1. KP says

    It looks like the fight against Amendment One has great momentum. I just hope we have learned from the mistakes of the Prop 8 battle. They need to counteract and expose any false ad the pro-Amendment side airs. They must ensure they engage and reach out to the African-American community instead of just ignoring them (or unfairly blaming them for a loss). Most important, they need to make sure all those young people who support LGBT rights actually get out and vote. I know there have been rallies at college campuses and its fantastic the NAACP and Libertarian party are both on our side. I am very optimistic about this battle and I am usually never optimistic lol.

  2. gaylib says

    Don’t forget, North Carolina has early voting. We have nearly a month to get our people to the polls. Voting begins April 19! And if you don’t live in NC, PLEASE consider donating to our fight. It is most definitely NOT a lost cause.

  3. Mike says

    While we are certainly glad the Libertarians oppose the amendment, their participation does not appear to be on behalf of marriage equality, rather on the farther reaching consequences of the measure. I’d really like to see them get on board, as that would be a logical extension of their positions. I have my doubts that NC will offer much hope, but I’ve been wrong before.

  4. says

    I say we need to start a petition that will get a ballet vote to ban ALL marriage retroactively! Then let’s see how these assholes like to have a narrow minded minority group impose their desires on them!