1. MarkUs says

    Seems some are determined to revive his career again. There’s no difference between what he thinks/thought last year or the year before, and he was pretty much confined to the cable religious channel.

  2. Monochrome Rainbow says

    Ick. And I thought nothing could make me iller than Kirk Cameron. Broadway Queens are unnatural, detrimental and ultimately destructive to the foundations of civilization.

  3. Walt says

    Not as severe a reaction as that of Monochrome Rainbow, but I did find it to be predictably annoying and unfunny.

  4. TJ says

    And if you will now excuse me, I need to finish listening to Kristen Chenoweth in”Promises, Promises,” to be followed by Tyne Daily in “Gypsy” and Glenn Close in “Barnum.” Oh, and after that, I’ll pine the rest of the day away, waiting for “Smash” tonight. I just love being a foundation-destroying Broadway Queen.

    The colors of my life, are softer than a breeze…

  5. Diogenes says

    Some of us like watching sports. Some of us like watching Broadway shows. Deal with it.

    Anyway, I thought the video was hilarious as per usual with Mr. Rainbow.

  6. kode says

    I liked the phone-part, but the singing-part was a bit unneeded here. I didn’t mind Randy’s singing at all but Cameron didn’t really bring anything to it. Anyway I always enjoy these Randy Rainbow videos, because they have pretty good comedic timing and it’s just funny how he makes different worlds collide.

  7. jim says

    Oy, what a bunch of cranky queens today. I loved it, thought it was so-so prior to the musical number, but that bit took it over the top and had me laughing out loud at lunch. An Old-Fashioned Wedding works as well in this vid as it does in Annie Get Your Gun, and Cameron’s stupid remarks timed perfectly into the song…genius.

  8. JHR459 says

    Well, I am just sick , sick, sick to death that it didn’t work out with Mel ( or Charlie or Rick or Marcus or Zack). Oh well, Randy, there’s bound to be another tool just around the corner – Good Luck, Pumpkin.

  9. zach says

    i find it despicable that you bitter queens feel like you should critique these types of posts. it’s for your entertainment, morons. if you dont like it, dont watch it! randy is a hilarious comedian who is putting a unique perspective out there and he is one of us. and as said before, some like sports and some like musicals. (youre probably the queens who claim to be “masc, into sports” on your grindr profile, meanwhile youre sitting at home on your fat, watching will and grace :) aaaand SCENE!