1. says

    Thank you to Towleroad for the updates on the recent AbFab specials. Because of your posts, I was able to watch the last couple of ones FOR FREE and really enjoyed them. No other blog mentioned them. Please post as soon as the whole episode is able to be viewed.

    Thanks again!

  2. leprechaunvict says

    oanna Lumley rocks! You have to look up footage of her (in real life) scolding the British Minister for Veterans on the steps near the House of Commons a few years ago. She gave him what for, and got him to agree to a change in policy for Nepalese Gurkhas who fought for the Allies in WWII. She was magnificent.
    Oh, and nice to see Clive Owen in there for a sec too…

  3. Matt26 says

    Patsy Stone is a riot! AbFab still rocks.
    Joanna Lumley looks as beautiful as ever and based on her journeys around the globe with camera she is also smart and has a big heart. Joanna is nothing like Patsy.

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