Arrests Made During ACT-UP’s Wall Street Protest


Nine activists were arrested during a Wall Street occupation celebrating the HIV/AIDS group ACT-UP’s 25th anniversary yesterday.

Via the New York Daily News:

The ACT-UP demonstrators managed to hook the chain to light posts under the noses of cops patrolling the key intersection.

“Hey, you can’t do that,” one officer said as a protester clicked the padlock shut and plopped himself down on Broadway.

Holding up signs that read “Tax Wall St., End Aids,” the chanting demonstrators then refused to move.

Minutes later, a police officer arrived with a bolt-cutter and snipped the chain while other cops picked up the protesters and placed them in police vans.

“Hey, these are people here,” one demonstrator yelled as cops stood him up.

“We know,” an officer replied.

The activists are calling on the government to pass a “Financial Speculative Tax” that would tax speculative market trades to fund AIDS research and treatment.


  1. Paul R says

    I fully support HIV/AIDS research and treatment, but such a tax makes zero sense. It’s a pipe dream.

  2. Matt says

    This is idiotic. Take it from someone who knows. There are probably more of us in finance than any other industry outside the arts. Do you know why Marriage Equality passed in NY? Bloomberg is the biggest republican party donor in the state. He is reputed to have gotten together with a bunch of his finance buddies, who make up most of the rest of the top 100 donors and said “no equality, no financing in 2012.” You can see exactly how well that worked. 😉

    If you want to tax a group to fund AIDS research, may I suggest ending the religious tax exemption? These idiots should have chained themselves across the entrance to St. Pat’s or one of the big Synagogues in Brooklyn to make their point.

  3. jack says

    @ MATT: Your point about ending the religious tax exemption is well taken. But we should aso tax corporations and the super rich at much higher levels. The children of the lower middle and lower classes are mostly the ones who serve in our military and die in our mostly needless wars. The rich could at least pay for those wars and that huge military.

  4. mary says

    “If you want to tax a group to fund AIDS research, may I suggest ending the religious tax exemption?”

    Matt, may I suggest that there would be nothing the Religious Right and NOM would love better than for you to try to remove tax exemption from religious institutions. Their funds would triple almost overnight, as you would be making a huge swath of middle-of-the-road and increasingly-pro-gay America turn hard right culturally. I understand the desire to fund AIDS research, but I have to tell you……there are less explosive ways to come up with the funding. The fallout from such a fight will be ugly.

    And a poster names “Mary Quite Contrary” will soon be mocking me by posting something like “run, gays run! The rubes are coming to get you with their pitchforks. Hide in every gay bar you can find!” But I stand by my claim – to make progress the gay rights movement needs as little conflict as possible with religious America.

  5. jack says

    @MARY: I don’t think the gay rights movement needs conflict with “religious” America. I do think we should use every opportunity we get to expose the foundation stone of their religions, the bible, for the collection of myths, made up history, contradictions and vile morality that it contains. You could begin the conversation by asking them if we should execute all those people who work on the sabbath. You could then ask them if we should kill all the people in the cities of the people we are at war with. Hopefully they will answer no to these and many similar questions. Then you can ask them why the god of the bible requires it.