romney wants folks to vote for the man who lost to the man who lost the last Presidential election. Can’t wait for that commercial to come out Mr. Third Choice.

  21. jim says

    As scary as Santorum The Repug Candidate sounds, I seriously doubt he’d even come close to winning the election. Primaries generally bring out the extremists, who people like Santorum so blatantly pander to. The general election brings out ALLLLL the center/moderate voters and independants. Santorum is way too extreme to appeal to them. He might have a chance if he’d stop shilling on the extreme social opinions–the religious base already gets the message–but he won’t. He keeps spouting that sh*t, and that’s the kind of thing that will be brought up constantly by Dem packs in advertising for the November election. The general public is NOT the rightwing repug base, and Santorum is currently handing out the nails for his own coffin, should he win the nomination. Romney has much broader appeal, or could be reshaped YET AGAIN to have much broader appeal, and the GOP is very calculating. He’ll likely be the nominee.

  22. jim says

    It’s kind of interesting to contrast the repugs this year with Obama and Clinton in the last POTUS primary season, in terms of being the challengers of the party currently in the White House. It’s so easy to predict which areas Romney is going to win vs what areas Santorum clinches. With Obama and Clinton it was more exciting, because they both appealed largely to the same base. This repug thing is a never-ending snoozefest in comparison.

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