1. Brian says

    His first two sentences completely contradict each other, and it goes downhill from there.

  2. Ryan says

    There is no marriage equality in Mass and it is still not a resolved issue. Until the federal government recognizes the states definition of marriage, this is still not resolved in MA.

  3. Rich says

    Because paying a mortgage and the amount of taxes a couple pays isn’t impacted at all by their right to marry… I guess those issues are just completely mutually exclusive.

  4. FML says

    Another example of why this tool should be kicked to the curb and why Elizabeth Warren should be voted in.

  5. JONES says

    You’ve used it as a wedge issue for years (yeah, that’s on your head Ken Mehlman) but now that public opinion is turning against you … let’s ‘move on’ from the issue of gay-marriage.

    It’s ‘settled’ law. It’s a ‘social issue’. It’s a ‘state’ issue. NO … it’s a civil rights issue and history will always record your stand with bigotry Scott Brown.

    Everyone needs to get behind Elizabeth Warren for this Senate seat. She’s the best thing to come along in years for Mass.

  6. Sebastian says

    And to think that he won more than a few gay votes where people voted for him based on his ‘looks’ according to exit polls, and not his stand on issues that affect the lgbt community, ugh.

  7. says

    Scott Brown is not that bad. He does not support marriage equality, but he was one of just a few Republicans to support repealing DADT. He deserves some credit for that.

  8. Disgusted American says

    ..and IF a WOMEN had posed nude 30yrs ago – she’d NEVER be elected to ofc…..DOUBLE STANDARD?

  9. says

    Translation: I have to throw a bone to the bigots in my base, but I really don’t give enough of a crap to expend any political capital.

  10. GeorgeM says

    It’s great if he wants to focus on those issues but that does not exempt him from voting on social issues. DOMA will come up, how ya gonna vote scotty???

  11. Patric says

    What a ridiculous comment, Isaiah. Brown voted three times in 2010 to filibuster DADT repeal and only finally agreed to vote for repeal because it suited his own political self-interest in a state where support for repeal was so high.

    The real Scott Brown? He was very actively involved as a state legislator in efforts to write anti-gay discrimination into the Massachusetts Constitution and overturn the Massachusetts high court’s historic ruling in favor of marriage equality. He referred to a lesbian colleague’s family as “not normal”. He continues to support DOMA, thereby depriving gay and lesbian couples married in Massachusetts – his own constituents – of true marriage equality. He does not support ENDA.

    Sure, if he were representing Alabama or Texas, maybe we would conclude that he’s “not that bad” or “deserves some credit” but for a great state like Massachusetts to be represented by someone who opposes most of our equality agenda . . . well, that’s definitely “that bad” and he is deserving of precisely zero credit for saving his own political hide by agreeing to stop blocking the repeal of DADT, a move he needed to make for his own political self-preservation.

    Elizabeth Warren will make a great U.S. Senator but she’ll only make it if members of our own community and other progressives do the work to make sure she is elected. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with six more years of being without a crucial vote on our measures from one of the Senate seats – Senator Kennedy’s seat, no less – where we should most be able to count on unfailing support.

  12. ratbastard says

    He’s right, we’ve had marriage since 2004 and it’s a total non-issue. Oh please…Liz Warren is an even bigger tool. Massachusetts needs her like a hole in the head. I’ve got issues with Brown, but he’s TAME compared to a hardcore southern ‘conservative’ Republican. And he knows Massachusetts [or New England in general] isn’t going to go for a lot of the stuff common in other parts of the country like the bible belt. Conservatives here are more fiscal conservatives and social libertarian.

  13. ratbastard says

    And please excuse my suspicions of many self avowed ‘progressives’ [i.e. leftwingers] because it’s my observation that [from living and working in Boston and Cambridge] that any Vehicle with a Deval Patrick/Obama/Elizabeth Warren sticker is inevitably being driven by a D-Bag. And dealing one on one with many avowed radical ‘progressives’ is invariably an unpleasant experience, even when no politics is involved. I’ve never understood why people who trumpet to the world their love of the Earth and Human Race could be so often pr*cks on a one-to-one basis.

  14. says

    it’s my observation that gay conservative/libertarians are a bunch of insecure ninnies living with their balls in the closet and complain about “liberals” in the hopes their families will overhear and perhaps, for one more day, tolerate their shameful gay @sses.

    keep complaining about “progressives” – it won’t make your conservative family any less ashamed of you.

  15. GeorgeM says

    Ummm how is he a social libertarian? So he’s saying people in MA should move or does that include people who don’t have what you have? You got it so we should get over it? (truth I’m in ct)

    Also did you ever think maybe the people you deal with one on one are reacting to you? Talk about coming off as a D-bag
    Maybe you’re not I really don’t care but god dam

  16. David says

    Piers is pathetic. He keeps bringing on anti-gay people on his show to creat controversey to boost his sagging ratings.

  17. Londer says

    That man volunteered to show the world his pubic hair.

    Cosmo also showed him in a pose with a curvy butt shot, although he was in tight shorts (vs. nude) for that one.

    I have never been able to take this guy seriously.

    Mr. Sign Me Up To Be Masturbation Material has some moral opposition to marriage equality?


  18. says

    Being a Bostonian , I know damn sure he will be packing up his office and personal things to make way for Ms Warren . Scott Brown is an anathema to the way Massachusetts thinks. We are the nations most progressive state . He proved himself not worthy of the mantle of being our senator … Ted rolling over in his grave …

  19. BobN says

    Uh… he’s a Senator representing Massachusetts and the interests of ALL her citizens. It is in the interest of ALL Massachusetts citizens that the marriages of ALL her citizens be recognized by the federal government. If he’s not in favor, he is derelict in his duty to his state.