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    I just can’t get excited about an On the Road movie. As much as I wish that book appealed to me, I absolutely hated it. I’m sure a lot of people would say this is sacrilege, but I think beat poetry sucks, and nothing of their movement ever really resonated with me as a guy born in the 80s. I wish that weren’t the case…

    As for the castle… words can’t express… what a fracking travesty. Since kids don’t have fully-formed brains and don’t get the consequences of their actions, maybe we really should just ban them from great works of history and art…. almost none of them can appreciate it, anyway.

  2. zeddy says

    As someone who adores Kerouac, that movie just seems too modern or something…maybe it’s the choice of actors? I saw a tiny flash of someone who I assumed was Ginsberg, but for the rest, they just look like actors, not someone who inhabits Kerouac. We’ll see though!

  3. jim says

    Amazing footage of the castle fire. Seems odd that they didn’t install SOME sort of sprinkler system or something during the “recent restoration”…it is a public museum. Amazing how a couple of brats started a grassfire on the hill and the whole castle ended up burning. What did they shingle it with, untreated wood?

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    As unexcited as I am about the On the Road movie, I have to say that Garret Hedlund is legit. He was amazing in Country Strong.

    He was nothing special in the thing he’s best known for — the new Tron — but the material didn’t give him much to work with.

    (Tron didn’t work in the 80’s, I’m not sure why Disney thought it would today… but they’re doubling down with a cartoon series. I guess they think it can sell toys, if not movie tickets…)

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