Arrests Made During ACT-UP’s Wall Street Protest


Nine activists were arrested during a Wall Street occupation celebrating the HIV/AIDS group ACT-UP’s 25th anniversary yesterday.

Via the New York Daily News:

The ACT-UP demonstrators managed to hook the chain to light posts under the noses of cops patrolling the key intersection.

“Hey, you can’t do that,” one officer said as a protester clicked the padlock shut and plopped himself down on Broadway.

Holding up signs that read “Tax Wall St., End Aids,” the chanting demonstrators then refused to move.

Minutes later, a police officer arrived with a bolt-cutter and snipped the chain while other cops picked up the protesters and placed them in police vans.

“Hey, these are people here,” one demonstrator yelled as cops stood him up.

“We know,” an officer replied.

The activists are calling on the government to pass a “Financial Speculative Tax” that would tax speculative market trades to fund AIDS research and treatment.