1. Jerry says

    I watched it three times. Dude is hot and I want to watch him shave or just sit in the bath or stand in the shower… I might even join DSC

  2. AW says

    I think it’s more likely that reddit is what caused their site overload – the google cache was overloading earlier too!

  3. BABH says

    >> “If the body hair and beard trend is suddenly over…”

    >> Never!

    Though your chin be smooth as satin, you will need me soon, I know. For the Lord protects his barbers and he makes the stubble grow.

  4. says

    Us naturally hairless guys don’t get any love here. :(

    Is it our fault that we’re smooth as babies’ bottoms?! (except for properly bushy places)

  5. Tim NC says

    “If the body hair and beard trend is suddenly over…”

    What body hair trend? Show me some proof of the supposed “trend”. Let’s see all the pics of the male models that are sporting body hair in this “trend”.

  6. vanndean says

    What part of third grade did so many people skip that they have no idea that you can add to the money you have, but an ad is designed to separate you from the money you could add to your savings account? I suppose they are the same people who are still confusing then and than, straight and strait, and don’t have a clue about the difference between beliefs and believes.

    Yeah,I know—bitchy!

  7. Bob says

    I bet he really is a prick just like
    in the ad and probably can’t even grow
    hair. Shaving destroys a man’s
    skin. What a tool.

  8. Kyle says

    Bears are not for me, they may be for some, but not me and most guys I know. They also get very defensive when you say you’re not attracted to them “You’re probably into skinny little twinks huh? gross”….actually, not gross. I do find twinks or boyish guys appealing, as well as any man who is clean and polished looking which bears are not.

  9. IonMovies says

    I feel like being a ‘bear’ is a form of drag. They take it too far and become a caricature. Anything that is a caricature reads insecure to me. Bears aren’t just being, much like closet cases and “str8 acting” types: they are playing a role. Not for me either.

  10. JC says

    @IonMovies….the problem with the “bear community” is they try to hard to be unique within the gay community and end up all looking/acting the same. Their fixation on being “different” and “rugged” is laughable, especially when you get them behind closed doors and realize how most of them are very girlie and usually homophobic. Yet they convince themselves that they are what manly is. No, you’re playing manly, not naturally being manly. Just an act. And you look foolish. Take a shower.

  11. Steve-ATL says

    Men, please shave, please look like you’re clean, please don’t think having a huge belly and being classless is cute. It never was, and never will be, and never will make a comeback, even if you put a stupid psuedo label like -bear- on it.

  12. RML says

    “not into bears” “not into smooth” “not into twinks” : people will always find some excuse to discriminate against others not like themselves or who don’t share their opinions

  13. uffda says

    This guy looks like the kind who comes home, gets drunk and slaps his boyfriend around. The perfect man for KIWI.

  14. Rob says

    God I hope the “body hair and beard” trend isn’t over for a long time! We already had the “Smooth as a baby’s butt and looks like a 12 year old” trend from the late 80s till just recently. Do NOT wanna go back to that!

  15. jay_max says

    Come to the Pacific Northwest…you’ll be a bit out of place without a beard or body hair. :-) Flannel not required…

  16. jay_max says

    @Kyle, Ionmoves. Having body hair and being a “bear” are mutually exclusive.

  17. Rex Mundi says

    @VANNDEAN: What the hell are you talking about?? Do you live in the wild, free from consumer products?

  18. Dback says

    Guy actually looks like the young Robert Morse back in his “How To Succeed in Business…” days. Give him a beard or a goatee, he’d be a blond Jeremy Sisto (“Suburgatory”). Either way, he’s sexy.

  19. endo says

    Really, nearly 50 comments and no one can tell me his name, number, and current whereabouts? (I’d settle for his Facebook page)

    Anywho, his name is Michael Durbin. He’s the actual founder and CEO of the company, and he recently raised $1 million from investors to launch.

  20. says

    Am I the only one who sees the irony in the fact that all the pictures of shirtless men being displayed on this site (Channing Tatum and Darren Criss among them) are hairless. What trend?

    I tend to like the bear scene because it tends to attract a less uppity type of gay. That’s not to say there aren’t guys in that scene that aren’t as exclusionary as the average queen in the Pines. But on the whole, I never feel left out because I am not wearing $500 jeans from Barney’s, live in a non hip neighborhood, or am not a stylist/banker/lawyer/six figure earner.

    Besides, I’m generally more attracted to otters or muscle bears and cubs. Said muscle bears and cubs don’t give me the time of day, but I have had plenty of luck with otters :)

  21. Derek Washington says

    Effing brilliant! I’m signing up because I always forget to buy new razors. Wtf with all the weird musings on bears in the gay community? And why do guys who like twinks always make bears out to be the worst thing since Santorum in your wheaties? You guys have a boy fetish and bears like to play dress up. Everybody got their somethin’. Btw, dude in commercial is Hella hot and working me in those jeans.

  22. Stuart says

    Getting way tired of these Old Spice “guy walking with a stoic face while funny things happen around him” ads.

    Never found them funny.

  23. says


    No. Cubs are young bears. Otters are skinny/lean bears.

    Frankly, the whole animal nomenclature is silly. I do tend to be attracted to guys with body and facial hair (but have and can be turned on by smoother guys).

  24. Mousie says

    Why does everyone immediately jump to bears when the topic is shaving your face?

    I’m a nearly hairless, with a 14″ beard.

    I think the two are pretty much uncorrelated.

  25. Oliver says

    Great idea. But there’s big names/money behind it:
    Dollar Shave Club launched out of private beta Tuesday. It is the fifth company to launch out of Santa Monica tech studio Science, founded by former Myspace CEO Mike Jones.

  26. Tim NC says

    @MOUSIE, the topic jumped to bears because the silly writers here at Towleroad made a claim that there was currently some sort of body hair trend going on. Of course, Towleroad has provided no evidence of this trend at all. Show me all the examples of body hair on mainstream male models to prove this trend exists, please.