1. kit says

    Well, THAT boycott didn’t work out too well. But, no worries, I have a better idea for NOM — boycott air. See, air is there for everyone to breathe equally, gay, straight, whatever. Air is pro-equality. NOM members should show their outrage by refusing to breathe until air is restricted only to straight people. That’ll show us! Go for it, Maggie! THIS boycott would get my full support!

  2. sparks says

    I’m starting to think organizations like NOM and “One Million Moms” were created by gay activists with a long-range goal of stimulating support for pro-gay causes and increasing empathy for companies and individuals targeted for discrimination over their pro-gay initiatives.

    Genius, really. 😛

  3. Mic says

    “…Genius Really…”

    So lets get this straight, Sparks:

    You come here, spout a load of crap about how you’re ‘beginning to think’ and then you cap it with: ‘genuis really’…

    …implying your ludicrous suggestion that your “beginning to think” …is completely true????

    You sir, are a moron. And a troll. And it doesnt take a ‘genius’ to see that

  4. rick says

    I think it is important to support companies who support us. I signed the “thank you” card to Starbucks and also sent my own email. Starbucks acknowledged it by saying that they have a long standing commitment to diversity. I have to admit to not being a big time Starbucks customer, but that will change immediately.
    NOM may win some small battles, but it is losing the war on equality.

  5. TampaZeke says

    I wrote Brian Brown and NOM a letter explaining that I was a struggling small business owner and asking what I could do to get one of their business boosting boycotts. I noted that clearly it wasn’t enough to simply be for “gay marriage” since Microsoft, Google and hundreds more companies have done that without earning one of the coveted NOM boycotts. I told them that I support marriage equality and freedom of reproductive choice and think that ALL religions should stay out of peoples’ bedrooms, vaginas and assholes. I even asked for suggestions for things I could support. I thought that would CERTAINLY get me on the list but alas no word back from them yet.

    I’m not giving up hope!

  6. Charlie says

    People seem to think that NOM has organized this boycott to get Starbucks to change its position. This is done to collect the names and email addresses of people who support their cause. And they will send out appeals for funds and collect 10s of thousands of dollars from this.

  7. Dannyeastvillage says

    @Ratbastard: well as usual you’ve come here to take a dump by mad
    King a posting that is only tangentially related to the topic under discussion. What would you do with yourself if you couldn’t come here to take a krap?

  8. ratbastard says


    Where in the village are you located,Danny? I could come by and meet you sometime, maybe have a cup of coffee at a Starbucks.

    Seriously, I simply dislike Starbucks coffee and Starbucks,Inc. in general.

  9. says

    ratbastard, still waiting for you to share an inspiring video with your 100% accepting family including your “jock brothers” who support their gay brother. it could be remarkably beneficial to the greater community. much more beneficial than anonymously coming online to say you don’t like starbucks coffee.

  10. Voice of Reason says

    I just returned from one of their Atlantic City stores. I bought a venti hot chocolate, almonds, brownies, candy bars, and ALL of their Madeleines (84 packages). My total came to $191.52.

    I don’t usually shop at Starbucks because I’m not a fan of coffee, but I will be dropping in a lot more in the future, as well as doing my best to patronize any and all other companies that NOM dislikes.

    Very best wishes to you all.

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