1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Don, you’re right, that glacier could have been the size of a VW Beetle. GET A GRIP MAN! The trees nearby gave me scale. Knowing that glaciers are big helped too. Mist being thrown into the trees on the shore line helped me understand that the glacier was bigger than a bread box, yet smaller than a planet. Don, hold you hand up to the screen for scale. :-) Actually this is all CGI, did you bring your 3-D glasses?

  2. says

    the only part I found annoying was the guy (and you just know it was some douchey straight guy) who felt the need to do that Football stadium whistle every time something fell.

    Seriously, man, get a grip.

  3. Peter V says

    My partner and I trekked this glacier last year. this is a massive (and breathtaking) glacier. If you ever want to take an amazing excursion – el calafate and the environs are spectacular. Eolo Lodge is lovely.

  4. says

    @Deepak: Melting glaciers are a result of global warming. The information that this glacier is unique, and not an example of warming, was not included in the story.
    So, yes, I’m alarmed at glaciers melting. And No, I was not crying wolf since I was not informed of the unique situation.

  5. Rick says

    Cool. I saw this happening when I was at Perito Moreno a few years back–not quite on this scale, but there are pieces of glaciers breaking off all the time.

    I just wish I could believe it was not due to global warming–then, it would be much cooler.

  6. Reppin2 says

    There is global warming, but humans only add a small percentage of what is a natural occurrence of earth in a “warming trend”. Beautiful video….with the sound off.

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