1. Dan says

    Glad Fiona found a home. If only people showed the same compassion towards abandoned humans that they show towards abandoned animals. Showing compassion towards the weak and helpless is easy enough; showing compassion towards a creature with the ability to hurt you takes courage.

  2. Hollywood, CA says

    Here Here, Dan. With more animal shelters than human ones in the US, it makes you think. I’m glad this dog was rescued, it’s a good story. Spay and Neuter your pets!

  3. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    I saw this on another blog (Hullabaloo) and had to give ’em a donation. She reminded me of a Bichon Friese (sp?) I knew with in LA. Gigi was a rescue dog and was careful with whom she made friends, but we got to be buddies after a while, and then she was the loveliest creature that ever lived. I told Mio a few times I was going to dognap her.

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