1. says

    As a Mac software and hardware Engineer I can tell you the spinning beach ball occurs for one of two specific reasons:

    (1) insufficient ram available (too many programs open? using a machine with minimum RAM for major work) or,

    (2) a poor or corrupt program file, i.e., the video he is trying to display has a problem and the RAM is working its little heart out to trying to play it.

    This is, of course, a ruse probably put on by a Microsoft vendor or supporter. (Clue: People simply don’t show up at a seminar with thousands of beach balls and beach umbrellas.)

    Here’s a quick tip for Mac users. Instead of minimizing a running program so it appears (twice) in your dock, hide the program instead. You’ll use far less RAM. How to hid? Make sure the program is the focus then hit the Command and H buttons.

  2. Dave says

    Kind of lame. Improve Everywhere went from being mildly subversive to creating what is essentially a viral ad for an overhyped tech conference.

  3. TJ says

    Seriously, how could anyone not see that this was a joke, and not take it for what it is (i.e., cool, fun) because it wasn’t subversive?


  4. Cal says

    Who is posting these lame videos and wasting my time? I watched 2 idiotic ones – guess I should know better than to come to this site on weekends. Please study towleroad’s weekday style more – it’s annoying to see such a difference on the weekends.

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