NY Senator McDonald Sees Backlash from Marriage Equality Vote

New York Republican Senator Roy McDonald is seeing some GOP backlash from his vote for marriage equality last June, the NYT reports:

McdonaldThe Republican committee in Mr. McDonald’s hometown, Wilton, where he was town supervisor, this week shunned him by endorsing one of his potential opponents in his re-election campaign. Mr. McDonald has also been spurned by Republican committees in Malta and Halfmoon, though they have not endorsed an alternative candidate, The Troy Record reported.

Elaine Gerber, vice chairwoman of the Wilton Republican Committee, said Mr. McDonald’s words were a factor in her decision to vote against him. “If I said that to the person who hired me, I would be fired,” she said. “Obviously, he didn’t care if I fired him.”

Mr. McDonald is the second of the four Republican senators who supported same-sex marriage to face direct political trouble as all state lawmakers prepare to face voters this year.

Last week it was reported that Senator Mark Grisanti, another of the four Republicans who helped pass marriage equality, had lost the support of the Conservative Party in his district.


  1. Dale says

    Critics, especially of the Rightwing variety tend to put more energy into their efforts then supporters. McDonald may suffer some, but I doubt that he’s ruined.

  2. Rin says

    Republicans who vote equality are braver than the Dems. Dems would vote for it even if they didn’t believe in it because they are towing the party line. Republicans are going against their own ticket.

    They’re the ones that should be supported and rallied behind because they are actually voting against self-interest…so you know it comes from the heart.

  3. says

    It’s his own party that is abandoning him because the Republican party as a whole is homophobic. If NY is anything like VT, and I suspect it will be, equality supporters will indeed rally behind him with money and other support. He was brave, and a Republican who supports equality faces a tough road among conservatives in the current political climate.

  4. says

    There have been huge fundraisers for the 4 Republicans who supported marriage equality, one in NYC that raised a fortune for them. Also, they’ve all reported an huge increase in donations since the vote. I’m not worried about them.


    I’ve been having this argument with my boyfriend and best friend for several days now: I don’t understand sympathy towards Republicans. If you’re a “moderate” Republican, why not just call yourself a moderate Democrat? It’s because you endorse some, if not all, Republican values.

    My political views are not limited to gay issues…I also have strong beliefs regarding social programs and women’s rights that republicans as a whole stand against. Sorry, I appreciate the vote but he’s not getting any of my money until he says “I’m a Republican who supports gays AND women, cutting military spending, increasing educational funding and decreasing oil dependency.”

    Which he will never say, because he’s not a Democrat.

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