1. galore says

    I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I just don’t understand what’s so attractive with the exoskeleton insect look?

    This look gets universally pushed as the ultimate goal. Do people really dig it so much?? Reminds me of the pinnacle blonde Barbie look for girls.

  2. DonDon says

    Your “journalism” is a bit off. He doesn’t say “Don’t buy that useless machine”

  3. EO says

    I’m all about a cute guy who is in decent shape but abs that are taken to that extreme look kinda gross.

  4. Vern Dufford says

    A suspect a little body airbrushing to highlight his nice abs.But just don’t get pulling up the shirt thing. Feels like he was roaming the streets in need of showing someone…any takers?

  5. say what says


    yes and no

    stop eating modern wheat which is nothing like what humans ate and evolved along with for many millenia

    Eikorn 7k-9k yrs old or Emmer 17,000 years old wheats derived from thousands of years of humans breeding them and evolving along with them naturally as vs modern wheat that one gets now and both are much healthier for humans

    modern wheat is NOT what our ancestors ate even a few hundred years ago….it is completely different and unhealthy

  6. Gregv says

    My first thought was, “Are those real or is the 6-pack painted on with lines of self-tanner?”

    As for the wheat, I question myself on it every day. I’d like to drip it, but it’s so ubiquitous.
    Ever since Starbucks gave it’s support to equality, I’ve bought food and drink there every day (sipping on an iced espresso right now… Yum.) But what do they sell for breakfast that’s healthy and has no wheat? Nothing I can find.

  7. rovex says

    A ‘bit’ of a six pack is hot, but that looks like one of Ripleys failed clones in Alien resurrection.

  8. Gregv says

    It’s=”its.” I know that; it’s the auto-correct. Actually, I think I’ll start calling it “auto-incorrect.” Is there any way to shut it off?

  9. anon says

    The biggest weight gainer is booze and soft drinks are probably number two.

    He’s had way too much cosmetic surgery for a guy his age.

  10. yukkity yuk says

    I’m w/GALORE.
    His stomach looks like a crawfish on it’s back.
    Moderation, my friend

  11. tkjasd says

    When you work out, you get definition in the way “god” made you.

    Geez, no one goes into the gym thinking “OH HEY IM GONNA MAKE SURE I DONT OVER WORK MYSELF IN CASE I GET NASTY ABS”

    Just listen to yourself =.=;

  12. Sargon Bighorn says

    For those that like the “Bear” look, America is your oyster with 75% being over weight, you have unlimited choices. For those that like the ripped muscled look the pickings are far slimmer (ha ha). The guy does hot drink the diet crap, nor eat the diet crap. He admits to eating fried food (Spray PAM). He’s young, he’s active, he does not eat crap. This is not brain surgery, it is common sense.

  13. Zlick says

    To each their own, but 4 me: 6-pak=hot, 12-pak=not.

    And don’t eat wheat, huh? Good luck with that. I’ve some friends who are allergic to wheat (it’s a more common allergy than you might think), and finding food without wheat is quite the chore. Just for fun, try and do it for 24 hours. It’s in everything.

    So clearly, that’s not quite the only key to a decent bod.

  14. say what says

    zlick wheat allergies are on the rise due to humanity eating “modern” wheat

    the staple of civilization would have weeded out those with wheat allergens long ago if it was the kind of wheat our ancestors ate

    it isn’t

    our ancestors ate Eikorn or Emmer whest which are both vastly different from “modern” wheat

    both Eikorn and Emmer studies show to either not cause allergic reactions or a reaction at an extremely lower level than modern wheat does

    wheat is not evil

    Modern wheat is

    and modern wheat in excess is extremely unhealthy

  15. buster says

    I’m no expert, but even if our ancestors ate different wheat than we do, it doesn’t mean they all walked around with 6-packs. Also, didn’t they all die when they were, like, 28?

    Stop running after gimmicks – neither a Bowflex machine nor Eikorn wheat is gonna solve all your problems.

  16. peterparker says

    That guy works out at my gym. And he (and his tiny Asian girlfriend) eat at a restaurant I used to frequent for breakfast. I never paid all that much attention to what he was eating. But I watched him workout, and my assessment is this: he seems to get that look from about 35% genetics, 35% diet, 20% ‘supplements'(ahem!), and 10% hard work.

    And to the person who commented that he’s had too much plastic surgery for someone his age: I don’t know what you are seeing on screen, but in person the guy does not look even remotely like he’s had plastic surgery. He’s a top fitness model, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he has had Botox, maybe some filler here and there or even laser. But surgery? Absolutely not.

  17. say what says



    many in ancient Rome reached the 70’s with quite a few written accounts of people dieing at 78 though those were upper class people with a much better diet than the plebs

    only a few years lower than the modern average

  18. Lawrence says

    Wow, I would not think this guy would get the reactions it did. I saw this and I thought he was hot and wanted him and his abs. He seems pretty nice and acted on impulse in front of the camera.

  19. marks says

    Facking facks, I’ve seen this guy at ‘California Chicken Cafe’ and he’s hotter in person!

  20. stranded says

    I agree with those who think his abs are overdone. To keep a body like that you’d have become a slave to the gym and a person like that is obviously a narcissist who’d never have time for you unless you devoted yourself to revolve around his universe.

  21. Trent says

    I’m with GALORE way up at the top — this dude’s stomach is horrifying and gross. Give me a guy who reads books, keeps up with politics and eats a cheeseburger now and then to this grotesque insect exoskeleton look any day. Ugh.

  22. Gans says

    I have to agree with PeterParker on this one. I lived on the Beach (as in Miami Beach) during the “Pioneer Days”, when you couldn’t throw a cat without hitting a fit, over-ripped guy. I worked at Paragon, the Marlin, and the Palace, so I saw their diets, which were not as healthy as the actor/model claims.

    I remember vividly the days where wonderful, beautiful, kind, and fit people were dying en masse. NYC was also reeling because this was when it was only AZT was the only hope for survival (it wasn’t), and suddenly every gay man were suddenly becoming what I would consider fit and sexy, due to genetics with a small side of gym and something else, ahem.

    These were really frightening times for so many people I cared for deeply. It’s still difficult to truly think about the number of people that I know are dying far too young to this day. Here I was, skinny but relatively fit, and I just didn’t get it.

    Then I discovered the reason from a friend (RIP) that was instructed by his doctor after so many close calls and pacing the ward at Mt Sinai, yet by miracle he would pass, told him what to do-take steroids because it would reverse the ‘AIDS wasting’ and build some strength to fight whatever battle would ensue. He did, but like most the amount became OTT, and suddenly he had gained massive amounts of weight and beefed up huge in a very short time.

    And that turned into a pressure that was rough to say no to, as skinny became the new sick, and the unrealistically huge was considered healthy. And for now we have a variety of medicines that are knocking out viral loads to nil and T-cells up to a normal range.

    Regrettably this look and abusing an aid to add some strength and fighting the many battles, and there was an Achilles’ heel: liver damage. Without a liver you will die.

    I am so blessed that there are many friends that I love and are friends-no, they are more than friends because they are a part of me, and part of my chosen family. And some are pulling back from steroids and keeping medicine adherence. We are still losing some due to the abuses of a good thing, but I am seeing family in them, because some have that genetic code of hotness, and some are just as wonderful as the day I met them.

    I’m not kidding myself here. I developed a chronic set of neurological disorders a few years back which has no cure, and I’m happy to sat that whether they are huge or not, fit or looking older does not matter to me. Losing a relationship because of this hurt, but I have my family of friends, and that, dear friends, is the answer to real beauty.

  23. says

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