1. David in Houston says

    vanity project under the guise of a marriage proposal.
    aside from that, i wish them all the best.

  2. TANK says

    While everyone at this forum knows that Tank is a bold fighter for gay rights, they also know that Tank needs to keep it real. So, while I think this video had its heart in the right place, the execution was pretty awful, I must say. So many cliches and stereotypes that just reinforce society’s negative view of gay people. It was just a big, campy, over the top mess. And the guy trying to sing really needs to face the reality of aging with more grace: no fifty year old has skin that smooth and toned unless he’s a robot or someone who spends a fortune on monthly botox injections.

  3. Jeff says

    See, this is what I mean! I think this is the “real” reason that Maggie et al are so much against marriage equality. Once the gays get a hold of the proposal and marriage thing, they’re going to take it to a whole new level – a level where the self-righteous and uninspired simply won’t be able to compete!

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  4. AJ says

    The video and song are cute, and hey we all should be so lucky as to have someone not only write a song but goes out and makes you video to tell the world that he want to be with you…awesome! Best to you both!!

  5. Caliban says

    OK, I realize I’m going to come across as a crank here… (And it’s possible I AM a crank.)

    But some of the gay proposal/marriage videos I’ve seen strike me as bridezilla/groomzilla nonsense. “This is MY special day and it better by-god be perfect!” It becomes all about the EVENT, a single day, instead of (ideally) a life-long commitment.

    Plus isn’t a little odd that you never see the guy he’s proposing TO?!

  6. says

    Hey Tank, if you’re so into “keeping it real” why not provide us with the URL to your own website or youtube page where we can see this incredible “non-stereotypical” example you claim to be living.

    Because, you know, you’re all about “keeping it real” – well, there are a number of commenters here that keep it real, as in from a place of non-anonymity.

    can you do the same? ten bucks says you can’t. 😉

    you can call it a “big campy over the top mess” – doesn’t change the reality that at no point will any man ever propose to you.

  7. YankeeFan says

    Sweet, but I’m wondering if the total budget for that video (which looks to be substantial) could have been donated to marriage equality right from the start and his proposal been kept sweet and short and personal.

  8. st says

    @ tank

    Botox is for sissies. This video is about a pair of cheek implants singing and dancing.

  9. says

    curious – what’s a “negative stereotype” about this video? happy people in love with friends and family singing songs and dancing?

    look, just because your own family won’t let you sing and dance doesn’t mean that singing and dancing are “negative stereotypes” – it means your family are pieces of s**t.

  10. says

    I am not sure how to comment. On one level I like the concept, but on another level I have to agree with some of the posters calling this a “vanity” project.

    And on another level one has to wonder how nice it must be to have such connections to get all of those production costs “donated”.

    Needless to say, I am happy for the couple and wish them the best.

  11. Gary A says

    That anyone would make a negative or petty comment about this video or what this guy did to propose to his partner is truly a sad and sick thing. And that’s keeping it ‘real’. Get over yourselves girls! Congrats to this couple, and how fabulous for them!

  12. Tim says

    No tears here. If a dude sent that to me I would run as far as i could. No marriage, no kids, no picket fences.

  13. BNELSON says

    Why can’t this just be a very sweet, homemade proposal? And when was the last time you made your own song and video for marriage equality, and then donated any proceeds? The guy’s 38 – not 50 – according to YouTube (something that could be easily found with a minimum of effort), and Andy made clear that this guy is not in the music business. For an amateur production, it’s pretty darn good.

    And negative cliches and stereotypes? Huh? Like what, having lots of friends volunteer to sing and dance with you? Really? I’m so tired of all this ridiculous, catty judgment. It’s a lovely sentiment, and what we need right now is more of this, not less. IMHO, Bravo!

  14. say what says


    A for effrot

    A for being goofy because goofy is always good, and lets be real…life, love, and sex all have very goofy aspects to them

    yes it does come off as a vanity project. I personally would consider a proposal a much more private thing like under the moonlight on a beach and then F@cking like mad dogs in the waves ….:-P but completely private and personal without anyone else involved

    F for the music and singing

  15. MattS says

    @BNELSON, thank you for writing my thoughts, exactly. I LOVED this video and song. Shows a TON of effort and creativity. I especially loved the “Back Off He’s Mine” marching band. Got a good laugh out of that followed by amazement that he managed to get and actual marching band to donate their time and energy to something like this. Amazing accomplishment, to say the least. Well done!

  16. say what says

    ok , just noticed the people in the chairs are photoshopped

    They are the same people on the right and the left just in different sitting arrangements

    that takes down the good goofy quotient a lot and boosts the creepy aspect a bunch

  17. says

    remember folks – hating this video won’t lead to you ever being proposed to. keepin’ it real, indeed.

    we call this phenomenon “I Don’t Want What I Haven’t Got” – it’s little sister is “I Don’t Want What I Know I’ll Never Get”

    yeah. keepin’ it *very* real.

  18. Michelle says

    Wow – I agree with Gary A. This truly was project for love and it shows. And no matter what one thinks about the proposal, Danny, the production value, I guarantee the song will be stuck in your head all day….might even make you want to dance. I wish Danny and Aaron nothing but the best. Congratulations!!!

  19. dms says

    OMG, if some dude proposed to me with that corn ball video, i’d run, run, run the other way.

    To those who liked this, did you also like that horrendous “friday” song?

    Yes, to each his own, I suppose, but this is just the worst kind of “music” imaginable (facile lyrics, generic beat, computer altered vocals) and the egotism on display is just appalling. Shouldn’t a marriage proposal come from the heart and not some manufactured pabulum?

  20. TomG says

    What’s up with his mouth? Looks like he just had dental surgery and the novicaine hasn’t worn off yet….

  21. thumper says

    Oddly, I too was motivated to being misty eyed.

    Yes sure it was a vanity project, and OK maybe being dance music its a bit stereotypical, but it was obviously from the heart and that made it transcend any possible perceived negatives and allowed me to just enjoy it.

    Congrats and good luck to the happy couple!

  22. AG says


    I’m impressed. It’s been known for a long time that you’re a two-trick pony: demanding real life identities of the posters who disagree with you and insinuating that parents of those posters hate them. But this time you managed to play both tricks on the first page of the comments section when nothing justified doing it.

  23. Matt says


    If I weren’t already married (to a man, of course) I would be showing you what a great guy I am while down on one knee.
    I just love you man! I enjoy your comments AND videos. We could definitely finish each others sentences. lol
    Always your bud, Matt

  24. says

    for valentines day my love serenaded me with the theme from “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg” and an original composition of his.

    i swooned so hard i nearly blacked out.


  25. Brian says

    The comments on this video and the wedding videos are just so depressing. I guess it comes down to a deep division in the gay community about what we’re really fighting about in the gay marriage battle. For some, it’s just a chance to battle with the system for equality and respect, which is fine as far as it goes. This group views marriage as one of a list of things we want, like enda and hate crimes. And this group is the one I think makes all these predictable nasty comments, because they either don’t want or won’t be able to have a lifelong committed relationship. But for the rest of us, the marriage battle is about equality and respect, but unlike the other issues, this one’s also about love and joy and celebration. These videos show this exuberant joy again and again, and I think they’re really special. But I guess if you just care about legal rights and not about love then I can see where you can find them irritating. I would say that even if you feel that way, though, I don’t see any benefit to sharing your negativity here.

  26. Mark says

    I am disappointed that Andy continues to let this LittleKiwi person run rampant on the comments sections of Towleroad posts. Letting one reader regularly shout down, demand, or personally attack other readers they disagree with is completely unreasonable and unacceptable.

    If Andy continues to let this happen on his blog he is not practicing what he preaches here when it comes to censorship and bullying. Unless TR starts requiring personal logins for people to post comments please shut this blog version of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland down. He is completely out of line.

    I may not agree with everyone who posts comments here but I respect their right to express their opinion–and I would rather read dissenting opinions from others than the rantings of one shrill nellie screeching his personal attacks at those he disagrees with–insinuations that they are cowards, trolls, homophobic, not a real man, etc for whatever reason.

    There are a lot of us out here who are sick of it. If he can’t post on TR without turning every comments section into a b–ch brawl he shouldn’t be allowed to post.

  27. says

    Blessings! what a creative and expressive way to mark the beginning of a great future. If you guys need a church and a minister i would love to do the wedding and I will be happy to affirm it again once marriage is legal in California again!

    For those who comment about stereo typical gays…What is that??? I am a bear, drag queen , sister of perpetual indulgence, ordained minister with an MDiv and an MA and am currently working on my PhD take stereo typical and blow it to the moon no one is stereo typical we are all unique beings created in Gods image and Life is to be celebrated not berated!


  28. says

    right, “Mark”, it’s much better to continue to allow anonymous self-loathing homosexuals to make intellectually-dishonest and insecure comments about “negative stereotypes” (what? singing and dancing?) without any form of rational back up.

    look, i understand your fury, “Mark” – it must suck to see someone like me who isn’t afraid to put a face to his comments smacking down the asinine b.s. that cowards post from a place of anonymity.

    alas, it aint my problem.

    they’re allowed to post their self-hating b.s., and i’m allowed to call it out. it’s not my fault they can’t back their stuff up, sugar


  29. C.J. says

    Lovely! I really liked it and who cares if he’s injecting anything in his face, he is adorable and if I was his boyfriend, I would have been very touched at the amount of work that went into that – and they have it to remember forever (when the wrinkles settle in) – That was QUITE a show! Congrats guys!!!!

  30. Josh-2 says

    This is a really silly vanity project, and pretty indicative of what the marriage will be like.

  31. says

    right, Josh? can you imagine how lame their marriage is gonna be? i mean, like, filled with singing and dancing and joy and loving friends and family.

    ugh, how lame. right?


  32. Joshy says

    Brian could not have said it better! What is wrong with some of these people? I think back to my “angry at being gay days” when i felt so alone. While I don’t think I would ever have this negative reaction (publicly or not publicly), this seems like a cry for help on some of these people. Angry at the world who have made them ugly on the inside. (and likely the outside)

    Danny is not in the music industry. He also presented this video in private and this was a very special private event between the two of them! He says so! It was shared later! So that does not take away from anything. The fact that this maybe amateurish to some makes the story even better and real to me. I truly believe this guy is in love and he’s proud and wants to share that with the world. A world that most of us grew up thinking this was something we a) would never have at all.. and B) would never be able to publicly say it.

    Good for Danny Rose. While I think he looks great for 38, (if that is his correct age) his closeups clearly show a lot of expression and nothing is frozen.. So again this is all just haters who hate and on some level, it makes them feel better about themselves for a few minutes.. Pathetic. TANK should seek therapy ASAP.

  33. OP says

    Jesus Christ — what is wrong with you people?! I hope that the gay kids growing up today are relieved of some of the omnipresent BITTERNESS that pervades our community. Petty, sad insecurity motivates so many of us. Get some therapy.

  34. dms says

    I guess, to me, it seems less like a celebration of his love for his partner and more of an opportunity to make a video to celebrate himself. Maybe it’s a matter of perspective, but the lack of anything genuine on display in either lyrics, music, and appearance.

    I see this and think narcissistic personality disorder. And no, I’m not bitter, I’m just shy of 12 years in a relationship. SO this is not a criticism about gay marriage, i’m totally for it. It’s really a subjective criticism about the performance. But hey, if people think it’s great and are moved to tears, great. It’s just not for me.

    Here’s more my style:

  35. Joshy says

    and more importantly!



    I want to get more involved in this. I want this song to start a massive national campaign and I want to help!

    What are all you other negative people doing?

    Danny is donating all of the proceeds to marriage equality! Wow! That is not a vanity thing! Its awareness and support. I love that we can put faces to gay marriage.

    Why don’t the negative people spend their time and energy on these sites… Get involved!

  36. says

    Damn, you bitches need to chill the F out! This was the way this guy wanted to propose to the love of his life. He used creativity, music, dancing and love to do it. He knows what his fiancee would love to see or hear, and he did it. Congrats to both of these men, and I hope you grow old together as I’ve done with my man who I met 37 years ago, and married 3 years ago.

  37. peterparker says

    If I were to propose to someone, I’d take him to a quiet, beautiful, secluded space somewhere in the great outdoors where I’d take his hand, drop to one knee, say some sweet, heartfelt things about the two of us, probably cry a little and ask him to marry me. Our feelings about each other shouldn’t need a big troupe of dancers, an airplane writing our names in the sky, or a megatron spelling out our names at a basketball arena. But whatever blows your dress up, I suppose.

    Having said all that…congratulations to the happy couple.

    Congratulations to the happy couple. You are brave for allowing Andy to put this up for commentary by all the snarky, cranky, hyper critical haters on towleroad.

  38. The Truth says

    Mark wrote:
    “Unless TR starts requiring personal logins for people to post comments please shut this blog version of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland down.”

    I know a lot of older people aren’t very Internet savvy but how exactly would requiring someone to log-in first prevent someone from making a comment that upsets you!? If you want censorship there are plenty of right-wing sites to choose from!

  39. NorthoftheBorder says

    um.. @Matts.. the marching band is stock footage. His banner sequence is called greenscreen, then superimposed in post production. No time donated there by the marching band.

    self-agrandiosement.. since when do marriage proposals need to be so public? I’d say this for any marriage.. gay or straight.

  40. says


    Even though we members of the “gay community”, we are individuals tend not to view things the same way. We all bring different experiences to the table. It is what makes us human.

  41. says

    we do see things differently. some people saw this and became bitter.
    i feel bad for people who look at the world through those kind of eyes. it can’t be much fun, always being upset at the joy others have.

  42. Jack M says

    Anybody who criticizes this video must have a real problem. If you had a man who would do that for you, would you have a problem with that?

    Stuff your catty comments, this guy is a keeper.

  43. Brian says

    I understand that people have different opinions, I just don’t know why the internet turns people into rude nasty people. How many times have you exercised your individuality by attending a wedding, then telling the bride or groom they were ugly and the wedding was tacky, or that they were publicity whores, or they should have eloped and given the money to charity? I would hope none of us have done that. But why do so many people feel so comfortable throwing this trash at someone obviously in love, and able to express it in a marriage proposal that would have been unthinkable a decade ago? It’s an amazing achievement that we should all celebrate, not attack.

  44. Nick says

    I think he just proposed to his megalomania … Classic! The best proposals are the one you never hear about! Not some lame online buzz

  45. redball says

    KIWI slayed me with this:

    you can call it a “big campy over the top mess” – doesn’t change the reality that at no point will any man ever propose to you.

    WOW! lol

  46. David Hearne says

    Between the responses to this and those to the A&F video, one might come to think that Towleroad is a place when nasty queen come to practice bitchy.

    I don’t know Danny Rose. This video is better than half the stuff out there.

    Good use of color and texture, playful, and all in all not too bad. (fractured quote from Romy and Michelle)

  47. Jason says

    I found that a tad awkward and uncomfortable to watch… I made it about 15 seconds in.

    But, it wasn’t produced for me or about me; if it truly reflects these two guys then it is perfect. :)

  48. Joe says

    littlekiwi, you are every bit as insufferable as the trolls you so valiantly fight against here.

  49. says

    @Brian, it’s the same reason why guys will say “no blacks or asians” on Grindr, but wouldn’t put it on a teeshirt when going into a bar.

    some people are only brave if they treat the internet like a burqa.

  50. endo says

    Uh, Mark, the people that Kiwi calls out ARE trolls, homophobes, racists, and cowards. If anyone should be banned from commenting, it’s those people.

    I don’t know why Towleroad hasn’t integrated Facebook Connect for its comments platform. If people had to use their real names and pictures, all the trolling on here would come to a screeching halt. You know Rick would never show his face here.

    The commentary on Andy’s Facebook page is far more mature. And you get to stalk other readers’ vacation pics!

  51. Brian says


    the internet as burqa, I like that analogy!

    Very true, of course, that people feel protected by the internet’s anonymity. I guess I’m still stumped, though, about why people feel compelled to take advantage of it. Just because you can say something rude and nasty about someone’s proposal or wedding video without repercussions, , doesn’t mean you have to.

  52. says

    NOTKONY – click my name. TADAHHH! moi.

    @Brian, it’s like i said, it’s that phenomenon “I don’t want what I haven’t got”.

    uh oh, a big splashy proposal populated by many smiling joyous friends and family? that’s gotta be a real sore spot for…well..the people who came on to demean it. of course they hate it. they’ll never have it.

    some people need to anonymously vent anger toward happy people because it’s the only thing they can do to distract themselves from the misery of their own lives.

  53. Jim says

    I agree that the sentiment seems, well, dubiously sentimental, and the execution is kind of lame. That doesn’t, however, diminish the relationship these guys have. I do think the way Towleroad editorialized it as “The Most Amazing Song and Dance Gay Marriage Proposal You’ve Probably Ever Seen” is kind of bizarre and really set it up to fail. This guy I’m dating cooked me a dinner last night with more craft and feeling than this video, but it’s not worthy of a post on an award-winning gay blog.

  54. Rob says

    I am conflicted by not only the video but the comments about it. If the video had been truly an amateur production, not done by someone who is a Producer at ABC, and didn’t look as if it were begging for their own Reality Show, I would have felt moved. Instead the roll-out plan of planting it to the press, titling it with hyperbole, placing it on itunes, and connecting to a charity seems hollow. I don’t doubt the love and affection of the couple involved, or their sincerity of their actions. I am most thrilled that this shows we are achieving equality with the fact that we can be just as tacky, and vain as all the Real Housewives and their impending marriages.

  55. Larry says

    Sometimes reading comments on this site, which is one of my favorites and I absolutely adore Andy, just saddens me.

    Danny is a good friend of mine. One of the kindest, most giving people you’ll ever meet. He supports LGBT causes and so many other causes. He is always there for his friends. Everyone who knows him LOVES him. He is HAPPY. And a beautiful person, inside and out.

    He is a producer on Cougar Town which is why you see a lot of CT related things in the video. And the favors he pulled out were from people who love him and care about him and he, I’m sure, has done SO MUCH for all of them…many times over.

    He’s also in his 30s. So the age jokes and the botox jokes are just rude. He really does have great skin! :)

    Those are his and Aaron’s beautiful pups in the video. And the reason you don’t see Aaron is that it was all a big surprise for him!

    You guys/girls really need to lay off and not be so quick to criticize…especially someone who goes above and beyond to further equality for all people.

    Aaron is an attorney for very big music stars which is also another reason this is tied into that whole ‘scene’.

    Can’t you save your negativity for those working AGAINST us and not for those who work FOR us?

    Come together. Imagine what power we could have if we all put our energy toward positivity rather than negativity.

    Congratulations to Danny and Aaron! I wish you a lifetime of the happiness you’ve already found!

  56. Brian says

    @Larry, that’s exactly the comment this thread needed, but up front, not lost back here. Anyway, thanks for the background, and I hope if either of them read these comments, they understand that these commenters are nasty to everyone, nothing personal.

  57. John says

    I cannot believe the negativity for something so heartfelt and beautifully executed. My life was made brighter because I saw something that someone put so much effort into in order to make someone else happy.

    This was stunning.

  58. Drew Murray says

    looks like Ark Music Factory is broadening its market segmentation to cater to adults too. Who needs glamour shots when you can have VIDEOS!!!

  59. says

    Sigh…after seeing that I’m now going to have to hire the cast of Glee for my wedding proposal video. The bar has been set too high!

    Congrats guys!

  60. says

    I love this!!! It astounds me that people think this guy looks old… I guess according to some people here, since I am 43 now I am completely past it, I am going to be so afraid when I am a senior the way the queens here toss out their elders… oh well, this was great and congrats gentlemen and BEST WISHES!!! On a side note, hope your love doesn’t mind you getting SMOOCHES from strange men every so often, Little Kiwi… but ehre’s a peck on the cheek to say thanks for diligently exposing the trolls and kicking back at the sad sacks that seem to populate this place!!!

  61. Joe says

    “Larry – ignore ’em. They’re just miserable that nobody will ever propose marriage to them, in any way.”

    for someone who unloads on tlrd trolls for their weird personal projections that inform their beliefs on how gay males ought to act, you do EXACTLY the same thing all the time.

  62. Bobby says

    It’s wonderful that this man found someone who loves him as much as he loves himself. This is one of the most self-centered proposals I’ve ever seen. And before I get flamed, please know that I’m not a fan of these heinous proposals that take what should be an intimate, romantic moment and make it a pathetic ploy for attention. It’s downright tacky.

  63. Stevie B says

    Y’know, Congrats to them… If I had that kind of money and connections perhaps I would have tried to do the same type of thing for my future husband.

    However, I do agree with some of the vanity project criticisms. The video seemed a bit more ‘look at me’ than ‘think about us’. It’s their video and if his partner loved it… then great.

    If my partner did something like this I would wonder where the ‘WE’ was in the video… it seemed all him. And as for the ‘amateur’ claim… right!… there were a team of professionals working on that and huge bill being footed.

    But after all this negative nelly stuff I just said… I’m not them… If they loved it.. great!

    As for the attacks on stereotypes etc… Screw that! All I’m saying is that Madonna will be played at my wedding… streotypes be damned.

  64. Ronald says

    Great way to celebrate your love with that someone special!

    don’t know where people get the idea of this being stereotypical gay. what about all the straight people that do videos like this? don’t know why people are always so judgemental… just enjoy it for what it is – an expression of joy and love

  65. AJ says

    If somebody ever pouted into a camera and said (or sang), “Hey there big fella, you got some crazy style. You smile, I smile, let’s head on down the… WHAT?!” I would bust out laughing. Then run away.

  66. sara says

    It’s a fun video. I think It needed the other guy . Just photoshop a picture of him in there somewhere or pictures of the two of them together, even if you have to add it onto the credits.

    I’m sure the other groom to be loved this proposal. Best wishes to them.

  67. BGM says

    If you’re a man who thinks that men should not get married to eachother, then you certainly get to not marry a man. Similarly, if you think that proposals should not be made this way, then you certainly get to propose however you’d like. The LGBT community is all about supporting the individual, our differences. Unfortunately, as the criticisms of Danny and this video show, that is not always the case.

    This is a very creative way to propose. The song is catchy, everyone looks good, and the video is well done. Oh and as we were told, Danny is not in the music business, everything was donated, and the proceeds of the song go to marriage equality.

    Congratulations to the grooms!

  68. StevyD says

    OMG, can’t you just see it…Over the top gay marriage proposals; next, on “The Maury Show!”
    OK, and yes it is sorta romantic.

  69. Chuck Mielke says

    Vanity project? Isn’t new love supposed to be about exuberance and excess? Isn’t a marriage proposal supposed to be an extraordinary expression in some way? If you’re embarrassed about a stranger going a bit overboard in self-expression, it seems to me that the problem is not in that stranger.

  70. zeddy says

    Some people like pop music…others don’t. I’d prefer a Bon Iver inspired song performed by an actual instrument by my life love, others prefer a symphony performing in orchestra hall just for their loved one, other people like Brittany Spears song and dance. The fact people can have different things they appreciate is what make the world so rich. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it’s 80% pop music.

  71. uffda says

    Do whatever’s necessary to shut KIWI up, down, off. He’s ruining this site. Sooo sick of him.

  72. Dana Chilton says

    “Just keepin it real”?? haha… what a tool!

    Anyway, the video was awesome and I hope the happy couple has a great life together! mazel tov!!

  73. Chip says

    I hate that I cringed through this. All I can think was “narcissist” and why would I marry someone that is a narcissist?

    I just don’t understand why so many people want to put their private moments on YouTube or be on TV or be famous.

    I think it’s possible to live an amazing life without ever once being on TMZ…or Towleroad.

  74. dms says

    Just because it’s a gay proposal doesn’t mean you have to like it or think it’s good.

    Just because you don’t like this song doesn’t mean you’re anti-gay.

    I’m gay, in a 12 year relationship, pro gay marriage, and I think this is embarrassing. Granted, it’s just my opinion, but I’d think that if it featured a straight couple, lesbian couple, whatever. To me, it’s similar to that wrecked Friday ear worm that came out last year.

    To me, the song is cringe worthy and the sentiment as expressed in the lyrics and performance is banal at best and overall kind of egotistic.

    But that’s just my opinion. Hopefully his fiancé (assuming this song worked) disagrees with me too and the two are going to have a fabulous life together. 😉

  75. Rex says

    OMG that was so corny, but sweet! I wish someone would do that for me! I would just die!

  76. Perkin Warbeck says

    FFS people, leave the man alone and stop being such self-righteous bitches. The happiness train ain’t stopping at your station anytime soon, so get over it!

    Fun, snappy, sexy and a vanity project, yeah so? Is he plunging some 3rd world country into debt? Is he evicting low income earners out of their homes? Is he shooting up a neighbourhood? Nope – he’s in love with a bloke called Aaron and Aaron loves him in return.

    Celebrate the love in whatever way makes you and your mates happy.

  77. PTBoat says

    Sure, some of us propose privately, but there has long been a tradition of people who propose very publicly, whether it means getting waiters, and other patrons involved at restaurants, or even sports arenas. It’s not a new thing and more power to them. Congratulations to the guys, I hope that your life is as happy as mine has been, for the last 20 years, with my husband.

  78. Rob says

    I come down on the side of lovely, sincere, and since it’s so very human, touchingly imperfect. We all fall flat on our faces here and there for love and if this is over-wrought and a little vain in spots, so what? What have YOU created today?

    A marriage proposal is an emotionally powerful moment so if it comes from the heart it is bound to have rough edges. One reason I teared up watching it, is that we have all seen proposals for straight folks on jumbo-trons at games, and towed behind planes, etc, and now we can profess our love openly and enthusiastically. If some people think it’s foolish, let ’em. If you really love someone, you may want to shout it out to the whole world for posterity and really throw yourself into it. Balls out. Bravo. I wish them the best.

  79. asidefromyou says

    I think this is incredibly well done, considering the resources these guys had, and to all the self-hating gays I’d like to say:

    Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities.
    Oscar Wilde

  80. Brad says

    We should all be so lucky to have someone love you enough to want to share something personal like that with the world. Made me a little misty… Congrats to them both!

  81. Tommyz says

    What a fun video. I failed third grade mind reading and cant guess at what ulterior motives lurked in Danny’s mind. Reality show audition? Vanity project? Secret plan to take over the world?

    It helped make 15 minutes of my trip between brussels andluxembourg more enjoyable. And think about that – for all of us that liked it – some guy we dont know just made us happier! Pay it forward.

  82. says

    This was so good I had to tell my readers about it and point them all over here. I always feature interesting marriage proposals and this to me was just beautiful. I wish Danny and Aaron all the best for a very happy life together! Such a sweat heart!


  83. Ben says

    Sorry, but let’s be honest. This isn’t sincerely romantic or touching – it doesn’t make you genuinely go “awwww”.

    It is plastic, manufactured prancing from some Botox-worshipping WeHo queen. Something I regret watching, because it clearly was made to get views, not to actually propose to someone you want to spend your existence with.

  84. says

    28 Mar 2012 – This post’s comment feed … If you let black people enter white locker rooms at a gym the white people will leave and he will lose business.
    Hate Group Leader and Log Cabin Republican Face Off Ove

  85. Jonathan says

    Another song that supports Gay marriage and has been around since 2006 is Los Angeles based R&B/Dance artist Jimmy Roland’s ‘Partners For Life’. He debuted this song at Long Beach’s Gay Pride Festival in 2008 and is now showing on YouTube. Also on June 25 ’13, when Prop 8 was over-ruled in California, the popular publication the Huffington Post listed Jimmy Roland’s ‘Partners For Life’ as one of their Top 34 Pride Anthems of 2013. Links are listed below for your convenience: