Turkish Army Won’t Accept Gays, But Requires Humiliating Proof That You Are One

Openly gay men are not welcome in the Turkish army. However, a recruit must go through a humiliating process to prove he is gay, the BBC reports:

Turkisharmy"They asked me when I first had anal intercourse, oral sex, what sort of toys I played with as a child."

Ahmet, a young man in his 20s, told officials he was gay at the first opportunity after he was called up, as he and other conscripts underwent a health check.

"They asked me if I liked football, whether I wore woman's clothes or used woman's perfume," he says. ''I had a few days' beard and I am a masculine guy – they told me I didn't look like a normal gay man.''

He was then asked to provide a picture of himself dressed as a woman.

''I refused this request,'' he says. ''But I made them another offer, which they accepted.'' Instead he gave them a photograph of himself kissing another man. Ahmet hopes this will give him what he needs – a "pink certificate", which will declare him homosexual and therefore exempt from military service.

Another man, Gokhan, went prepared with explicit photographs of himself

''The face must be visible,'' says Gokhan. ''And the photos must show you as the passive partner.''

The photographs satisfied the military doctors. Gokhan was handed his pink certificate and exempted from military service. But it was a terrible experience, he says, ''And it's still terrible. Because somebody holds those photographs. They can show them at my village, to my parents, my relatives.''

Proving you're gay to the Turkish army [bbc]


  1. Jeff in DC says

    Here’s how to avoid the humiliating process that a gay person must go through to serve in the Turkish military: Just serve like everyone else does. In the military, do your job to the best of your ability but don’t keep secrets about your personal life. Change people’s minds, one at a time.

  2. Steve says

    That’s easily said if you’re living in a country that’s at least partially tolerating. Not so easy when the whole culture is extremely homophobic to begin with

  3. ratbastard says


    Are you serious? I know political correctness says we’re all the same, want the same things and all cultures are equal, but here’s a newflash: we aren’t all the same, many times various cultures throughout the world have radically different ideals and even words and what you may think are universal concepts mean radically different things to different people. Peace may mean one thing to you,something quite different to another. Gay or homosexuality and male/male sex may mean one thing to you, something else to another.

    It’s amazing how in many cultures a gay man means exclusively soft, effete males, and it’s OK to have ‘gay’ sex as long as you’re on ‘top’ and masculine. If you’re masculine ‘top’, you aren’t gay. Many cultures the majority of gay men when pressed will call themselves bi or insist they’re str8. In some American sub-cultures being on the ‘down-low’ is much more tolerated, especially if you’re masculine and the ‘top’. In prison environments this is also common.

  4. Michael says

    Too funny, I guess technically I am not gay. As a top who has never worn women’s clothes…

  5. jack says


    Isn’t Turkey the most liberal Muslim nation? Doesn’t it want to become a member of the European Union? These kinds of things really help that cause.

  6. Tom Stoppard says

    Kind of hilarious, if it wasn’t so pathetic. Oh dear Turkey – everyone’s laughing at you now and your quaintly confused stereotypes of gay men as cross-dressers and only being bottoms.

    Even the country which is most obsessed with projecting itself as unremittingly and unironically macho (the good ol’ U S of A) has finally managed to allow gays in the army and the sky didn’t fall in.

  7. QJ201 says

    of course you have to be the passive partner; middle eastern men follow the “latin code.” Only the passive partner is “gay” the active partner isn’t. Many middle eastern men will stick their cock in anyone, particularly those in gender segregated islamic cultures.

  8. Hollywood, CA says

    This is the country where hot young Turks get half-naked, oil each other up, and “wrassle” each other to the ground? Right? BAhahahahahaaaaa!

  9. SuinaMeridionali says

    And still, being a Muslim country, lucky they couldn’t send him to jail. I guess Italy and Turkey could make a good union, like a confederation or something.

  10. Robert says

    It’s similar to the process in place at draft boards around this country during the 1960’s. If one lacked all the most stereotypical mannerisms and dress believed to be indicators by the examining officers one’s claim to be gay didn’t fly.