1. Sebastian says

    I don’t think he can stand up as a real person, as Wiilard he’s nothing but a robot missing some new electrodes to get show some human emotion, this homophobic flip flopper is beyond scary.

  2. Cubs Fan in DC says

    Yeah, I think he’s a boob of the highest order too, but here’s the problem with that. He didn’t actually say a lot of the things he’s edited into saying there. And all it takes is a good editor who’s sympathetic to the other side to do the same to Obama (in fact, this editor DID, he just didn’t use the technology to make Obama look like a boob).

    I think we suffer enough in our politics now from the inability to understand nuance or complexity. If everything is painted in black or white, say it once and clearly or never again terms, then we’re going to get simplistic solutions to the very complex problems that plague us.

    Although I’m a Democrat, I do not think that the Democrats have a monopoly on the ability to think clearly or solve problems. Solutions are going to come from collective action, and not the kind of partisan casuistry that this clip — entertaining though it is — represents.

  3. jack says

    What exactly was the point we missed? I saw techies using their media skills to make it look like people said and did things that they did not say and do. That adulterates the political debate.

  4. AladinSane says

    You’re right Jack, satire combined with pop culture references should be kept strictly literal. Maybe we should eliminate metaphors and similes while we’re at it…

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