NY Cardinal Timothy Dolan Still Feels ‘Burn’ of Gay Marriage

Cardinal Timothy Dolan is still whining to the New York Daily News the Church got "burned" by lawmakers when the state passed marriage equality last year:

Dolan“We got burned last year when we were told the redefinition of marriage didn’t have much of a chance — and of course it did. Our Senate leaders, we highly appreciated them being with us all along. When they kind of assured us it didn’t have much of a chance — not that we let up, but we probably would have been much more vigorous and even more physically present if we knew there was a chance…We got a little stung, and it could be as much our fault as anyone else’s."

It's not the first time Dolan has claimed Church leaders were deceived.

He has also said same-sex marriage is a "violation of what we consider natural law", called it "Orwellian social engineering", compared it to polygamy, and suggested it is a Communist threat.

Late last week, Pope Benedict commanded U.S. Bishops to defend against same-sex marriage.


  1. atomic says

    Revoke tax-exempt status. How can any of this be legal? It is not the role of these religious wingnuts to decide for others what kind of legal rights we have under the law. When will people wake up and realize that these church leaders are committing crimes against our Constitution? When will we stand up and finally say enough is ENOUGH? I am sick of reading day in and day out the hypocritical and odious ramblings of these hatemongers. They want us dead, and they want to rape children. The Catholic Church must be eradicated.

  2. DanCobb says

    For a church that’s been around for so long, you’d think they wouldn’t act like frightened, mincing 12 year olds. All I can say is “YUK”… just “YUK”.

  3. church clones? says

    Which one is that? Tweedle-dee or Tweeedle-dum?

    I guess it doesn’t matter. They all sound the same.

  4. Nick says

    The man in the red beanie should be all too familiar with deception. His pedophile ring has been practicing deception while masquerading as authorities over magical fairy tales for centuries.

  5. TJ Parker says

    I have a moral objection to seeing that my tax dollars subsidize this organization. Tax the Church.

  6. Paul R says

    In other news, the cardinal just checked his calendar and is surprised to learn that it’s not 1954. And if that guy were more physically present for anything, he’d kill masses of people.

  7. Michael says

    What else do expect from an overweight, closeted homosexual? It is pathetic when 99% of the world’s homophobia comes from men who can’t deal with their own queerness.

    btw, I bet he’s just pissed he no longer has 24/7 access to underage boys.

  8. Marcito says

    Paul R: “And if that guy were more physically present for anything, he’d kill masses of people.”
    I’m scratching my head to understand that sentence… Please help me out.

  9. Esther Blodgett says

    Until Mr. Dolan can prove that same sex marriage has damaged HIS marriage, he needs to be quiet. The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has little or no standing on any issue within marriage.

    He needs to get married, have kids, support them, pay some tuitions and live a normal life. His professional position bans marriage for him to a man or a woman. How can he say what is good or not good about it?

  10. My2cents says

    This is a very dangerous man who will do or say anything to promote the vicious agenda & outreach of the catholic church. Fortunately, he’s tipped his hand and can no longer operate in a vacuum or hide behind his robes.

  11. anon says

    He’s more upset about the loss of political influence. Essentially, he was lied to so that he would not start manning the fences to stop the act from passing. Oh, the indignity! Otherwise, he’d have to also complain about civil marriage, and all other non-catholic marriages.

  12. Jexer says

    The Catholic Church is terrified it will lose the 2 billion dollars in charity aid it receives from the government if gay marriage succeed across the country.

    And they have every right to be afraid of that. They will have to change their stance (yeah right), or lose their funding.

    Expect them to get much more nasty before they relent.

  13. Dearcomrade says

    Go tend to your altar boys Timmy. When I was young I can remember the church soliciting for “The Archbishops Appeal”. I always thought it was for the poor. Now I know it’s for their lawyers.

  14. jomicur says

    He must know what he’s talking about when it comes to getting burned. After all, no institution in history has burned more people than the Catholic church.

  15. acorlando says

    You can tell your Catholics what to do, but I am not a Catholic…You are not the boss of me.

  16. Chuck Murphy says

    The archbishop is always telling us about his hurt feelings, as if that’s all we are to care about. He is ready and willing to stomp on anyone who doesn’t agree with his morality. Who made him God?