1. Strepsi says

    Oh Tony Blair, diplomacy is one thing, but stop being such a pussy!

    The world needs more people like the late Christopher Hitchens — people who are not afraid to look someone in the eye and tell them politely that they are wrong.

  2. Rick says

    So you are attacking Tony Blair rather than attacking the woman Prime Minister of Liberia, huh?

    Villify the straight white male for simply not commenting in a delicate diplomatic situation (even though he is pro-gay) and let the homophobic straight (feminist) black woman off the hook.


  3. pedro says

    How pathetic and embarassing…If this woman loves her traditional society and considers it superior to non-traditional society, why is she taking money from these same immoral societies…And if her society’s traditions are so superior,why isn’t it producing a superior society? Why is it that the majority of Africa is a hell hole that no one would wish on their worse enemy?

  4. Paul R says

    She was educated at Harvard. So much for the Ivy League and for Africa’s first female president. And for someone who has been in office for too long.

  5. says

    Please !
    Tony Blair converted to Catholicism immediately after leaving office .
    So what the phuck do you expect ?
    The Catholic Church and the Evangelical Protestants have teamed-up to get the gays.

    And they have indoctrinated Africa.

    And no, I’m not paranoid.

  6. Francis says

    That was weak from Tony, it looked like he didn’t want to say what he actually thought of saying because he didn’t want to ruffle feathers. Now isn’t the time to play nice, when lives are in danger.

    As for Ellen Johnson, just another bigoted buffoon whose way of thinking is damaging to the world and needs to be sharply condemned and stopped immediately before more blood is shed.

  7. Frank says

    Oh come on, Tony Blair is known to be pro-gay and has come out, so to speak, in support of PM Cameron’s move to legalize gay marraige in the UK. What he said was that he recognized any response that challenged President Sirleaf’s comments would be viewed as incendiary and would distract from his work with the Africa Governance Initiative – which was the task at hand. While some may not like his response, he handled the situation as an adult and diplomat. If you want to get angry at someone, get angry at Ms. Sirleaf.

  8. dearcomrade says

    Since he is a recently baptized Papist i’m not surprised Blair remained silent. As far as the Liberian President goes, that entire continent is a basket case and always will be.

  9. laQas says

    that wasn’t a discussion at all! that was tony blair looking for his missing spine and balls. stunning act of silence in the face of bigotry. wow on so many levels. nobel committee should ask for its medal back.

  10. Sims says

    I hate to break it to you guys, but gay marriage isn’t the number one priority issue for everyone in the world, even among those who support it. Heck, it isn’t even the number one priority issue for a lot of gays.

  11. alguien says

    they didn’t call him bush’s lapdog for nothing.

    @sims: this isn’t a gay marriage issue. it’s an issue about being allowed to be gay without having to live in fear of imprisonment or worse.

  12. pedro says

    For all the anti-Catholics, polls show that Catholics are among the most liberal religious groups in Western Society with some of the highest support for gay marriage…There is no need to bash all Catholics because Tony lost his balls.

  13. Paul says

    It IS the number one priority for the vast majority of gay people in long-term, loving relationships.

    A comment from Blair would have been nice but we should not be attacking him. Catholic as he might be, Blair has a flawless record on gay rights – bringing civil partnerships to the UK and recently voicing his support for gay marriage.

    Sirleaf is the one who needs to be criticized.

  14. atomic says

    It sure is the number one priority for gay Africans who don’t want to be murdered for showing their faces in public.

    I’m tired of seeing so many African nations failing to take responsibility for their own future. Imperialism had a huge and lasting impact on the continent but there’s a point at which African cultures cannot reasonably continue to point the finger at the white man and blame them for their present troubles. The corruption, despotism, lawlessness, and poverty are largely self-inflicted, by Africans, on other Africans. And this anti-gay bigotry is just another component of that blame game. All these so-called “leaders” characterize homosexuality as a Western concept–i.e., “un-African.” They appeal to religion and tradition, just like the Christian and Muslim missionaries taught them to do. It is just another way for them to divert attention from the fact that they’ve played the guilt card for all it’s worth, and despite all the aid that keeps rolling in, these countries have little if anything to show for it except sectarian and ethnic violence, as well as violence against women and sexual minorities.

    With the exception of a few pockets of civilization, the whole continent is a political cesspool. It’s rich how they want to claim the moral high ground by condemning gays, and walking out of UN speeches in protest, as if they think their own s*** don’t stink. Hate to break it to you folks, but EVERYBODY’S does.

  15. PaulR says

    How not surprising. Tony Blair makes his money (and he makes a lot of it) by selling consulting contracts to third-world regimes. Do you think he’s going to piss off his customers by challenging their third-world mindset?

  16. Randy says

    Blair’s a good Catholic, and a revolting human being.

    Pedro, liberal Catholics still give credibility to the Catholic church, and still provide the church with the cash it needs to carry on their bigotry (among other things we all know about) worldwide. That may be liberal for Catholics, but they’re pretty conservative when looked at from outside.

    Nobody is born Catholic or is required to be Catholic. It’s a choice one makes voluntarily.

  17. jason says

    Ellen Johnson sounds like a Communist. Communists like to use the word “we” when they really should be saying “we bigots”. She’s an oppressor of fellow Africans.

  18. Seamus says

    Given the history of Liberia, it is quite amazing that Ms. Sirleaf denies rights to gays. But then, a major part of the Black Church in the U.S. does the same thing. I guess looking backward to see from whence they came is not a behavior that interests many previously oppressed people. Too bad.

  19. jack leddy says

    A lot of people use to prefer a country in which African-Americans were slaves. Fortunately some people didn’t agree with that barbarism and helped found a country for freed slaves. And that country is Liberia. Too bad that country has such a bigot for a president today.

  20. Dan Cobb says

    “We’ve got certain traditional values in our society we’d like to preserve.”

    Ms. Johnson, I think you mean your PRIMITIVE values. Is there any country in Africa, outside of South Africa that doesn’t throw gays in jail. What a primitive God-forsaken place! It disgusts me.

  21. ratbastard says

    Mr. Blair should be ashamed of himself. Of course he should have spoken up and used his bully pulpit.

    He should take a page from Jimmy Carter. Give Carter credit for saying what he thinks even if it’s unpopular. And Mr. Carter is a Baptist, so go a little easy or think twice the next time you arbitrarily bash Baptists.

  22. Ken says

    Amazing how David Cameron, the conservative prime minister, has show such great leadership on LGBT right while the former liberal darling Tony Blair can’t say one word when confronted with this woman’s bigotry. No doubt which party I’d support if I lived in the UK.

  23. Chicklets says

    Her culture dictates her views and i have to respect that. But in my culture what she’s wearing would be on a table. She needs to respect that.

  24. says

    It’s disappointing that Sirleaf Johnson would take this position, and it’s certainly not got anything to do with peace. She has some thinking to do, not least of all because of her status as a Peace Prize Laureate, but the most important thing at this point is probably not her but the younger generation.

    I was against last year’s Peace Prize award, but not against Johnson Sirleaf. Instead, I thought the award diminished the contributions of women. If you’re interested, have a look at “The Nobel Peace Prize’s problem with women” at

  25. jack says

    I totally agree with the comments about liberal catholics made by Pedro. Several of the most liberal states in the USA have Catholic majority populations.( Mass, R.I. )

  26. says

    Gay people in the developing world get their asses kicked on a regular basis. Meanwhile, here in the more tolerant West, we think its fun to play with the kind of demonizing labels that routinely lead to assault and murder over there. The staff of Wikipedia are the latest to engage in irresponsible frivolity of this kind. This morning, I sent the following email to Wiki’s Aequalitas Project:

    “In Wikipedia’s own definition of the word ‘queer’, the controversial nature of the word is noted. It is anything but universally-accepted nomenclature among LGBT folk. Yet Wikipedia has seen fit to force this demonizing label down the throats of its Web patrons. Isn’t that special?

    Will you be starting up a WikiN*gger site next? How about a WikiK*ke site? WikiCh*nk? WikiSp*ck? WikiB*tch for feminists? WikiRaghead for Muslims? And don’t forget the logical spin-off sites for WikiQueer: WikiF*ggot, WikiTr*nny and WikiD*ke! Make the world safe for all kinds of derogatory usage, why don’t you?

    The name “WikiQueer” is an insult to intelligence and to decency. Thanks a lot for giving vulnerable LGBT kids more stigma to shoulder! The Aequalitas Project obviously has no respect for LGBT identity, no class, and no shame! It’s yet another indication of Gay Gatekeeping run rampant on the Web.

    When you’re ready to adopt some ethics, here’s one you should latch on to as soon as possible:

    The 1st Commandment of Gay Rights Activism:
    Thou shalt not address thyself or thy kind with inaccurate, disrespectful or dehumanizing labels, nor shalt thou do or say anything to marginalize thyself or enable thy own oppression.

  27. Brian says

    My friends in England told me a long time ago that Tony Blair was not to be trusted. Now I know what they meant. Why didn’t he just say that Mrs. Sirleaf is entitled to her opinions, but those opinions were not his? His response was cowardly. Frankly, I don’t see why this woman won the Nobel Prize. She supports criminalizing gay people and is a graduate of Harvard University. If this law passes, the gay movement in the West will make sure her country gets no foreign aid. She will find out that bigotry has consequences. Hope she likes her traditional ways of doing things because they are going to be very expensive.

  28. jack says

    What is it about this woman that makes me hungary for some pancakes? O.K. So I’m being politically incorrect. Admit it. Lots of you thought the same thing.

  29. says

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