1. says

    I find it very distracting that everybody’s reading from the script. Is this a play or a a reading?

  2. David in NYC says

    This was the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. I feel bad for any sucker who puts money to capitalize this as working play. They’ll guaranteed lose everything.

  3. AJ says

    Sorry there are no bewbs and explosions guys. It just so happens to be Hollywood a-listers reading the transcript of one of the most important civil rights trials of our lifetimes.

  4. says

    This play was great. A nice balance of humour, drama, and sadness. Great performances all around. I’m glad that it was posted online for the entire world to see. AND it’s good to see that it raised money for a good cause.

    Especially liked Jane Lynch’s rendition of Maggie.


  5. stephanie says

    as to them holding the scripts in their hands… i believe that this play was intended to be a WORD FOR WORD rendition of the proceedings at the prop8 trial. my guess is that it makes it hard for NOM to claim that they didn’t give the real words at the trial if the actors were HOLDING THE TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS IN THEIR HANDS. i’ve also seen ‘the vagina monologues’, and the actors in that also hold cards with the script on them. the writer meant it to be that way so that you could always feel the presence of the woman who ACTUALLY SAID THOSE WORDS, even though she wasn’t there.

  6. C.J. says

    I thought it was fantastic! Laughed, cried, got happy, got angry…it really covered the range of emotions that everyone involved in this debate have felt. WELL DONE!

  7. Ryan says

    Readings like this are still commonplace and, at one point in time, were actually the way theater was done. (Heck, the famous Elizabethan era was all readings, as I understand it.)

    Amazing theater can be had from these sorts of readings. I especially love Shakespeare done in this way. There’s a theater company that does Shakespeare like this and will put on several shows in several days, trying to conjure up the frenzied pace and style that was its original source.

    I don’t find it distracting at all, and the performances are not effected, despite the fact that this whole thing was put on very quickly, with an entire cast that is obviously busy with many other projects. If people bother to get past the first scene, I think the vast majority quickly forget that the actors are reading from a script at all.

    It’s really little different than any other form of a suspension of disbelief, be it the seats we’re sitting in at the theater or dim lights glowing at the bottom of hallways and stairs at the movies. As a species, we are eminently capable of blocking out almost any distraction with a little time and open mind.

  8. says

    everyone complaining about “holding the scripts” sounds like a midwestern tourist attending a performance of “the Lion King” and saying “i don’t know what the fuss is about, i can see the sticks holding them puppets up!”

    well DUH.

    it’s a STAGED READING. industry standard. it also helps emphasize that these are not “roles” with “lines” but VERBATIM WORDS FROM THE TRIAL.

    what next? complaints that “the set for Our Town was cheap! it was just a few chairs! they didnt’ even build a whole set!”

    or complaining that “they shoudn’t call this play ‘Waiting for Godot’, because Godot never even showed up, what a rip off!”

    no. you’re just not bright.

    anyway, kudos to the money raised! watched it on youtube. it was terrific

    really makes you think, eh?

    WE get George Clooney and Brad Pitt. THEY get Kirk Cameron.

    we win.


  9. Kevin T. says

    It was INCREDIBLE!!

    All our friends watched and were moved by the HUMANITY these actors brought to their performances.

    I actually feel pitty for any soul who didn’t ‘get it’ and the reason they read from their scripts. Poor little souls. lol. For the rest of us who did….very powerful!

  10. TJ says

    Sophistication. Please, get some. Not all theatre is “Phantom.” No, really.

    And KIWI -” The set for Our Town was cheap! It was just a few chairs!”
    You are my snark god. And how about that wall in “The Fantasticks” – not. even. there!

  11. Matthew says

    I was in the audience watching and thought it was great. I bought my tickets before YouTube announced live streaming. At first I thought wow, i paid alot for something someone else gets for free, but the cause and being there was incredible. Only thing, I have never felt so underdressed in my life, the gowns and tuxs, and that was just them men.

  12. Zlick says

    Yeah, I hope the people who collectively shelled out the 2 million bucks don’t feel too ripped off. Having this on YouTube with a star-studded cast is the best response to the Prop 8er’s pathetic but successful efforts to keep the trial video under seal.

    I felt it started off a little slow, but definitely picked up steam as it went along. The changes from the Broadway version to add more of the personal stuff from the plaintiffs was a great idea; courtroom scenes can come off a little dull. (But my friends who saw the New York production say that’s their favorite of the two, with even better performances.)

  13. Mark says

    Wonderful. Christine Lahti is always a jewel. And with this large cast, it’s now down to, what, 2.3 degrees of Kevin Bacon?