1. Marc says

    I remember seeing him perform on the street at the Vancouver Olympics and thought it was funny/interesting at first, but then 5 minutes later I was bored of the same dance moves and silly song that was playing.

  2. atomic says

    Is it so wrong to want to spread cheer and positivity that some of you think posting catty and cynical comments is a better alternative to what he’s doing?

    All he’s doing is trying to make people smile. Whether or not your reaction is negative has everything to do with the kind of person you are–it’s not a reflection on him.

    I, for one, appreciate his willingness to challenge heterosexual societal norms about whether men should wear form-fitting attire.

  3. Salythetruth says

    Well, if IBM -where he worked for some time- didn’t think he was dumb, why should anyone? And by the way the guy is going from good to better, so who is being intelligent?

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    @B-ROD: Hey Retard, we don’t say “retarded” to mean lame or dumb or even someone who actually has special needs… (some people’s rotted kids….)


  5. StraightGrandmother says

    Can I say something here? This website seems to have a few people who are intent to put a wet blanket on any positive article. Whether it is a wedding video or this fun dance story.

    I don’t know who they are as I read a lot of blogs and have not taken an interest in writing down names. I really don’t know if it the same 1 or 2 people or what. But I think the blog owners should look into this and deal with it.

    Like this article, it was a fun article to read and watch a fun video and the very first comment I read is negative. It let’s the air out of my balloon and is a dis-incentive for me to add a comment. I think the blog owners should pay attention and don’t let people add comments when all they do is ever add bummer comments. It really upsets me when I see negative comments on those nice wedding videos. I mean, those people are going to read the comments here. If it is a repetition of one or two people who are always negative, can never see anything good, then warn them and then ban them. It is a real downer to come to this website sometimes, because of these negative comments, that serve no purpose at all, other than to suck all the air out of the room.

  6. Jason says

    @Straightgrandmother–most of the queens that post regularly on this site spend their time and energy trying to outc-nt each other until Towleroad queen bee and head “mean girl” Little Kiwi shows up to let them know what they are supposed to think, say and believe. Don’t bother trying to change things – they love letting Little Kiwi dominate all the posts.

  7. Matt says

    Clearly B-rod is an introverted, bitter individual, only someone like that would call a fun, extroverted, over-the-top bubbly personality person “mildly retarded”.

    Spandy Andy is young and has the attitude that no one is going to get in his way from having harmless fun! (As it should be) B-rod on the other hand is just a jerk!

  8. MattS says

    I agree about the negative comments, but it takes all kinds, I guess. I just try to cancel them out with kind words…

    That being said, Spandy Andy is so cute and he may not have that many dance moves, but some are pretty darn impressive. His bubbly personality and positive take on things is refreshing. I especially loved how he chased down and borderline accosted the very few innocent bystanders who happened to be on the boardwalk that morning. He obviously feeds on the attention and isn’t above running after a cyclist to get it. Loved it!

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