1. Ken says

    I think that perhaps little Kirk was “molested” as a kid and liked it a bit too much.

  2. Gary says

    I applaud Rosie for speaking out, but I wish she had been a little more eloquent. I was slightly annoyed when she mentions that the culture would be sadly lacking without gay people and then mentions hair and makeup. As if that was all she could think of. Addtionally, gay people have contributed to more than just culture. Pehaps we’ve been most “out” in culture, but we’ve contributed to EVERY aspect of civilization…math, science, political, intellectual, you name it. We’re everywhere.

  3. Michael says

    Jesus ran into a homosexual, via the Roman Centurion trying to heal his younger male slave (ie, “pais”) and said of him, “Never have I seen faith greater than this.” Jesus also mention homosexuals as ‘born eunuchs’ in Matthew and again does not condemn them.

  4. Vern Dufford says

    IT is hard for anyone to address Cameron’s juvenile sweet faced hatred that he so succinctly addressed on Morgans program.I have problem with even answering to this guy who has done nothing at all to deserve this much attention for his words of unholy wisdom.But I do agree with Gary we are everywhere and have contributed a lot more to society than some this awful has been sitcom actor ever has.

  5. John Normile says

    Hair, Makeup, Sistine chapel, Streetcar named Desire, American Gothic….. I guess she was put on the spot……….I did enjoy her candor though, she’s very average Joe…

  6. Jexer says

    When Christianist bigots make claims like “unnatural, detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many foundations of civilization” … they need to be asked to back those claims up with evidence.

    And when they stammer about ‘self-destructive lifestyle’ they need to be asked point blank “and which do you think is more likely to cause someone to engage in self-destructive behavior – being gay? or being subjected to a society that condemns them and treats them as defective because of whom they love?”

  7. Tom in long beach says

    Some people think being gay is a sin. (Some also thing it is a sin to drink alcohol or eat bacon)… But it is not O.K. to make us out to be the ruin of western civilization… Unmarried heterosexuals on drugs, making babies they won’t take care of is a detriment to society.

  8. joe good says

    In one episode of “Growing Pains,” Kirk Cameron’s character expresses eagerness to go see the Broadway play “La Cage aux Folles,” because he heard there were a bunch of gorgeous women in it.

    In a later scene, he has apparently seen the play (and it may be deduced that he learned that the “women” were actually men dressed up as women), and Kirk’s character says, “Those people should be shot!”

    I’m not making that up.

  9. GregV says

    @ Gary:
    I agree. Kudos to her for speaking out, but you’d think she’d be too well-informed to grab onto easy stereotypes about “hair and makeup.”

    It’s as if a black talk show host has said: “American culture would be less rich without black people, because you’d be lacking maids and butlers.”

    When she talked about how culture would be lacking without gay people, my mind went to works as varied as the Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel, the modern computer, the strategies of the black civil rights movement, Tchaikovski’s symphonies, the works of Walt Whitman, the songs of kd lang and Elton John and Chely Wright, and on and on and on all over the place.
    Instead, her mind went right to the stars who wouldn’t have anyone to powder their noses and spray their hair.
    That sounds like where Pat Robertson’s mind would have gone, and I’d expect Rosie to know the diversity of gay people’s achievements better than that.

  10. lg says

    She is lost. Jesus always was loving but clearly was sinless and told all to not sin again.
    Romans 1, written by Paul, who was Saul named changed by Jesus. He saw Jesus many times throughout his ministry.
    He tells us clearly this is one of many sins. and that these and others who commit other sins would not enter Heaven. Then he goes on to say that many will because they were washed in the blood of Jesus. Paul given the Holy Spirit by the Lord Jesus. Anyone who deludes themselves to think Jesus approves is just that, deluded. He hates the sin but He loves the sinner.

  11. Gregv says

    I don’t think you should try to put words into anyone’s mouth when they didn’t suggest they believed any such thing.
    Jesus is not on record ever having suggested that homosexuality was any sort of “sin” or that he “hated” it in any way.
    In fact, he spoke very acceptingly of the eunuchs who were the mistreated sexual minority of his day.
    As for Paul, he persecuted Christians during Jesus’ lifetime, and then claimed to have had visions of Jesus later on. How sincere, or even how sane he was would be hard for any of us to judge.
    But regardless, he wrote the letter you mentioned in the first century in Koine Greek and it contains no reference to “homosexuality.” That word never appeared in any version until a publisher decided to add it into some new versions in the year 1946.
    So you’re not reading Paul’s opinion but rather parts of his opinions and parts of what someone else in recent years decided he should have said.

    It makes no sense to me that something that causes no harm to ANYONE and does bring joy and unity and love to someone (I refer to Rosie’s commitment to her wife) would be considered by anyone to be a “sin.”
    The Bible contains a lot of opinions from now only people like Paul but also from a lot of ancients who believed that a whole lot of harmless actions (like planting two vegetables in the same garden, shaving your beard, etc, etc.) were “sins” and abominations.
    Jesus taught a very different concept than any of those people in favor of the key being to love God and your neighbor.

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