1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Does anyone know of an instance when a Christian has been bullied and discriminated against to the point they have committed suicide?

  2. RobWest says

    Re: DASTIUS KRAZITAUC, maybe during the time of the early Roman empire.
    Bring back the Coliseum.

  3. Zack says

    Thank god for the confused guy. I was just getting more and more upset as the video went on. It was nice to be able to end with a calm, empathetic voice.

  4. Caliban says

    I really can’t stand to watch stuff like this. I’m glad somebody went to the effort to compile it but if I wanted to stew in crazy I’d get a job in an asylum.

  5. Matt26 says

    “Adam and Barney, Eve and Rosie”. How can anyone take him seriously after that?
    All in all, who are these people and in what kind of groups are they?

  6. say what says

    so Paul’s teaching that women should have their hair covered (so angels can tell them apart from men) and remain SILENT! never telling men anything pertaining to “morals” etc gets tossed out because THE GAYS are so icky


    back in the day those women would be stoned to death for not wearing a head covering and talking to men not their husbands (snark)

  7. Ray Sager says

    Oh cry me a river,folks! I get so tired of hearing these Christianists tell these “incredible stories” about how they were “attacked” or “belittled” for their faith. It was almost nauseating to listen to these whiners complain about how their faith is not protected and that they feel like THEY are the victims rather than the gay people.

    If I read my Bible correctly(and I know I have)there is a part in the Bible where jesus tells his disciples that “You are not OF this world, but you live in it.” meaning that since you follow me(Jesus) do not expect your lives to be easy because there are people out there that do not see the world as you see it.

    What in the hell did these Christians expect to have happen when they went up against those who oppose them? Did they think that we would just accept their take on things and let them have their way, even if it meant that what they believed in wasn’t what everyone else believed in?

    To all you whiney little Christianists, I say this to you: SUCK IT UP AND SHUT THE F**K UP ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL SO PUT UPON! It’s a story that gets old with every re-telling and frankly, I’m just that much annoyed to hear it. Enough said…

  8. John Wichman says

    I’m a gay man living in Omaha…’s sickening that people can get up and say anything they want based on lies. Someone’s religious beliefs should not be able to effect my civil rights….it’s called a separation of church and state! EVERYTHING they are saying has been proven false by the Prop 8 trial.

  9. Francis says

    I’ve said this before, but it needs to be repeated—–the audacity these people have to feel so entitled, that they can stand there, with LGBTQ citizens in the room, and go out of their way to denigrate the lives of an entire community solely because of that communities’ sexuality, yet feel they aren’t hateful or their bigotry isn’t *really* bigotry because they (think) they adhere to the principles a 2000+ year old book, is as shocking and offensive as it gets. The delusion, their attempt to portray themselves as victims, is absolutely sickening.

    There are a lot of people in this country who truly believe it’s perfectly moral and totally OK to basically call gay people the reincarnation of the devil. Isn’t it interesting how all these people gush about their gay/lesbian friends they “love” so much? I wonder how they would feel if their gay friends attacked their religious beliefs as much as they attack homosexuality.

  10. AJ says

    Am I the only one who sees even posting this crap on here as wrong? It is doing nothing but giving these nut jobs yet another place to air their disgusting views. Yes, Andy, we know people like this exist. Does not mean I need to waste 9 minutes of my time listening to their ignorant views. It does me absolutely no good.

  11. says

    I think it is vital that Andy continue to post the views and rantings of the obviously stone-mad on this page.

    There is a seriously strong coordinated effort by the christians and other to push nab against us having equal rights to straights……….we need to know about these nuts and their fundraising and their bigotry and we need to follow the money and call out the bigots.

    and please let’s not forget my old friends “Opus Dei” and “Legionnairs of Christ” behind this.

  12. Bill S. says

    So your religion tells you it’s wrong to be in a same-sex relationship? Wonderful. Don’t be in a same-sex relationship.

    Imagine if a group of Jewish people came up here saying how their religious beliefs against pork should allow them to force everyone else to not eat it. Instead…they just make the personal decision to not eat pork and leave everyone else alone.

    Separation of church and state means that even the majority religion is given no greater deference when it comes to the law in comparison with any other religion.

  13. Deee! says

    I don’t know why everyone’s ticked off, I think it’s hilarious!! I’d LOL if it wouldn’t make me look crazy right now! All I see is “christians” showing themselves up for how selfish and unemPATHETIC they are. And, of course, the extreme hilarity when they try to make their poorly-thought-out arguments.

  14. Seth says

    I’m sick and tired of people defending their behaviors as CHRISTIANIST. Get real–they’re out and out Christians. It’s not as if they’re interpreting the Bible wrong or misrepresenting their church. This revisionism started by a Catholic apologist (hello, Andrew Sullivan) is just as selectively-sighted as anyone who hates gays and eats shrimp.

  15. says

    the great news is that there wasn’t a single intelligent, rational, logical, fact-based “argument” against Marriage Equality.

    the only arguments made made about as much sense as Jews working to ban Gentiles from eating pork products.

    “it’s wrong because my church says so!”

    great. then you and your church can choose not to marry gay people. the end.

    you show me an anti-gay Christian and I’ll show you an anti-Semite: these people’s arguments are indeed an attack on non-Christians as well as LGBT people. I’m frankly stunned they have the audacity not to notice.

    Oh, and then the “we anti-Equality people are the real victims of discrimination” thing. Hilarious. Because everyone knows the real “victims” of the Civil Rights Movement were the whites who lost their patriotic american freedom to freely hate on the black communities.

  16. fedorajoe says

    I live in the Omaha area. It’s very discouraging. We have no protections here. None. Nada.

  17. says

    although the downside is there’s no Scion Of Intellectual Reason standing before all these people and saying “thank you for your statements, but your personal religious beliefs should in no way affect the lives of those who do not share those beliefs. that would be like those Muslims you people all fear coming over and forcing your to abide by their interpretation of the Qu’ran”

  18. says

    I want the whole thing in fast forward mode so as to make it a little less painful. It’s not as though it makes it more difficult to understand, either.

  19. uffda says

    Put them all in a big blender and pour them into the Sea of Galilee where they can reassemble themselves after the Second Coming, or something.

  20. jack says

    The only way that I will listen to this is allowing me to view the USAF Academy Cadets lip syncing “I;m sexy and I know it” That lifts my spirits after viewing HATE.

  21. Jerry6 says

    What is the point of posting all of these comments? We are preaching to the faithful among us, and the Bigots continue happily going their evil way with no regard for fairness or understanding. Let’s face it; these religionists are miserable because of their religion, and they feel they are OK making us as miserable as they are.