1. endo says

    ARGH! This bugs the crap outta me because I genuinely like Adam Lambert and I really enjoyed him on American Idol.

    Gay males aren’t resistant to embrace him because he’s gay. We don’t embrace him because his music is feckin’ awful!

    If he recorded an album of Queen-style anthems and beautiful “Mad World” ballads, I have no doubt gay men would love him. But his record label has him recording bland, safe pop crap to placate the American Idol audience of tween girls and cat ladies.

    How does he not get this?

  2. Jacoby says

    The lack of a gay following is probably because his music is not that great. Another problem is that he is not as cute/hot as he and his middle aged female fans think he is. That Thompson Twins look has got to go.

  3. IAN F says

    He tweeted “I’m still learning.Sometimes I state my opinions as fact and make generalizations.I apologize to the LGBT community. Great music is the key.” just after that article came out. I read article and it’s too bad because otherwise it’s an interesting piece.

    Maybe you could add the tweet to the post Andy?

    I do like him and he’s generally a positive guy. Sounds like he’s a bit frustrated through. I think his talent is greater than his songs but I haven’t heard the new album yet.

    I hope it’s good because he is breaking barriers on radio and his success will make it easier for the next guy.

    But let’s be honest, there’s still plenty of cattiness along with guys who just just don’t like his music.

  4. QJ201 says

    So what the first three posts are saying is that Lambert’s music isn’t gay enough for them and he isn’t hot enough.

    Yep, Lambert nailed it. Catty.

  5. timesmasher says

    Adam’s record label doesn’t “have” him recording anything. He’s writing and recording what he loves to do – pop. It’s OK if it’s not to your taste, but his music is a boatload better than most of the pop out there today because it’s creative and doesn’t need to be autotuned. He has a stellar voice that’s amazing regardless of the genre he sings, and he’s even better live. He’s just not interested in being cast into the rock “box” that a lot of people who loved him on Idol would like to see him fit into.

    And as far as the cattiness goes, he’s dead on about that. I do follow him and can’t tell you how many snarky articles and nasty comments I’ve read by gay men who disparage him for his hair, face, clothes, personality (seriously? when Adam is the nicest guy ever), and everything BUT his music. He deserves a lot better for being the out and proud gay man that he is, whether one likes his music or not. A lot of teens (as well as others) have written heartfelt messages to him about how his openness has saved them from despair or made it easier for them to come out to family & friends. He’s a role model for a lot of people – too bad some of you don’t get that.

    and “cat ladies” – what the hell is that? lol

  6. endo says

    @QJ201 (what are you, an AM radio station?): You completely missed the point. His songs are not good. That’s not catty. That’s just honest.

    @timesmasher: You are incredibly naive about how the music industry works. RCA has total control over artists like Adam Lambert. Clive Davis chooses (and pays for) the producers that Lambert works with and the type of songs. If you don’t think so, just ask Kelly Clarkson about her experience with My December.

    @Phoenix Justice: FALSE. Adam Lambert is enormously talented.

  7. Drew says

    I cannot believe some of you find him without talent. My ears must have been damaged from Ke$ha- who I secretly love- because I find Adam’s voice really amazing and his songs from the first album are great. Just don’t get the average reviews of him overall.

  8. BenR says

    I think no one wants to admit it, but there’s truth to what he’s saying. The gay male community is more likely to support female artists, and to criticize and exhibit internalized homophobia to gay male artists.

    Not that mediocre music isn’t PART of it, but as @Emmy pointed out, our community does sure seem to get behind a lot of mediocre music from women.

  9. timesmasher says

    @ENDO You are incredibly mistaken in this case. Adam is the Executive Producer of this album, meaning he is in complete creative control of what gets produced. While RCA may be recommending producers to him, they are not making the ultimate decisions about what he writes in collaboration with those folks or what goes on the album. Now radio play is another story. Many fans were distressed at what they consider “safe” first choices for his singles from this album, but accept that it’s a strategic decision that had to be made to get him radio play by stations that are more attuned to the generic pop stuff that’s out there these days. His own songs are much more interesting and will eventually get the exposure they deserve once people have heard the album.

  10. Geronimo says

    Adam isn’t far of the mark at all. There are dozens and dozens of gay artists out there toiling away without a major label record deal. Many of them are self producing amazing music of all genres. Many of these men have amazing voices, are stunningly beautiful, and are incredibly talented.

    So why aren’t they a hit with gay men? Why aren’t they the star performers at gay pride events instead of your generic disco diva who had one hit 30 years ago? Why doesn’t there stuff sell?

    Because too many gay men are more interested in style rather than substance. we’re drawn more to fantasy than reality. Because shallow still passes for depth in our community.

    It’s why Madonna ends up on the cover of the Advocate as a “Gay Icon” instead of an actual, you know, GAY PERSON, like k.d. lang.

    If you’ve never been to the Queer Music Heritage site do yourself a favor put down your ipod loaded wtih Ke$sha/Katy/Gaga/Madonna and visit:

    Sorry for the rant, but being married to a man who has produced, mixed and recorded 7 albums all on his own has made me a bit touchy about this issue.

  11. Jessie says

    Those of you making catty remarks, saying Adam has no talent, you need to the pull corncob out of your butt so your bigoted ass’s can think and hear. If these really are gay commenter’s they are also dumbass know nothings, not all gays are smart, or talented. It’s not kool to be gay and stupid, and some of the comments here are stupid at best, but mostly just plain ignorant…….I have no time for people that lie trying to hurt someone, don’t you fools know the rest of the world has ears. If you are truly gay I feel sorry for your dumb asses, but because you are not only dumb, YOU’RE STUPID! I happen to be gay and I recognize greatness when I hear it, apparently many of you don’t, but in the meantime, shut the hell up, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  12. Butch says

    I think there’s something about a comment section that brings out the catty gene in many people, and not just on this site. I’m not the world’s biggest Lambert fan (as a rural guy I really think he looks better when he loses the odd hair) but I don’t think it’s right to call him without talent.

  13. Ray says

    Don’t be fooled people, there’s a group of people, bigots I should say, that follow Adam from site to site making disparaging remarks, they pretend to be gay, they are neither gay or former Adam fans, they are bigots. Only someone with an ear of gravel would say Adam Lambert has no talent, so pay these fools no mind.

  14. b says

    @Phoenix Justice

    “Yeah…..Exactly. If he had some real talent, we as a community would support him.”

    Curious….do you think Katy and Britney have ‘real talent’? If so,your statement clearly tells the discerning listeners that you have hearing problems!!

    Best laugh of the day!!

  15. endo says

    timesmasher: You just went from naive to flat out dumb. And honestly, you’re starting to sound like a Stan, which renders you incapable of objective thought.

    Music execs at the majors do not let artists have complete control. This is a business. They are out to make money. Artists do not make sound financial decisions.

  16. VDUFFORD says

    Well he ain’t Connie Francis,but he does have the eyebrows and kind of her hair… he can scream like a girl…hell maybe he is Connie Francis!

  17. Jim says

    “Trespass” is a boring song, but “Never Close Our Eyes” is pretty good and I’ve already heard a kickass dance remix of it. I hope DJs will play it. He still has that incredible voice. I’d love to hear him to an album of Sinatraesque standards one day. I was obsessed with him on “Idol,” and loved his 1st album. He’s an interesting talent because not many like him have come before, except for the guys like Freddie Mercury who could only hint at their sexuality back in the day. Only now are openly gay entertainers starting to get attention. How do we respond to them?

    He’s right about gay male support – gay men just don’t flock to support other gay male entertainers. They’re all over gorgeous straights who are idealized versions of gay men, like Ben Cohen, Darren Criss, etc. Internalized homophobia is a very, very tough nut to crack. Gay men find too much fault with each other. Gay men are used to supporting women for so many years, many of them don’t know what to do with one of their own.

    Interesting phenomenon – with Lady Gaga, you have a straight woman supported by gay men. With Adam, you have a gay man supported by straight women.

  18. Ray says

    @JIM, Sir you have hit the nail on the head, I am gay and I see the problem you describe very clearly. Gay men will not support a gay male, but wish every attractive straight man was gay. Until this changes and gays support gay men and women we will have very few recording artist or actors to enjoy. We have to stop destroying our own, supporting our will work wonders to advance gay rights.

  19. Hey Wait a minute says

    @Endo: Since I own cats, I guess I’m the cat lady with a teen heart, I might add. Don’t blame us!!!! I want, I love when Adam is hardcore, over the top with edgy rock & roll music and STYLE.

    Who is it that wants Adam to do more techno pop? I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t the old ladies cats or the teen girls, hun.

  20. magsmagenta says

    @Hey Wait a Minute, Hello fellow cat lady, I’m with you on that, Only Adams music always sounds best live, that’s when his rockier side comes out, and he feeds off the audience energy as we feed off his.

    I find the techno a bit boring, but I put up with it because the live stuff is worth it.

  21. Jollysocks says

    Internalized homophobia hits the nail on the head. If Freddie Mercury was alive and out today, the gays would be trashing him too “he’s too rock and too loud, what’s with the moustache and the body hair?!”

    Even the George Michael comparisons don’t hold up because though talented, Michael has done things to deserve the scorn. Adam Lambert is talented and hasn’t done anything wrong — besides actually come out at an early age. I suppose that’s just a big turn off to some of you.

  22. Hey Wait a minute says


    IKR? Yesterday, I was feeling kind of nostalgic so I popped Adam’s Glamnation Tour DVD into the DVD player. Watching his live performance reminded me that even though Trespassing is very popped out, he still possesses the spirit of rock & roll which will likely visit us again through his upcoming live performances.

    This is not to say I don’t like his music. Because of Adam, I’ve been more open to listening to pop music and more r&b.

  23. SKOC211 says

    The reason I don’t “celebrate” Adam is because I have never liked his music or his whole shtick. He is undeniably talented, but forgive me if I don’t fall in line to worship him or buy his albums just because he’s and out and proud gay man.

  24. Bill says

    @SKOC211, that’s fair. Most of your statement is fair… but see, then you had to go and say “shtick”. Comes off a little catty really. Maybe what you call “shtick” is just him. I mean, I hear you, but if you really follow him (which you don’t want to, it’s all good) you’d eventually see that Lambert’s way about him really isn’t “shtick”, just one facet of his many sides. He’s really quite “shtick” free, but chooses to exercise his freedom to explore various sides of himself.

  25. Brandon says

    As a gay male myself, I find it aggravating that he’s not more widely accepted in America. (Internationally, he’s huge.) People who think he has no talent are either deaf or just plain stupid. The range, power, and vocal control that he displays is quite frankly astounding.

    And his music is actually miles better than than most of the craptastic songs that comprise Top 40 radio. Look at people like Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber….none of whom are very good singers. Yet their music is all over the radio. While pop/rock/dance music doesn’t appeal to everyone, I find it hard to believe that anyone would find a Justin Bieber song better than anything on either one of Adam Lambert’s albums.

    I’m afraid that I’m going to have to agree with Adam on his “cattiness” take….be it jealousy or the inability to cope with a strong, gay male figure who is doing what he loves to do and having success while doing it.

    Anyway, it doesn’t really matter….bigot will be bigots, and bitchy queens will be bitchy queens. I’ll continue to buy his albums and see him in concert because I enjoy his music, I love his voice, and I think he’s doing a great thing by pushing against the resistant barriers of homophobia that have such a hold on this country. The man has a gift, and I’m glad he’s out there using it for our entertainment.

  26. glamity58 says

    What a bunch of crap! I will never understand how some in the gay community won’t support Adam. He is a fabulous singer and performer. He has lost so much being open and that alone should be good enough. Instead, so many of the gay men I know actually think Britney, Katy, Cher, Madonna are better artists? Are you kidding me? There songs sound the same from record to record. Britney and Katy only have sexuality to sell (they can’t sing that well) and gay men like them? I guess they want to be them. I don’t know. Some of the “divas” have the same songwriters, management company as Adam.

  27. glamity58 says

    I meant to add, that there is no doubt in my musically trained mind (I went to college for music like a dope) that nothing Adam sings will be good enough. I felt that from day one after American Idol. He is way too good vocally than anyone on radio now. Listen to the garbage that is out there. I’m talking about vocally. I go to musical theatre shows all the time and wish these singers could get recognized. Haters say he screams. Hitting notes an octave above anyone else isn’t screaming…I am livid at the music industry,

  28. James says

    I will always applaud him for being an out gay man, but his music just isn’t any good IMO and I’m not going to buy his stuff just because he’s gay. Make a decent song, and I’ll buy it.

  29. Mimi says


    I’ve always felt that he is too good as well! His voice is like something that people can’t recognize because they’ve been sabotaged daily with artists,who quite frankly,can’t sing well without vocal studio enhancement. One thing for certain….Katy Perry (sorry girl but you’re all fluff,no substance) will be known for selling albums with vapid albeit catchy ditties,but she will never be revered or receive accolades for her stellar and electrifying vocals. Same for a lot of the ‘top’ industry artists — Adele and a couple of others,excepted. The latter,IMO,is what legends are made of!!

  30. ty says

    Part of it is that not all gays are young! For me his music is to overproduced and “catchy”, and his voice a bit screechy, but I’m 50, so I think it would be creepy for me to be a huge fan when most of my library is classic rock, jazz and disco.

  31. Artie says

    Some of the comments above just prove Adam’s point! The gay ‘community’ is as diverse as any other and there are people who will like his music and those who won’t. But no one can deny his extreme talent. The guy is a trained tenor with an amazing range and technique. Lots of LGBT folk love his music, me included. He has a lot of support from lesbians; and yes, massive support from straight females. He does a lot for gay visibility and charities and I think gay men should commend him for that. Plus, he is a super nice guy…if you ever listen to his interviews.

  32. JJ says

    Of course he’s correct. He works with the same songwriters and producers as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha. Despite having more talent and a voice like a siren, he has not reached that level of success with the gay male audience. Ironic, huh?

  33. JJ says

    Of course he’s correct. He works with the same songwriters and producers as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha. Despite having more talent and a voice like a siren, he has not reached that level of success with the gay male audience. Ironic, huh?

  34. JJ says

    Of course he’s correct. He works with the same songwriters and producers as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha. Despite having more talent and a voice like a siren, he has not reached that level of success with the gay male audience. Ironic, huh?

  35. Jet says

    Well as much as we may all hate it – just read this mess. It seems that Mr Lambert is dead on about the catty bit…

    If you don’t like his music fine, but it wouldn’t hurt to support him as an artist anyway or at least have his back as a gay male trying to be honest in the world.

  36. el polacko says

    once upon a time, if you attracted a gay audience it was because you were sublimely talented. gay men were renowned for their good taste. today, gay guys have the same crappy taste as everybody else and support utter crap because the performer says “i love the gays” (“she likes us…she really likes us!”)…or, as in this case, we’re expected to like lambert because he (reluctantly) admitted that he’s gay too!! yippee!! who cares if he churns out generic junk? ugh. what has happened to us? we’ve really lost something somewhere along the way.

  37. Thomas says

    My guess Glenn is you’re a real showstopper, NOT. He has one of the best voices in the last 50 years, that’s not my opinion but the opinion of people in the business. But you keep being CATTY GLENN, you and those two friends of yours that stand against the wall while other dance. In case you didn’t get it GLENN, NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!

  38. Bo says

    It’s called retro Glenn, or a throwback vibe. Not that I don’t get your point, you may have a shred of one on the style issue. But you’re also exposing your ignorance big time, because Lambert is also very fashion forward. Lawdy, can’t stand when people comment from a place of absolute ignorance, or self-absorbtion, or jealousy. Thanks for the many thoughtful reasonable posts here tho people. I fully realize that a gay male shouldn’t support Lambert just because of x,y,z… just as a black american should support Obama if they don’t support his policies/positions etc. … but still, how about supporting Lambert for his intellect, human decency, kindness, sexiness, talent, honesty…etc. And with another nod to politics, I saw it mentioned the other day something to the effect of, sure someone like Neil Patrick Harris is awesome, he’s fabulous no doubt, but he’s totally “red state” friendly… Lambert can do so much for a certain facet of the LGBT community, those more left-of-center, less typically traditional, but no less valuable as human beings! But I’d venture to guess that Lambert could do a whole lot more if he had greater support from a community that should not have such issues building him up, instead of tearing him down. Oh the humanity of it all. Haters gonna hate. I, for one, say let’s use brain power instead.

  39. Miguel says

    He’s an awsome singer,I’m not exactly an avid fan of his music,(perhaps one day i will be)but i like him.I’ve listened to a few of his songs,and “whataya want from me” is one of my FAVORITE songs.It’s awsome.Check it out if you haven’t.

  40. miller says

    The thing I find the saddest is that Adam is the 1st openly gay artist EVER signed to a major US record label(at the beginning of his career). This is historic for gays and his success will translate to more open doors for others, as his failure will slam those same doors and keep others closeted in fear for their careers. He was encouraged to get in the closet but he chose to represent as he does with his music and style. I would prefer he sing other than pop but he likes pop as apparently do most. My straight friends hide their homophobia behind their comments about the awful “gay dance club” music he sings as many of you are hiding behind other negative comments about his voice or song choices. Rather than get on board with what he could do to help the LGBT community you prefer to critique his hair(Catty??)and try to tear him down. I think the catty, bitchness(Perez style)is an example of your self-destructive stupidity. In hating on his female following you again look a gift horse in the mouth,as these are strong advocates for LGBT equal rights, who want very much to see him kick the anti-gay glass ceiling of radio to shards and who are striving to see him succeed and help end the terrible inequality but again the LGBT community appears happy to go the self-absorbed,self- destructive route and “bully” verbally those same “old ladies” who want to be your allies. People really are strange. You should be buying gay artists’ works and gifting them to those who do like them if you don’t,anything you can do to further their acceptance. Get over your petty dislikes and see the “big picture”-PLEASE.

  41. Toto says

    Ive never had a problem with Lambert himself. But as is the case with most of the idol contestants, their music is horribly generic. Saying someone has horribly generic music ISNT the same as saying they have no talent. To me his music has a flavor of outdated 80s 90s cheesy power ballads. His songs (or the ones that are released on radio) seems to be the same bland dramatic romantic/heartbrake/over you songs that are either aimed toward women or are left gender ambiguous in a move that I can only guess is to keep him marketable to straight listeners. Theirs very little experimentation in what he does compared to music like Morrisey, The Scissor Sisters, Kele Okereke, Panda Bear, Jonsi etc and even some of his “inspirations” had edgier sounds and subject matter. Honestly, he should feel lucky for American Idol.

  42. Finn says

    Its so sad when all the gay community does is shred him to pieces. Give the kid a break he is a hundred times more talented than the pop singers out there. Just put this same comment on website they took it down Immediatly ? Truth hurts I guess

  43. jmb says

    Even if you don’t like his music, you should support him. Buy one copy of the CD and trash it or give it to charity…there are many organizations who want music. Nothing he sings will be good enough for some of you but Britney, Cher, Gaga, Madonna, Perry, the divas could sing the Birthday Song and it would be a hit with parts of the gay community. No one before Adam could sing so many genres of music. So everyone wants something different. The haters are so wrong. I’m glad I don’t have taste in music like they do…life is so much better being open to “diversity” in music.

  44. ajj-drt says

    He has an amazing voice and I like some of his stuff which has a pop/rock feel to it. I think hes great in that he hasnt let himself become a gay dance music clone appearing on stage in pink spaghetti strap tank tops and only appearing at white parties. He is super talented – I’d like to see him go in a more rock direction though

  45. Leigh says

    Gay men don’t like him because he’s not a “domesticated” gay – he’s highly sexual and not afraid to show it – scares the sheeeet out of people – too many gays just want to blend in. And the way gay men love their Gagas of this world is just ridiculous.
    As for Lambert’s voice – Brian May and Roger Taylor said it’s extraordinary. Better judges than the naysayers here. And what I’ve heard of the 12 snippets from his album – going to be fantastic.

  46. Cristy Everywhere says

    I can’t believe the comments I am reading. Adam is The first human who brings an honest face to the music industry, with a voice that will never be repeated in the history of humanity (not even by a freak of nature), and I read about sexual orientation and what he should sing and… (Idon’t get this) “lack of talent”, Really?

    Take note of my email and we will talk in ten years.

  47. barbls says

    @ENDO and others whether trolls or not. Some say I just don’t like Adam’s music. Some say he just isn’t talented. To the first Endo, Have you listened to Trespassing,especially Underneath, Outlaws of Love, Broken English, Chokehold. Then I would say to you listen to the previews of these songs and then speak! If you don’t love these songs and think Adam is the most talented with the greatest voice of our times, I will definitely know you are a troll! and

    For those that love Pop go listen to snippets of his new album both the light and dark side. Once you have listened come back here and I dare you to state about how untalented or how you do not like his music.

    If you continue to fell this way I CRY BIAS or tone deaf and no appreciation of great music!!

  48. me says

    oh dear god people stop having a go at him he makes one comment and suddenly you all hate him i am part of the ‘gay community’ and i for one do find most to be catty and way too dramatic i mean come on he has been a great role model for everyone he looks great and dresses great he does a lot for charity and he is a dam great performer and even though so many people have been fighting against him he always stands up and says this is the way im doing things if you dont like it dont listen and dont watch he is the kind of person we need in this music industry and to say he has no talent is utter nonsense you may not like him but that doesn’t mean he has no talent he wouldn’t be where he is now without talent seriously guys leave the catty comments out of it a let then fans who love him no matter what comment instead (rant over)

  49. J says

    Adam is an exceptionally talented young man. I wish him much success and happiness in his career and in life. I’m straight/female and sad about the negative commentary about Adam. And naively surprised that a lot of the negative feelings seem to be coming from his fellow male gays. He is so right about cattiness. I agree with an earlier commenter that there’s some self-hate out there too.

    I think some of the gays who don’t care for Adam actually feel a certain amount of joy/satisfaction in that, and that it may prevent or slow down any success in the music industry he might have–kind of a “stick it to him” satisfaction.

    IMO re gays who don’t care for Adam, the perception is that you are joining the many straight males (and females) out there who actually love hating him. I suspect they appreciate your support, although they still hate you too (because you are also gay). The less support you give any gay person, the better they feel. And the more vocal/open you are with your nonsupport or dislike, the better they feel about hating gays in general. Your reasons don’t matter, as long as the nonsupport/dislike/hate is there.

    This reminds me of how similar this is to subtle racial bias. In general a particular political party and others love to hear of Blacks who don’t like President Obama or his actions re issues, etc. They don’t really care why, are just happy when Blacks voice their dislikes. They appreciate the Blacks who express such dislikes, especially to the media. But they still don’t care for these vocal/open Blacks, because they’re Black. Same song, different key.

    We’re all trying to make it in this world and find some happiness along the way. Life’s too short to waste precious time trying to block the path for another person’s joy. The negativity actually can negatively affect your own life (physically, emotionally, or both).

  50. yonquersconquers says

    My post did not say that his music isn’t “gay” enough, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean? Please don’t put words in my mouth.

    What I said was his music isn’t great, that is all. I’ll stand by that comment. Thanks.

  51. yonquersconquers says

    David Bowie has slept with many men and managed to write unforgettable songs in the process. Boy George did the same. So did George Michael and Morrissey. There have been many gay and bi pop stars. They are beloved by gay men. All this ‘cattiness’ crap won’t wash. It’s uninteresting pop music that’s Lambert’s problem.

  52. miller says

    @yonquersconquers You are naming Brits and even those who FINALLY admitted the fact of being “gay” saw a sharp decline in their sales. We know David Bowie married Iman. You are right that bisexual seems less a problem.Gene Simmons advised Adam to claim to be bisexual rather than destroy his career with the “GAY” label,but Adam was not ashamed of his sexuality and chose not to play the game for money. I think if you look up Boy George and George Michael you will see when their careers tanked,maybe not with gays,I don’t know about that specific group,but even in England they tanked and here they disappeared.Elton John doesn’t sell as he did before coming out and I suspect none of these singers albums sell to todays’ gay males. Want to bet how much gays are buying these artists as compared to the much less talented divas?

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