1. Jack says

    Oh little David – as hard as you try, you can run, but you can’t hide from yourself!

    He’s clearly a gay boy who can’t come out because of his “faith”. It’s just sad on so many levels.

  2. BitterTableForOne says

    Poor thing. He’s about 10 years away from looking like a puffy gnome with big ears.

  3. Disgusted American says

    BRAINWASHING 101….. Religion = the Poison of Mankind,and the KILLER of the Human Imagination …

    isn’t that nice….following mommy and daddys Mormon orders…so he can go out and RECRUIT / INDOCTRINATE …(the thing THEY accuse gays of doing but what Gays DON’T DO)

    …he’s gonna be doing the same thing Romney did- when Romney ESCAPED the Vietnam DRAFT and went to Europe to recruit.

  4. anon says

    David Archuleta always seemed like a nice guy. He’s got an amazing voice. I’m wishing him the best.

  5. Kenny says

    Enjoy being a brainwashed religious zombie David. Don’t forget to write from your cult headquarters.

  6. Luke says

    I’m really sad for him and I will stay away from his music even if he’s coming back to show business.

  7. says

    may you go out into the world, young’un, and realize that everything your cult and insane father has taught you is a complete and utter lie.

    you’ll meet a nice boy, you’ll talk about God, you’ll make out and you’ll realize that the LDS lie of “all you need to be happy is to follow the rules” aint enough.

    the only good Mormon is an ex-Mormon. cheers to him becoming one, some day.

  8. Kevin says

    Sadly, I feel this guy is being used by everyone. From the Mormon right, his father and family, to the gay left.

    All I see that will be left in the end is a shell of an empty soul. I hope he’s strong enough to become who he is. If not, you have yourself the same life as any former child Disney star.

  9. dancobbb says

    David, set yourself free! You are a loveable, kind, gentle soul. Do not let your controlling, over-bearing and cruel? father steer you into his craziness.

  10. Kevin says

    You’d think the church would see the wisdom of having a high profile Morman-identifying singer creating visibility on national stages rather than wasting his appeal by sending him door to door to homes in a limited area… owned by people who will slam doors in his face long before they ever realize who bothering them and trying to save their souls.

  11. jamal49 says

    @HOMER My feelings exactly. Further, what petty, miserable, soulless people they are. And one of them wants to be president. God help us all.

  12. MarkUs says

    Maybe ANYTHING to escape his father. I read a blind item about a dad who used to “steal” his famous son’s groupies (who the son was not interested in sexually) and everyone guessed this guy and his stage dad.

  13. iawl says

    Ex-Mo-Homo here… I went on a 2 yr Mormon mission to Korea at 19. I was deeply closeted and “fighting it” at every level, as instructed by my church leaders. I had never even acted on it, but confessed all my thoughts fully to my bishop. I was told to go on a mission, get married, etc…. At the time I fully believed I was doing the right thing and I don’t believe that anyone could have convinced me otherwise– I had fully swallowed the Kool Aid. It is sad and a bit tragic to say but I can’t imagine that any intervention, no matter how well intended, would have made any difference at that point. I suppressed everything those two years and in many ways it was tough as hell. Still, I loved Korea, the language, the people and grew up in many ways– it was really good for me on several levels. Just not in regards to the truth about my religion. Not that that is a minor thing. I was living a very well intentioned lie. It would take all of my 20’s and half of my 30’s to fully extricate myself from the Mormon church. And because I had believed it all so strongly for so many years, it was all kinds of hell unraveling years and years of well-intentioned brainwashing. It was a nightmare that took years out of my life. Years I cannot get back. Still, I don’t really believe the Mormons are some evil empire intent on screwing people up- though, unfortunately that is exactly what happens. Still, one of the few upsides of my hardcore Mormon upbringing was that it kept me away from drugs and alcohol, so that when I finally did come out, I was a bit more clear-headed as I tried to navigate life in the gay community. I think that was definitely one good thing it gave me. Finally– and perhaps most importantly– great gaydar notwithstanding, we honestly don’t know for sure that Archuleta is even on our team. We can speculate and notice all the tell-tale stuff but we really don’t know. I’ll just say it is a definite possibility and only he knows for sure. If it is indeed the case, I certainly hope he finds the truth, and peace of mind and happiness, far sooner than I did.

  14. well-I-guess says

    I have a weakness: I can’t stand blatant stupidity. And being a grown up and lacking self determination and the intelligence to be himself is akin to stupid in my biased book. It’s my weakness.

  15. steven says

    I am sure the barber will purposely drop the razor into his lap and cut something else off. Metaphorically speaking.

  16. Kent says

    If they come on to my property unnanounced and uninvited I’ll beat them to a bloody pulp!!

  17. Soren456 says

    He won’t come out. Ever. He will marry and move into the Mormon hierarchy, from which he will make life miserable for every gay man and woman with the integrity to come out.

  18. Tagg says

    He’s on a 2 yr mission not a “lifelong mission”…unless he decides to give up music completely after this is over with.

  19. Rick says

    I just have to make the observation here that all Mormons are being villified as evil, homophobic people (as from time to time on this site, Evangelicals, Southerners–only the white variety, Republicans, and other groups are)…….despite the fact that their attitudes towards gays as a group are no more negative than those of blacks, who, by sharp contrast, are routinely held up as a group we should sympathize with and be supportive of.

    “Oh, but some black leaders are pro-gay, so that makes is all right” we hear in response…….and so what about Mormon Harry Reid, without whose guidance DADT repeal would never have happened?

    Just utterly laughable how some of you people can behave the way you do and still convince yourselves that any of your actions are based on principle, when in fact, you are just unthinking automatons of the Far Left.

  20. says

    it’s not our fault that we Leftists are Out and you’re not, Rick 😀

    hating black people and liberals won’t change the fact that you’re a terrified wimp who doesn’t have the balls to be Out.

  21. Rick says

    By the way, the passage of the gay rights ordinance in Salt Lake City a few years ago was largely due to the endorsement of the LDS Church (not to let facts get in the way of your little Mormon-hating circle-jerk here).

    Be sure to write me a letter when a black church of any denomination endorses a gay rights bill of any kind….just note that I am 53 so if it does not happen for another 40 years (and it probably won’t) then I probably won’t be around by then…..

  22. BrianT says

    Rick you sound like the saddest 53 year old in this country. It’s clear you and your family really miss the good old days of Segregation.

  23. BrianT says

    Rick, I’ve been reading your comments for ages. I’m very confused. You dislike liberals, you defend Mormons, you dislike blacks and women and you can’t stop talking about how much you hate effeminate guys.

    Is this just a joke or are you really living in a world where you have to convince yourself of these illogical lies in order to make it through each day?

  24. Rick says

    “Rick you sound like the saddest 53 year old in this country. It’s clear you and your family really miss the good old days of Segregation. ”

    And, as always, the requisite personal attack when confronted with facts that cannot be refuted and with their own hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.

    Just like the Far Right–same disregard for facts, same blind adherence to ideology, same intolerance for dissent of any kind, same personal hatred towards anyone who challenges orthodoxy in any way, same demonization of certain groups–and sanctification of others–without any consideration for the individual.

    Yes, exactly like them in every aspect.

  25. TJ says

    Hmm. Just last week, I heard a pastor from a church in Maryland(?) – African American – speaking out for equality on NPR. Wish I’d paid closer attention (I was paying more attention to my driving). I could give a name that would make Pitiful Creature’s day (not that that would ever be my priority).

    And so creeped out to learn we are approximately the same age. There but for grace…

  26. iawl says

    @ Rick. Wow. Your hatred for blacks is scary and kind of breath taking. If you think you are defending the Mormons by making a false and incredibly racist comparison you are mistaken big-time. As a former Mormon, I can tell you, the handling of Prop 8 was insanely wrong, discriminatory and disregarded the seperation of church and state. The current stand the church has on gays often leads to suicide and destroys lives and families. I know this first hand. All of that said, there are still some very good, well-intentioned and albeit clueless people in the Mormon church. And the church is unfortunately packed with some very destructive policies. Your defense of the indefensible with some racism sprinkled on top just doesn’t work. Still, I know you are “Rick” and that is just what you do. Depressingly predictable and just sad.

  27. anon says

    I’m not sure which is more manipulative: the Mormon Church or the Music Industry. It’s really a toss-up.

  28. BrianT says

    It’s an honest observation, Rick. You call out the black communities for their lack of support, defend the LDS, and then have the gall to criticize liberals.

    By your own attempt at logic, you should be vehemently opposed to not just the Republican Party, but the LDS who were responsible for creating and funding Prop 8. You’re angry at black people for voting for a bill that was put into place by white Mormons from out of State? How does that make sense?

    You have a very strong and boastful way of communicating on this website, but I have noticed that you ignore every poster that has ever asked you to show what work you’re doing to make this country more accepting of gay people.

    If you believe in your ideas so strongly I’m surprised you are so obviously terrified by putting a face to what it is that you say. That doesn’t seem very masc of you.

  29. Bob says

    Mormon “missions” are about pounding more mormonity into the kids, at an age where they should be learning to think.
    As for the storm of comments:
    YES, Blacks are not, in the majority, friends of Gay rights, more’s the pity
    NO, mormons being all fluffy and needing to look good does not erase Prop 8 and NOM, and such efforts continue under their PR screen.

  30. BrianT says

    We can also thank the LDS for helping make suicide the leading cause of death for men in Utah, the majority of those suicides are by Mormons.
    After I came out my family left the catholic church, which really mean a lot to me. They miss it sometimes, and we talk about it, but I’m glad they chose supporting me over supporting something that’s working against me. I guess at some point we have to be adults and start asking the real hard questions, you know? Sort of like at what point is enough simply enough?

  31. Rick says

    @BRIANT No, Brian, your characterization of the issue is totally wrong.

    It really is quite simple.

    If you are going to villify a whole group of people for the fact that a majority of the individuals in that group are homophobic or the organizations that represent them endorse homophobic policies, then be consistent and villify all such groups that do so–apply the same standard.

    And make exceptions for the individuals that belong to those groups who are not homophobic or who are pro-gay, if you want to.

    OR just look at every individual as an individual and don’t generalize about any group.

    But that is not what you and others of your ilk do. Instead, you pursue a double standard. Mormons, White Evangelicals, white Southerners, residents of the Heartland, Republicans……all get villified, while blacks (and to a lesser extent, Hispanics)–who display attitudes that are even more homophobic on average and who have taken at least as active a role in defeating attempts to achieve equality for gay people (despite having far more serious problems in their own community)…..get a pass and don’t get villified.

    And when someone points out this double standard and the hypocrisy it represents, they get attacked as a “racist.”

    So you have no moral high ground here, no matter how desperately you strain to pretend that you do and no matter how loudly the chorus chimes in.

    Plain as day.

  32. BrianT says

    But Rick, you’re guilty of that. You rail against blacks, liberals, women, and not a day goes by that you don’t spread really cowardly hatred against guys you consider effeminate.

    And again, whenever the commenters on this site have asked you to show yourself and put a face to what you say you suddenly disappear. It just seems that if you actually believed any of the things that you say that you’d be adamantly putting a face to your statements. You don’t do that, though. Just makes it seem like what you’re really doing is using this website to vent your anger at still being a 53 year old closet case.

  33. Rick says


    “NO, mormons being all fluffy and needing to look good does not erase Prop 8 and NOM, and such efforts continue under their PR screen.”

    Look good for whom? Since when does the Mormon Church care what the world thinks of it?

    You know, it is possible to be for gay rights without necessarily embracing the idea of same-sex marriage, and while I am very cynical about someone like Newt Gingrich, with his three divorces, waxing on about the “sanctity of marriage” (or blacks, among whom 75% of children are born to single-parent fatherless households), I am less so when it comes to the Mormons, who actually walk the walk when it comes to marriage, rather than just talking the talk.

    Regardless, my purpose was not to defend the LDS Church, so much as to point out the hypocrisy of villifying some groups for their homophobia while refusing to do so with others, without even taking account of individual differences.

  34. tjm2112 says

    This is the most important piece of news I’ve read in quite a while.

    Only one question remains: does the carpet match the drapes?

  35. BrianT says

    Does anyone else think that this Rick character is like a living youtube meme? “S**T Guys Who Aren’t Out Say”.

  36. Rick says

    “But Rick, you’re guilty of that. You rail against blacks, liberals, women, and not a day goes by that you don’t spread really cowardly hatred against guys you consider effeminate.”

    No, what I do is try to restore the balance that comes from the attempts by the Far Left to single out some groups for their homophobia, while giving others a pass.

    As for “hating” effeminate gay men, that is not an accurate characterization either. I don’t hate them so much as pity them–they are just victims of an oppressive, homophobic culture that they were not strong enough to resist…and their effeminate behavior reflects their internalization of that culture’s notion that their homosexuality makes them less than masculine.

    That said, if they refuse to recognize that when it is called to their attention–and refuse to recognize how badly they are damaging gay people in general by continuing to behave the way they do–then, at that point, my pity tends to dissolve into disdain.

    I am tired of having the group I belong to be forever restricted to the social margins because one subset of it engages in ridiculous and embarrassing behavior.

  37. iawl says

    @ Rick– You said:
    “Mormons, who actually walk the walk when it comes to marriage, rather than just talking the talk”

    Again, I am a former Mormon from a Mormon family. My parents divorced and ended their “temple marriage” — though technically they were still “sealed” and my dad was permitted to re-marry another woman in the temple (“for time and all eternity”)_while my mom was not. Go figure. Mormons walk the walk when it comes to marrige? You have clearly not seen the divorce statistics for Mormons in UT which are markedly higher than the national average. In your own “rush to judgment” of all who do not agree with YOU, you again play fast and loose with both logic and the facts. Also– you mention:

    “Since when does the Mormon Church care what the world thinks of it?”

    Ummm. Let’s see… How about since the church spent millions of dollars on print, television and radio ads in a sad attempt to rehabilitate their image following the debacle that was Prop 8?

  38. BrianT says

    Why do you pity them? They’re not the ones who are still closeted, which you clearly are. Pitying them wont’ change the fact that you’re actually the one still living in hiding and fear of what straight people will think. You could learn a lot from them.

    If you think that effeminate gay men are setting an embarrassing example of gay people to the non-gay world then what you really should be doing is making yourself more visible. But as I’ve said, and I’ve noticed you’ve ignored, you always tend to disappear whenever commenters ask you to show who and what you are and what, if any, work you’re doing.

    I don’t really see how an effeminate guy harms anyone. I can clearly see why a closeted adult who refuses to come out and insults effeminate men from his closet harms not only himself, but others.

    You aren’t Out, Rick. And you refuse to show yourself and whatever masculine example you claim to be living. That’s not very masc of you. Those effeminate guys you rail against are actually teaching your a valuable lesson in how to be a real man – you stop cowering before those who take issue with you.

  39. Rick says

    “You aren’t Out, Rick”

    I’m not? And you know this how? Because I don’t have a website with rainbow flags exploding in all directions?

    Again, these personal attacks are designed to deflect attention from the real issues.

    And if you don’t realize that there is nothing more likely to cause straight men to disrespect another man than his being a coward and a sissy, then you are not living in the real world…..which is the problem, I think, with so many of you. You live in a mental ghetto of your own making rather than in the social mainstream, where I live.

  40. Shelly says

    Unfortunately, I don’t think any of you know what you’re talking about. Mormons are great people who do great things for others. It’s not brain washing, it’s a choice and it’s a good life. So if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.

  41. BrianT says

    What real issue? Straight men don’t respect cowards and sissies who cower before them. Last I saw, those effeminate guys you’re railing against are living a rather visible and defiant life. That’s neither cowardly nor behavior I’d associate with being a sissy. You, on the other hand, seem to be living in fear of what straight people think.

    You direct personal attacks toward guys that you consider effeminate and yet refuse to show what kind of masculine man you are. That’s cowardly and makes you a sissy. Like I said, you could learn a lot about being a real man from those gay men whom you keep distancing yourself from.

    Show us exactly what social mainstream you live in and what example of gay you’re living, every day.

  42. says

    Briant, dude, prepare to earn a place on Rick’s ignore list. He doesn’t like having his bluff called. Expect a long ramble on why he doesn’t have to show anything, or Come Out to anyone, and how it’s all femme guys’ fault.

    *massive eyeroll*

  43. TJ says

    If RICK lives in the “social mainstream,” that’s just the best reason for drinking filtered water ever!

  44. BrianT says

    Well, it’s just totally obvious that he’s full of s**t. “S**T Closeted Guys Say”

    No self respecting openly gay man would say any of that stuff Rick keeps rambling about.
    That’s just a bitter coward’s rambles

  45. iawl says

    @ Shelly– you say about being Mormon that “it’s a choice and it’s a good life…” Well, that may be true…as long as you aren’t gay. While it is true that there are some “great Mormons” who have done “great things” for others, it is also true that the Mormon Church as an organization used the church as a way to funnel over $20 million of “good Mormon” donations into a campaign that took away legal my right to marry. Not so “good”. And definitely not such a “great thing”. I don’t doubt that it’s a “good life” for you and that you believe Thumper’s advice to Bambi should be the last word on the Mormons. But, unfortunately it is just not that simple.

  46. Rick says

    “Last I saw, those effeminate guys you’re railing against are living a rather visible and defiant life.”

    By dressing women’s hair? By getting their jaws broken because they don’t defend themselves in fights? Is that what their “defiance” consists of? Because they damn sure do not have any status in any area of society that matters, except perhaps as clowns, along the lines of the characters on Modern Family…..No, they THINK they are being defiant, when, in reality they are just behaving the way homophobes WANT gay men to behave–so that they can continue to keep them in their places….

    “You, on the other hand, seem to be living in fear of what straight people think.”

    Uh, no, I don’t have to fear what they think because my sexuality does not result in my behaving in any way that would set me apart from most other men. I simply behave naturally….the way other men who have not internalized homophobia do.

    I am not going to make this about me, but most people who know me know me as ruggedly individualistic….as non-conformist as can be……as one small example, I became a vegetarian way back in the 1970’s, when it was still considered a truly bizarre thing to do….and held my ground over 40 years despite what people thought. And, unlike most gay men, particularly those of my generation, I never struggled even slightly with acceptance of my sexuality, always thinking it was kind of cool to be different.

    And I think it is because I did NOT struggle with accepting my sexuality that I did not end up like the effeminate among us did…..who, not being strong enough to maintain their masculinity in the face of pressure to abandon it, instead caved in and became the sissies that society told them they should become, given their sexual orientation.

  47. BrianT says

    Ok well I’ll take Kiwi’s lead and call your bluff. Prove it.

    Seriously. If you’re such a strong man with no fear then prove it.

    You never once had any struggle with being gay, so you should have no struggle whatsoever will showing us all who you are and what kind of example of a gay man you are. You just explained that you’re exactly what straight people respect. So, prove it.

    Come on Rick, you just said that you have no fear in people knowing you’re gay. Prove it.

    Although it seems every other commenter is right about you, and your own talk of “rainbow flags exploding in all directions”. The only people with an irrational fear of rainbows are insecure gay men who are terrified of people knowing that they’re gay. And even then, being openly gay, and out, and being able to prove it doesn’t require anything involving rainbows. Whenever some guy says something about rainbows while defending their refusal to show themselves it just proves the rest of us right.

    Sorry, chump. I pity you. The life you’ve led is clearly the exact opposite of the one you just claimed to have lived. The polar opposite. You’re a wimp.

  48. Rick says

    @BrianT I am not on trial. I have nothing to “prove.” To you or anyone else.

    The truth of my intellectual convictions transcends any attempt to divert attention from that truth by engaging in personal attacks…..and that is what bedevils you.

    But you cannot escape the truth, I promise you that. It always wins out in the end. Always. In one way or another.

  49. Marcito says

    Morality is doing what is right
    regardless of what you’re told.

    Religion is doing what you are told
    regardless of what is right.

    ~Anonymous Quote

  50. BrianT says

    Rick, you’re a closeted coward and everyone knows it.
    You probably also think that Trayvon Martin deserved to get shot because he was wearing a hoodie.

    “cannot escape the truth”? That’s funny. We’re all rather relieved, I’m sure, that you’ll never escape your own closet. You talk a big talk, but that you can’t prove it speaks volumes. Keep shouting angrily from the closet, it just makes you look pathetic. Those other commenters are right, you probably had a family that hated having you for a son.

  51. redball says

    i see no one commenting on david a.’s cute, cute smile, luscious lips, and overall FOINEness. done & done.

  52. Alexx says

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like a younger Mike Levatni (sp?) from the US version of Queer as folk? Hes adorable, and good luck to him.

  53. TyInTennn says

    Well, if this young Mormon rides up on his bicycle…I am definitely going to answer the door!

  54. Robert says

    IAWL, I appreciate your points, but this:

    “Still, one of the few upsides of my hardcore Mormon upbringing was that it kept me away from drugs and alcohol, so that when I finally did come out, I was a bit more clear-headed as I tried to navigate life in the gay community.”

    is still part of the koolaid. I went to a suburban public school and hung out with all kinds of people, some who did drugs, some didn’t, and I was never pressured to do drugs, nor would I have. That has everything to do with how your family raises you, not whether your religion convinces you it’s evil or not.

    Secondly, “the gay community” is 50 communities. If you’re talking about the circuit/club skanks, then yeah, you will feel like your pure life helped avoid some of those trappings. But gays are everywhere, man.

  55. iawl says

    @ Robert:

    Point well taken. You are right. It just goes to show how much damn Kool Aid I swallowed. Guess I am not as sober as I like to think.

    Still, the fact is that since moving to CA 16 years ago, I have had a tough time sifting through those 50 communities you mentioned, and have yet to find the ones that aren’t pretty well into both alcohol and drugs. I am sure they are out there– but I still honestly don’t know where.

  56. mark says

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people living for today

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people living life in peace

  57. jack says

    Good luck David in however you choose to live your life. Unbelievers like me find it impossible to understand how 21st century folks use “primitive” religious beliefs to guide their lives. However, it works for some people and i salute them.

  58. jack says

    Hey Mark, didn’t Lennon’s song also say “imagine no possessions”? Didn’t he own a multi million dollar penthouse in the Dakota?

  59. J L says

    Rick, you use the same irrational prejudices and group hate you accuse others of when you disparage gay men who may be effeminate. The funny thing is that you can’t even see it. I guess that’s how hypocrisy works, but I’ve never seen it so blatantly in action from somebody’s words on this forum.

    You are scared how effeminate men make you look, when you should instead be happy that there are people of all kinds on both sides of the spectrum. I know effeminate men that will knock the wind out of you if you disrespect them. I know effeminate men who are stronger than many other people I know. The only reason you do not know these people is because you hide behind your prejudices and are not open enough to know them.

  60. uffda says

    RICK – I always read you carefully because you have such an “other” point of view and there is much value in opposition. I think people are out of line to claim that you live in the closet, they don’t know that, and if you do it’s your business. What they hate is that you maintain your own positions and do it with vigor. You don’t cave and you aren’t cowed.

    It does bother me, however, that you cannot appreciate the gristle and the character of many effeminant men, the kind who are naturally so and, as one said here a few months ago, “can’t help it.” These people are badly wounded by the uncalled for contempt of others. In fact they can be exquisite folk with much to offer. I wish you knew the deep lovliness of at least one such person, it can turn your head.

    Maybe you do, it’s the Modern Family kind of clowns you disapprove of, and so do I. I believe they misrepresent the mass of gay men and that, in fact, they cause homophobia. However there is lots of room for the fools of life and straight people know perfectly well – especially now – that gay men can also be regular guys. If you are out to your straight associates they no doubt know you as an example, I hope they do and that you are.

    BTW I have always admired those gay men like you who have never felt a twinge of discomfort over the matter. That definitely takes something like an unshakably inherent sense of self worth that few harbor. I wish we all had it. I can tell you, however, that it would be much more difficult to maintain such a sense of self if you were the “obvious” type, the kind who are assaulted day in and day out by every form of disapproval. I applaud them and am glad they survive.

  61. prd9601 says

    Love his spirit and his music. And he is such a cutie! While not a believer in the Mormon faith, I support his decision to do what he feels is best for his life. Two years away will be a major time of discovery for David in many ways. I wish for him safe journeys and exciting adventures. I, for one, will be waiting for his return to the recording studio and looking forward to the record he just finished that is to be released in the fall.

  62. miguel says

    Fighting hate with hate makes both sides losers. Read through the angry posts here, and step back and see how insane the high numbers of vitriolic responses to anti-gay rhetoric has triggered. The I’m-angry-and-therefore-am-permitted-to-spew-death-threats is not a good argument. In the end (no pun), the liberals are no better than the right-wingers. Vote your conscience. Vote Independent. Tah-dah…democracy!

  63. Stuart says

    “That said, if they refuse to recognize that when it is called to their attention–and refuse to recognize how badly they are damaging gay people in general by continuing to behave the way they do–then, at that point, my pity tends to dissolve into disdain.”


  64. Stuart says

    Uffda, Rick has continuously dished out insults and all sorts of attacks towards various kinds of groups (mainly already-stigmatized ones), all the while remaining in anonymity and ignoring any comments on it.

    This directly conflicts with your claims of “self-worth”; this is just a coward acting out his prejudice through the internet, where danger of repercussion is low.

  65. Giuseppe says

    His association with the Mormon church cost him many gay dollars after the Prop 8 fiasco, so he figures this is one way to keep a roof over his head…

  66. Brad says

    Who f*****g cares? Why do you even give these people “air” time as it were. He’s a member of a bigoted church, he supports that church, therefore he is a bigot. Talent or no talent, don’t give these bigots any more attention. Don’t waste a dime on his music until he renounces his church’s bigoted teachings.

  67. Jessie says

    Look, David archuleta is not gay. Believe what you want about the Mormon church but they are not brainwashed, they are kind people who believe in family. David chose to put his career on hold for a mission not because he was forced but bc he chose to. He’s doing something good while all of you are bashing Mormons. So it’s ok to judge Mormons but the minute someone says they are not pro gays all of a sudden everyone is offended? Yup that makes sense. You go David! I’ll support you til the end :)

  68. Damien says

    Everyone needs to stop even talking about this. I see a boy under insane amounts of pressure…and it makes me nervous for his mental state and well-being.

  69. stanhope says

    Why don’t you bitter witches give the guy a break? He has a tremendous talent and is likely being controlled every which way from Sunday. I don’t know whether he is or isn’t but I’d wager his latest album gives some real clues. Check out “Broken.” Everybody doesn’t get an easy road and I suspect his is harder than any of us know. I for one wish him the best and that he ultimately finds HIS truth.

  70. Sally says

    The last commenter has a good point about his album and the songs on it. It is well-known in the fan community that David’s life has not been easy. However, having that said, regardless if he is supporting his family or not, I refuse to spend any more money on anything he puts out until he stops pushing that anti-gay religion. David knows he (had) a gay following.

  71. billy nobes says

    Dumb comments from most posters. Maybe he’s gay, but why judge? Everyone has different experiences, he seems plenty happy doing what he’s doing, figuring out his own path in life. The church told him he wasn’t expected to go on a mission, but he went against what would have been easy. Who are we to say he’s not perfectly happy where he is now?

  72. Mary says

    Of course the religious stuff is ridiculous. But ALL religions are myth and superstition. Mormons are no more ridiculous than other religions…just more unknown to most of us.

    The two year mission is actually a great idea. You are forced to go into hostile territory and discover the world. Maybe David will come back stronger in his faith. Maybe, he’ll find gay love in Zimbabwe. Maybe, he’ll be gay AND Mormon.

    The mission will give him a chance to discover himself.

  73. al says

    The world is full off ignorance please don’t judge anyone if you don’t know what a religion is of Jesus Christ of ladder day saint is a true church.see for your self don’t let anyone tell you about it,you might be missing out on what’s most precious in life.

  74. fernandoRodrigo says

    I hope I find a boyfriend like you… and I hope you get to always be yourself, and truly happy