NEWS: Putin Wins, Santorum Talks, Limbaugh Is Both Loved And Hated, McDonald’s Gets Weird

Road Putin won:

Russia's opposition has vowed to continue protests alleging widespread irregularities after a tearful Vladimir Putin claimed victory in an election that will see him return for a third term as president.

With more than 90 per cent of votes counted on Sunday night, the tally for the former spy who has dominated Russian politics for the past dozen years stood at 65 per cent. That represents a comfortable victory with no need to go into a second round of voting.

Later blaming the wind for the tears in his eyes, Mr Putin wasted no time in declaring victory, addressing thousands of Russian flag-waving supporters at a victory rally outside the Kremlin walls.

“I promised we would win. And we did win!” Mr Putin said, to cheers from his supporters. “We won an open and honest battle.”

RICK-SANTORUM-COLLEGE-1 Road The making of Santorum, a man of moral profundity:

… As [Karen Garver and Rick Santorum] made plans to marry and he decided to enter politics, she sent him to her father for advice.

Dr. Kenneth L. Garver was a Pittsburgh pediatrician who specialized in medical genetics. The patriarch of a large Roman Catholic family, he had treated patients considering abortion but was strongly opposed to it.

“We sat across the table and the whole evening we talked about this issue,” Mr. Santorum told an anti-abortion group last October. He left, he said, convinced “that there was only one place to be, from the standpoint of science as well as from the standpoint of faith.”

Road The utterances of Santorum, a man who can't keep his mouth on message:

“The Blunt amendment was broader than that,” Santorum told Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday. “It was a conscience clause exception that existed prior to when President Obama decided that he could impose his values on people of faith, when people of faith believe that this is a grievous moral wrong.”

Road This editorial about Rush Limbaugh's latest orgy of public awfulness gets a few things very, very wrong, but it contains at least one delightful turn of phrase:

Inadvertently, Rush also helped advance the argument from the left that Republicans are waging a war against women. After referring to Fluke as a "slut" and a "prostitute," he offered the following proposition:

"So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you feminazis, here's the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives … we want something for it. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch."

The image suggested is equally degrading to Limbaugh given his obvious familiarity with "watching," and invites unflattering speculation. To wit: It is entirely possible that Limbaugh himself never needed contraception in college, but virtue in the absence of opportunity is hardly a moral triumph.

Road … and despite overwhelming public disapproval, misogynists and sexophobes just keep digging themselves deeper.

Road And deeper.

Picture 3The best thing to hit the web this weekend: a collection of terrifying children's drawings.

Road Christian schools in Texas don't want to play basketball with Muslims.

Road Dear God, what's Quick serving to French people? (That's Quick, not McDonald's, contrary to previous reports. Thank you, readers, for pointing out this knuckleheaded error.)

Road "Blacks and gays: The shared struggle for civil rights."



  1. uffda says

    No it wasn’t kids drawings…the best thing to see this weekend on Towleroad was the video story on David Kuria in Kenya, a true and unforgettable hero by any standard. Let us hear much more of and from him.

  2. jason says

    Blacks tend to be selfish. They don’t care about the rights of gay people. Even black gay people are ostracized within the black community. Homophobia is a deep vein running through the black community.

  3. says

    oh, look – anti-black sentiments from two of our resident racists, and cowards. no wonder you wimps can’t put a face and name to your comments. you’d get a whuppin’.

    anyway, when i was a younger lad i was desperate for stories of redemption, triumph over struggle and i needed to be inspired. i was too young and scared to read Queer lit and seek out LGBT stories, and so I read a lot of black literature, african-american history, and the works of Jane Austen.

    Pride & Prejudice? Roots? I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings? Mansfield Park?

    stories that insired me with their parallels – the struggles and values in overcoming a societal wrong and having the courage to live your own life by your own rules, regardless of the pressures and prejudices around you.

    read it. seriously. we’re all connected.

    but OH you gay right-wing white boys who hate blacks (in a pathetic attempt to “have something in common” with your own bigoted parents…) – the reality that you make your comments from a place of online anonymity speaks volumes. “Hating Blacks” won’t make your own lives better. It’ll actually only make them worse. I thank God every day that I had a mother and father who taught me that there is no skin colour, no culture, no ethnicity, that makes anyone better than anyone else.

    the world and culture values White Heterosexual Christian Men with Money more than anyone, or anything, else.

    if you’re not part of that club, you’re part of Our Club. And the sad thing are the weak fools who don’t have the integrity to stand in solidarity, because they’d rather crawl on their bellies and beg for approval.

  4. Paul in Charleston says

    When I read statements like “blacks tend to be selfish” my first thought is wow, he must have met almost every “black” in the world to be so sure of that! Unless there is a study somewhere that would be the source of such a statement? I no longer expect a member of a minority group to be any smarter or stupider than any member of another minority group, but come on, as a gay person don’t you get irritated, upset, angry, whatever when people make blanket generalized statements about gay people? When you get to the essence the only characteristic that ALL gay people share is that we are carbon based oxygen breathers.

  5. says

    Paul, you just need to remember that those comments are coming from Anonymous Cowards on this site who themselves have something in common – they’re the product of racist and anti-gay households. That’s why they talk crap about ‘blacks’ – they’re gay, their parents resent having gay sons, so these sad gay sons hope that if they show their parents that they’re still Good Old Racists maybe they’ll be tolerated.

    noble, eh?

    yeah. sad. it’s the same reason so many gay white conservatives hate Barack Obama – the idea that a Black Democrat could extend more grace, understanding and compassion to the LGBT community than their own white conservative parents is enough to fry their peabrains.

  6. Jerry6 says

    Gee Wiz; Texas Christians do not want to play Basketball with Muslim teams! What are the Texans afraid of? Do they think that their “GOD” is not as strong as the Muslim “GOD”, and the Muslims might win? Or have they forgotten that their “GOD”, and the Muslim “GOD”, and the “GOD” of the Jews, are all one and the same –The “GOD” of Abraham?

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