A 9-Minute Clip of Nutty, Homophobic ‘Christianist’ Testimony on the Omaha LGBT Non-Discrimination Bill: VIDEO


Earlier this week I posted a report on a hearing on an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance being considered in Omaha. Among those testifying were Oscar-winning screenwriter Alexander Payne (for), a native Omahan, and University of Nebraska Assistant Football Coach Ron Brown (against).

Blogger Aksarbent has posted another clip of testimony, featuring those opposed to the ordinance.

One speaker says she was attacked for bringing an Easter book to work, A pastor describes how he was attacked by gay activists who surrounded him with a rainbow flag.

Another woman speaks of Judgment Day and the consequences of going against natural law. The son of a minister tells them that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Barney. Another says that gay is a choice, and if the LGBT discrimination ordinance is passed, those who will be discriminated against are those who object to gay people.

Another complains about the "billable hours" he gave up that afternoon to come in and preach to them the "truth about love". A former street preacher is upset that men will be able to play on women's sports teams.

And one guy is confused, and is for the good guys.

Watch it all go down, AFTER THE JUMP...