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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1087

TSA STOPS TODDLER YT: "A toddler in a wheelchair is stopped by the TSA at the Airport in Chicago and forced to into a sequestered area. On his way to a family vacation in Disney, this 3 year old boy is in a body cast for a broken leg. Despite assurances from his father that "everything is ok", he is physically trembling with fear while he watches his two siblings, mother, father, grandfather and grandmother pass through along with everyone else...only to be singled out."

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ROSIE O'DONNELL: Addresses her show's cancellation.

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  1. Searching a toddler in a wheel chair is not as ridiculous as it may first appear. Sadly, terrorists have shown they will hide explosives inside unlikely places. It is precisely those unlikeliest of places that need most to be searched. Their cruelty is only matched by their imagination.

    Posted by: Chip | Mar 20, 2012 4:48:09 PM

  2. Just can't believe the heat and hate Rosie has taken over this!
    She does not deserve this. Its not her network that is screwing up. She had a terrible time slot and was surrounded by old Discovery reruns...go figure!

    Posted by: Vern Dufford | Mar 20, 2012 4:54:07 PM

  3. Rosie's reaction and address of her show being cancelled was very well said and contrite and I like her more now than ever. I think the problem lies more with the brand new network OWN that most people don't even know exist or if they do, have no idea that it's on channel #224 on their cable box or whatever. It's unfortunate that they couldn't give Rosie a whole season to make the show work, but both she and Oprah will not only survive, but they will thrive. I hope Rosie is back on tv very soon because I think very highly of her.

    Posted by: shle896shle | Mar 20, 2012 5:01:03 PM

  4. Watching the toddler video, I'm am shaking myself -- with anger. Absolute white-hot fury. Gotta say that is some terrific dad, reassuring his child and keeping his temper. I would have blown my stack, scared my kid and put all of us in jail. Please let this go viral and have someone at Homeland Security apologize to this family and pay for their Disney World vacation.

    Posted by: BrianM | Mar 20, 2012 5:02:46 PM

  5. @ CHIP :

    Are you phucking serious ?

    You have bought in to all the USA paranoia and irrational fear of terrorists lurking in every corner.
    Clearly these idiots are completely devoid of anything that passes for common sense.
    These stupid idiots should be made to go out in the real world and get jobs where they can't peddle their preposterous inflated grandiose notions of their own importance to security.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 20, 2012 5:06:07 PM

  6. The TSA is disgusting. I blame Obama and the Democrats for this. The TSA is one reason why I won't be voting for the vile Democrats.

    Posted by: jason | Mar 20, 2012 5:07:36 PM

  7. @ JASON :

    ???? I thought Bush brought in the TSA and torture ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 20, 2012 5:12:38 PM

  8. For what it's worth - the video of the 3 year old being searched is over two years old. The TSA has claimed to not search kids anymore. Personally, if it stops planes from blowing up then they can search me and everyone else. who cares.

    Also, Rosie is being nice because she signed a deal that said she must be nice in order to have her contract paid off - which it will be. Her show sucked.

    Posted by: mike | Mar 20, 2012 5:14:59 PM

  9. I am enraged by the reaction to that toddler video. I am enraged that people have forgotten what those people on 9/11 went through. Pause and think for one moment abt the terror those people felt. Watch videos of them jumping from 90 stories. The TSA can make me wait 6 hours, they can shove their hand in vile places if they want. This world is full of sick people who murder children for no reason. You bet your a55 they will hide a bomb or box cutter in a child's cast. The kid will get over it. There is not a single day that goes by that I don't think abt 9/11. I am forever traumatized and I NEVER forget. I went to work in a tall building that day too!

    Posted by: AJ | Mar 20, 2012 5:17:53 PM

  10. I have to agree with Chip on this one. It is unfortunately true that we still have to take these kinds of security measures to protect ourselves from terrorists; there are people out there who would use any means imaginable to bring down airplanes that are filled with parents, toddlers, all of us. We can't be as clueless and careless as we were on September 10, 2001

    The TSA can be clowns, but this guy is gentle and unintimidating. And the dad was sensitive and reassuring during this unsettling but brief examination.

    Posted by: DavidGroff | Mar 20, 2012 5:21:19 PM

  11. CHIP, you are so propagandized and so typically American. You have no capacity to sift facts, assess those facts, and arrive at a reasonable conclusion. This is a collasal waste of taxpayer money --money apparently CHIP wants to spend even more of. If terrorists are using white American English families to deliver their bombs, then you might as well shut down the airports because the waiting time to go through security will be 10 hours or more. Either cut the number of flights by 90%, or have every personwait to got through this ridiculous "security" check. CHIP, your paranoia is killing you.

    Posted by: DanCobb | Mar 20, 2012 5:24:20 PM

  12. Mike, how about cars? More cars have been used to bomb things than planes. Would you be in favor of having traffic stops every 2 miles for a thorough check of each and every car? How about people who are walking? More bombs have been delivered by walking people than by people in planes. Do you support a total random strip search for every pedestrian at any time of day or night? After all, it will make you safer, safer, safer. Americans are ignorant paranoics... and I believe have been made to feel VERY AFRAID by the GOP and by corporate propaganda. After all, Americans trembling in their boots got ExxonMobil and Chevron back into very profitable PSA oil contracts in Iraq again!

    Posted by: DanCobb | Mar 20, 2012 5:28:09 PM

  13. As my Republican colleague said when we traveled by air recently: the terrorists have already won. The TSA needs to move more quickly on targeted screening using behavioral (not racial) profiling.

    And to AJ: remember what the terrorists of 9/11 used: box cutters. I've had a pocket knife slip through post 9-11 security. You can't use the HORRORS of 9/11 as an excuse for every over-blown measure.

    Posted by: David R. | Mar 20, 2012 5:37:09 PM

  14. @ CHIP

    Just because you have panic feelings does not automatically mean that putting a three year old through this nonsense is justifiable.

    and AJ, since when did searching three year olds stop any plane blowing up ? And in your absurd logic anything seems to be permissible.......perhaps torture ? ....even though your Govt. are signatories to the Geneva Conventions.
    BTW, you are incorrect , the "world" is not "full of sick people" !

    You paranoid misled people need to grow up.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 20, 2012 5:44:11 PM

  15. From my personal experience, people in wheelchairs are always pat down and searched. The wheelchair cannot go through the X Ray machine as it will beep. If you are not able to leave the wheelchair and walk you're going to get searched. it happened on every flight we've ever been on.

    Also, I believe some items have been smuggled inside a wheelchair frame before in some domestic incidents (not international terrorist one). I don't find anything here unreasonable.

    I think this family was unaware because their child was not in a wheelchair for life, but in there because he had an injury. Anyone permanently disabled knows this happens. If you're disabled, you check everything before you travel. Then you're not blindsided by what is normal air travel procedure for disabled passengers, along with first to board and last to disembark.

    This child may have been uncomfortable for a short time but I'm pretty sure it was quickly forgotten. The family should be grateful that their child's broken leg is not permanent instead of trying to make this a huge incident.

    Posted by: sara | Mar 20, 2012 5:47:29 PM

  16. Wow !

    You have all swallowed the Coolaid !

    How absurd you sound.....just because you are paranoid,("some items have been smuggled inside a wheelchair "), does not mean that you leave common sense and your brains (sic) outside the door.
    Look at the three year old do your racial profiling on him; and you are trying to justify this absurdity ?

    Shame on you for you dumb-a$$ paranoia.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 20, 2012 6:04:00 PM

  17. I saw this Video about the TSA search on the news and wondered what the big deal was. The kid doesn't look like he's "trembling with fear" to me, and it's not as if the agent is yelling and being aggressive.
    I never took a flight until I was 14 years old. Any parent who does bring a kid on a flight should prepare them ahead of time for all that will be unusual: waiting in long lines, being checked by security agents, handing over your suitcase of Teddy bears and pajamas over (but don't worry, Teddy will be on the plane, too), and how they'll be looking down on the clouds below which might sound scary but will be kind of fun.
    The whole day, including the checkpoint, could be traumatizing if the parent sets the example to make it that way. @BrianM: If you were my dad, I probably WOULD be scarred by the ordeal you would make out of what would otherwise have passed as a fun day flying.

    Posted by: Gregv | Mar 20, 2012 6:18:52 PM

  18. Gee !
    I must have fallen down the rabbit hole.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 20, 2012 6:32:26 PM

  19. This video just shows the extremes that people will go to now. Did his beloved parents ever stop to think that dragging an injured toddler (and we wonder how he broke his leg) on a family vacation involving plane travel may not be such a great idea? Heaven forbid that they may miss a trip to Disneyland!

    Posted by: Notkony | Mar 20, 2012 6:35:04 PM

  20. @JACKFKNTWIST Again, pat down searches were done PRIOR to 9/11. It was standard operating procedure to do that to people in wheelchairs because they don't go through the X Ray. And FYI sometimes life for the disabled aren't all that peachy keen and all that fair. This little child fell temporarily into that category. But he had a temporary inconvenience. He's going to get over his broken leg and no more pat downs.

    This may be shocking news for you but this was life for disabled people every time they travel even before any terrorist incident.

    Posted by: sara | Mar 20, 2012 6:36:53 PM

  21. @SARA:

    Thanks, your humanity touches me .

    Now to find that one pill that will make me taller again.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 20, 2012 7:01:10 PM

  22. I was all ready to be hacked off at the TSA guy until I watched the video. He was just doing his job. he was gentle with the kid. He was talking gently and being as reassuring as he could. he was not insensitive. The fact that he has to frisk a toddler is disturbing, but he did it in a very respectful and gentle way. I have seen much worse behavior from TSA agents. I think this man handled himself very well.

    Posted by: JD Swell | Mar 20, 2012 7:10:06 PM

  23. Jason the Troll is a practitioner of the Big Lie. He knows the TSA and Fatherland... er, ah... Homeland Security were part of Bush's massive increase in government (so much for the repug fantasy of shrinking government so Grover Norquist could drown it in his bathtub), but he hopes a few dopes won't remember that so he just keeps telling the lie. He, being a dope, may even believe it himself but nobody else does.

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Mar 20, 2012 7:20:05 PM

  24. Parents are allowed to carry their children who cannot walk. Why didn't the father simply carry the child through the metal detector? The wheelchair could have been brought through the side and searched without the kid in it. Also, I thought the TSA was NEVER allowed to separate a child from his parents?

    Posted by: boone68 | Mar 20, 2012 7:37:15 PM

  25. The whole idea of these Gestapo goons terrifying a child or being so stupid as to start swabbing around the child is anathema.

    Since when did "security" and "police intrusion" become synonymous ?
    Most of the writers here seem to have handed over the precious "freedom" that you all keep shouting about to a paranoid police dominated state.

    Many of you have become delusional; you don't seem to grasp that the worshiping of this so called security is a path towards thinking the State is always correct to impose restrictions, even absurd ones ....

    You can see where this is going to take you, right ?.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 20, 2012 7:55:44 PM

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