1. luminum says

    How awful…

    Just disgusting that someone could do this to her. I hope they find her torturers/murderers and bring to swift, cold, and hard justice.

    Another one of our own brutally taken away from us too soon…

  2. DrJWL says

    Mexico is a violent dump and we should all steer clear of it. Not just LGBT, but all Americans. They cant and wont keep their sh*t under control.

  3. Octavio says

    You’ve got your information wrong.

    I live in Puebla.

    She wasn’t found dead outside her home, she was left out at a road outside the city.

    The day she was murdered she left to a party outside of town with unknown acquaintances of her.

    It’s believed that the man who invited her to the party is responsible for her death.

    I knew her personally and it was very tough on everyone, and thousands were outraged.

    I’m not saying there is no homophobia in my city but I wouldn’t really classify her death as a hate crime…

  4. Cindy says

    You will always be sadly missed but by those who knew you but will always remain in our minds and our hearts RIP…My heart goes out to the family and friends whom are morning today now and forever more and it will not remain forgotten what had happened to you because in this world their are people who listen and do care in this world you did not deserve what you have gone through nobody does.

  5. says

    Really? Not a hate crime?

    A crime of passion, even a hitman leaves their mark. This woman wasn’t strangled to death or shot, her neck was slashed open. It takes a special kind of mind set to do something like that, it takes a special kind of rage you can only get from hate. It takes hate because by killing her that way, whoever did it, wanted to send a message. Probably message other LGBT people or anyone who is different. That is what’s scary about this case. The government doesn’t care much about this, so it is the duty of the LGBT from Mexico to be so loud to make them care, so this doesn’t happen to you or someone who you care for. There are some dangerous people out there that need to be put away for the safety of others. Maybe an association, maybe a priest, I don’t know, all I know is this needs to be investigated and resolved.

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