Russian LGBT Activists Ask U.S., Canada, E.U. to Bar Entry to Author of Anti-Gay Law and St. Petersburg Governor


Russian LGBT activists have asked the United States, EU, Canada, Germany, France and Australia to bar entry to Vitaly Milonov, the author of the censorial and oppressive gay 'propaganda' law, Russian paper Gazeta reports:

"Milonov and Poltavchenko have disgraced Russia all over the world. They have turned our country and its "culture capital" into the medieval barbaric times, what that means is that there is no place for them in the contemporary civilized countries. Milonov and Poltavchenko do not share the values of democracy, freedom and human rights. They cannot be allowed to spread their homophobic views abroad," the authors of the open letter to the EU and other countries wrote.

Madonna, Pepsi, others urged to boycott St. Petersburg, Russia over anti-gay oppression [tlrd]


  1. says

    We should really get behind this. The boycott Petersburg idea is unlikely to stop the average tourist (though Madonna cancelling a concert would be good) and might just backfire, with the gays blamed for any effect on the economy. But these folks love to be able to travel, and it would really hurt them to be banned from visiting the West.

  2. Michael says

    Have you noticed the men who are homophobic are always the men no gay man would ever want to hook up with? It’s not that hard to do the math to figure out what the real problem is…

  3. says

    Canada and many other nations ask the exact same questions about the USA.

    It’s 2012 – why are US politicians and so many US citizens still freaking the f**k out about LGBT people? “Don’t say gay” bills? banning mentions of homosexuality from sex education? banning contraceptive information? amendments saying “marriage is just for a man or woman?”

    it’s positively primitive.

  4. ratbastard says

    @Little Kiwi,

    We have gay people trying desperately to GET INTO THE U.S. and STAY IN THE U.S. To compare what’s going on in Russia to the U.S. is ridiculous.

    Again, we here in the U.S. have ‘oppressed’ people and ‘poor’ people desperate to get into the U.S. and stay here. There’s a reason we have 315 million people and growing.

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